Wang Qiufeng successfully played the combined marketing and the popularity of BAIC Polar Fox was successfully launched

Marketing is an important part of any car company, but good marketing is never easy. For the already powerful BAIC Polar Fox, good marketing is even more crucial. But fortunately, BAIC Pole Fox welcomed a general-Wang Qiufeng. After joining BAIC Pole Fox, Wang Qiufeng frequently made efforts in marketing. Especially this year, Wang Qiufeng has carried out drastic marketing, which has attracted the attention of many users, and also made the BAIC Extreme Fox famous in the market.

BAIC Pole Fox: Wang Qiufeng made a bold attack and the popularity of BAIC Pole Fox has soared

Based on the sensitivity of his own experience, Wang Qiufeng made a bold attack and successfully launched the BAIC Polar Fox into the new energy market in terms of marketing, making the BAIC Polar Fox one of the most searched car companies this year. This also goes back to the three online marketing of BAIC Polar Fox this year. Unlike other car companies who stick to the rules, Wang Qiufeng has set his sights on “cross-border” this time. In recent years, due to the epidemic, some offline users have not felt the enthusiasm brought by offline concerts for a long time. Wang Qiufeng seized this user psychology and let BAIC Jihu cross-border entertainment hold three unique concerts. Through the cooperation with Cui Jian, Luo Dayou and top rock bands, BAIC Jihu successfully targeted the old, middle and young generations, so that the impression of BAIC Jihu high-end pure electric vehicle was implanted in the minds of users.

BAIC Pole Fox: Wang Qiufeng played with combined marketing and BAIC Pole Fox successfully broke through

Of course, Wang Qiufeng not only focuses on the line, but how to let users feel the temperature of the car in real time is also very important. Therefore, Wang Qiufeng also led BAIC Jihu to carry out Jihu Action 2.0 in more than 15 offline cities. Through the development of many offline activities, BAIC Jihu’s friendly but intelligent image was exported to users, leaving a good impression in the hearts of users. , planted a small seed for users to consider BAIC Polar Fox when purchasing new energy vehicles in the future.

In fact, every car company wants to do a good job in marketing and export a good image of its own car for users, but how to grasp this degree is particularly important. Obviously, Wang Qiufeng has seized this degree and has done a very good job, allowing Beiqi Jihu to fight a beautiful turnaround this year.