Waiting to do it is not enough? Genshin Impact players spend February to build a 2.8-meter relic guard, netizens: One tyrant in the exhibition area

In the popular game “Yuanshen”, there is a familiar enemy unit – the Ruins Guard, known as the “Iron Armored Little Treasure”. combat machine. This killing weapon is regarded as a cultivator, because for the Canriya, war is far better than reclamation of wasteland, and the land can be plundered by force!

Since it is a ferocious weapon in war, its combat power should not be underestimated, and many Yuanshen players have fallen over at the ruins guard. However, because there are traces of them everywhere in the game, many players still love Iron Armored Little Treasure. Last year, the official also launched a little treasure plush doll.

For some model gods, just a small plush doll is not enough. If you want to make a 1:1 restoration of the little treasure, it will be domineering enough. The great player “Magic Change, Old K” spent 2 months to create a “Tiejia Baobao” with a height of 2.8 meters, and you can swept Tivat by sitting on it!

In order to make such a behemoth, the hand-painted drafts of the big Shenguang components are so thick and stacked, and then these parts are cut out with EVA soft foam boards for assembly.

After making a huge model of the ruins guard with EVA, the great god used countless lamps and light bulbs to light up the soul of this great treasure, and it looked really lifelike.

In order to restore the history of it being buried under the wind and sand for hundreds of years, traces of long grass must be pasted on the shell, which looks really weathered.

The final product is quite domineering, the gears on the body can be rotated, and the feet can also move flexibly. When it appears in front of you, a strong sense of oppression is terrifying.

In order to truly restore the relic guards, white mist can even be sprayed at the core position. This extremely high degree of authenticity is walking on the road. I wonder if it will be critted by passers-by as monsters?

Seeing such a huge relic guard, many netizens also praised “This thing is put into the comic exhibition, the exhibition area will be a tyrant”, “The feeling of oppression, the windmill is turning quickly”, and some netizens said “Some people use Kanria here. “Technology, the warning of the nails in the cold sky”, and even some netizens thought “Can you make a prank video, lying on the street wearing clothes, people will light up and stand up when they see it, so passers-by may be confused when passing by, I cross Arrived at Yuanshen?”

The Ruins Guard is one of the most popular enemy units in the game. In foreign comic exhibitions, Genshin Impact players have also made large-scale iron armored treasures, and they have also attracted countless foreigner COS characters to take a group photo together. of enthusiastic onlookers.

When this 2.8-meter iron-clad treasure goes to the comic exhibition, why don’t you check in and go?