Wang Li, CEO of Zhiwen Group, the parent company of Momo Tantan, resigned due to health problems, and chairman Tang Yan took over


On October 28, Zhiwen Group announced that the company’s CEO Wang Li will resign from today due to health reasons, and the position will be taken over by chairman Tang Yan. Wang Li still serves as the executive director and president of the group, assisting Tang Yan in advancing the company’s core strategy.


Wang Li is the founding partner of Zhiwen Group, the original Momo. He has been COO since 2014; President of the company since 2018; and CEO of the company in 2020.


And Tang Yan is more well-known, former executive of NetEase, founder of Momo, founded Momo in 2011.


Interestingly, at the end of October two years ago, Wang Li just replaced Tang Yan as the company’s CEO.


On October 24, 2020, Momo announced that President and Chief Operating Officer Wang Li will replace founder Tang Yan as CEO, and the appointment will take effect on November 1, 2020. Tang Yan, who will serve as the chairman of the group’s board of directors, will continue to fully participate in the formulation of Momo’s strategic priorities and the guidance of new business plans.


Two years later, Wang Li ceded the CEO position back to Tang Yan.


Zhiwen Group was established in 2011 and was listed on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange on December 11, 2014 (NASDAQ: MOMO). Program production, financial investment and other diversified businesses.