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From the Chinese Red series of marketing activities to cross-border joint Suzi interpretation of traditional culture, to the cooperation with Guangyi to create an online celebrity graffiti wall, Dongfeng Fengxing has always adhered to the way that young people love to play, watch and participate, and connect with young users. Play together, continue to deepen the trendy T5 EVO cool image, and make the brand’s young, fashionable, playful, and trendy charm more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Part 1

China Red series of marketing activities

Integrate various trend elements to detonate social media



In order to celebrate the National Day, Dongfeng Fengxing staged a wonderful Chinese Red Tide Enjoy Music Wonderful Night Event in Jinshajiao, Liuzhou on the evening of October 1. Through a variety of cool activities such as music festivals and magic performances, the audience was invited to check in. The whole concert was full of climaxes, with popular songs and wonderful magic shows coming on stage one by one, attracting bursts of cheers from the young audience.

In the series of activities of China Red, Dongfeng Fengxing also cleverly used the social media that the younger generation is keen to carry out topic marketing. By launching reward-based interactions on the WeChat and Weibo platform, it conveyed the blessings to the motherland with the younger generation. At the same time, Fengxing also set up a trendy street shooting event on the Internet celebrity wall, and more interesting performance art performances, allowing young users to spontaneously shoot the content of the event and share it to the circle of friends, quickly conveying the youthful tone of the brand in the young circle. .

Dongfeng Fengxing digs deeply into the individual needs of young people, and uses live performances and magic performances as the entry point of creative marketing to actively integrate into the lives of young people. This is a concert that makes young people feel very involved. It not only shows the rejuvenation process of Dongfeng popular brand to users, but also highlights the youthful appearance of its models that dare to express and unrestrained, and deepens the brand’s trend attributes.

Part 2

Tradition meets modernity

Chinese red car stickers show the national trend

If the Chinese Red Tide Enjoying Music Wonderful Night Event is to integrate the youthful and trendy elements of today, then the Chinese Red Car Sticker created by Dongfeng Fengxing and Suzhou Silk Museum is to inherit the tradition and bring forth the new. Dongfeng Fengxing subtly integrates the elements of the national tide that are popular among young users today into its products. Together with Suzhou Silk Museum and Xiaobeijing designers, with the theme of “China’s red tide, I see it”, it creates a very ancient and charming China. Red car sticker crossover design. Fengxing T5 EVO picks up the classic elements of the orange-yellow woven gold, cloud and dragon pattern makeup damask and the cloud and phoenix pattern makeup flower Tibetan robes in the collection of the Suzhou Silk Museum, showing the ancient charm of the country. Su Si and car stickers, from the past to the present, two seemingly unrelated elements sparked in the designer’s hands, giving Su Si a new vitality. Netizens exclaimed: It turns out that car stickers can still be played like this Son!



Today, Guochao culture is becoming a new trend vane. According to the “Guochao Brand Young Consumption Insight Report” released by Xinhuanet, from 2011 to 2021, the search popularity of “Guochao” has increased by more than 5 times. Behind the national boom, it proves that my country’s cultural industry is in full bloom and innovating in various fields. As an old-fashioned car company, Dongfeng Fengxing keeps pace with the times, aims at the new needs of young consumers, and integrates the elements of the national tide to create Chinese red car stickers, which not only shows a young brand image that embraces new changes, but also allows the younger generation to fully Feeling the charm of Chinese-style national tide culture, the popular T5 EVO quickly came out of the circle and entered the young circle with the strength of the pioneering trend.

Part 3

Join hands with Guangyi to hold an online art exhibition

Fancy cross-border marketing is exciting

Some time ago, Dongfeng Fengxing cooperated with Guangxi Academy of Arts to hold a unique online art exhibition. Guangyi students carried out artistic design around the Fengxing brand logo, or designed scene-based illustration works with Fengxing yacht models as the material. In the presentation of the final visual picture, the students fully “deformed” the two elements of the Fengxingjin Lion Logo and the Fengxing Yacht, so that they can be seamlessly integrated into various trendy scenes, making young people happy to see it. Trend elements are vividly displayed on the screen.

During the National Day, Dongfeng Fengxing also ingeniously made a graffiti wall. Through hand-painted pictures, the trendy and cool tonality of Fengxing T5 EVO was perfectly integrated with traditional oriental elements. The graffiti wall has not only become a very beautiful attraction on the Guangyi campus, but also allowed the brand’s cool image to penetrate into the young group and quickly went out of the circle.

Unrestricted, unconventional, creative, and innovative are the characteristics of young people in the new era, and it is also the marketing concept of Dongfeng Fengxing in pursuit of excellent quality. In cooperation with Guangyi students to hold an online art exhibition and draw online celebrity graffiti walls, Dongfeng Fengxing just took a fancy to the personality label of Guangyi students’ “dare to think, dare to do, enough to burn young”, which is in line with Dongfeng’s transformation to younger The brand concept of the company is very consistent, realizing the resonance of values ​​and the like-mindedness in spirit.

With a younger product matrix, trendy marketing methods, and full-life-cycle service construction, Dongfeng Fengxing is making great strides in building a younger and more dynamic passenger car brand, and always practicing Fengxing T5 EVO as the “pioneer of trendy SUVs” ” trend proposition. In the future, we look forward to more national brands, seize opportunities, embrace a new era and young consumers with more individualized propositions.

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