Wang Jiaer Launches KNOCK KNOCK for Halloween Trendy Players

TEAM WANG design, the trendy brand founded by Wang Jiaer, launched a new lifestyle home art series SPARKLES – KNOCK KNOCK on October 20, 2022.

The series takes the pumpkin man PUMPKIE and the little ghost SPOOKIE as the protagonists, creating a series of Halloween-themed products: modeling rocking chair installations, multi-functional modeling candle holders and household items blankets.

This is TEAM WANG design’s new lifestyle home art series following the previous SPARKLES – THE CART.

TEAM WANG design pumpkin ghost rocking chair

Look! Pumpkin ghosts float in the air!

Inspired by the classic Halloween elements “pumpkin” and “ghost”, TEAM WANG design creates a new image of “pumpkin ghost”, and uses this to create a new concept item that is playful and playful, pumpkin ghost rocking chair, humorous style and black The artistic style shows the innocence that will never be lost in everyone’s heart.

The main body of the rocking chair is made of black FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is hand-polished and painted, and is supported by a floor and bracket of transparent plexiglass, presenting the visual effect of the “pumpkin ghost” floating in the air.

Each pumpkin ghost rocking chair is inlaid with a limited number of digital metal casting nameplates at the rear, marking unique identification information, and the world is limited to 99 units.


TEAM WANG design ghost-shaped candle holder

TEAM WANG design ghost-shaped candle holder

TEAM WANG design ghost-shaped candle holder

Is it a black ghost hiding in the corner of the room?

Inspired by the “ghosts” that are funny and mischievous around Halloween, the black ghost image and scented candles are perfectly combined to create a concept item with a Halloween style, a ghostly ghost-shaped candlestick. “Invade” your home with a unique black art style, where ghosts hide in corners that are not illuminated by lights, ready to play pranks at any time.

The main body of the candlestick is made of black FRP glass fiber reinforced plastic by hand-polishing and spray painting, and a special aromatherapy container and a special white tea essential oil scented candle are placed on the top. Different functions such as home decoration can be switched when in use.

The back of each ghost-shaped candle holder is inlaid with a limited number of digital metal casting nameplates, marked with unique identity information, limited to 150 pieces worldwide.


TEAM WANG design ghost expression blanket

TEAM WANG design ghost expression blanket packaging

TEAM WANG design ghost expression blanket back


Are you ready to be the spooky ghost for Halloween?

The expression elements of Halloween “ghosts” are integrated into lifestyle home items, and the humorous ghost expressions are displayed on the black blanket, bringing a different style to the autumn home. Put on the ghost blanket and become the protagonist of Halloween, which is both fun and practical. Return to your home from the adult world, and let the humorous and playful little details accompany every warm home moment.

In conjunction with the release of the new SPARKLES – KNOCK KNOCK series, TEAM WANG design also launched the H5 mini-game PUMPKIE VS SPOOKIE for the first time in this warm-up and landed on mobile and web. Paying tribute to the classic game PAC-MAN, with the Halloween ghost castle as the background, incorporating the elements of “pumpkin” and “ghost”, bringing a novel interactive entertainment experience.

At the same time, PUMPKIE VS SPOOKIE launched the city “invasion”, bringing offline exclusive display and shopping experience in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other places in China, Bangkok and Singapore in Thailand. In addition, offline check-in points will also be set up at night gathering places in the city, waiting for your exploration and check-in.