Volkswagen ID. family will push compact SUV or name ID.3 SUV

In the field of pure electric vehicles, Volkswagen has not yet had the advantage in the field of fuel vehicles, and it is still in the layout stage.

Among all the models in the Volkswagen ID. series, the ID.3 is the most cost-effective and has the greatest influence. The only pity is that many SUV suitors face a dilemma when facing the ID.3, or give up their pursuit, Choose the more cost-effective ID.3, or give up this car.

However, there is good news recently, a derivative model of ID.3 is coming, positioning the compact SUV, the model or directly named ID.3SUV. The Chinese market has always been the main market for Volkswagen. Volkswagen plans to launch 10 pure electric models by 2026

It is highly probable that all cars will be put into the domestic market, which naturally includes the ID.3 SUV.

According to Volkswagen’s plan, a compact SUV based on the new ID.3 will be unveiled in 2026, and this model may be launched at the same time as a GTX model to meet consumer demand for more travel scenarios.

At present, Volkswagen is integrating the electric vehicle platform. In the future, all new pure electric vehicles will be built based on the SSP scalable system platform. Small pure electric vehicles, and small crossover pure electric vehicles.

At that time, both North and South Volkswagen will launch pure electric vehicle models corresponding to fuel vehicles. Like the fuel vehicle camp, they will form a relatively complete product line. In addition, there is also speculation that the cooperation between Volkswagen and JAC will be further deepened, and the Sihao brand will also launch more pure electric models.

Although Volkswagen has not formed an absolute advantage in the field of pure electric vehicles at present, considering the good reputation of the Volkswagen brand in China and its perfect sales channels, once Volkswagen really makes efforts in the field of pure electric vehicles, it will give domestic new energy vehicle companies a chance. Bringing more pressure, there will also be a large number of pure electric car companies withdrawing from the auto market.

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(The picture in the text is ID.3, just for illustration)