vivo X90 is exposed again, or has passed certification, supports 120W fast charge

This week, vivo held an imaging strategy conference. It was mentioned in the event that vivo and Zeiss are jointly developing a new 50mm portrait lens, and vivo also showed a larger bottom CMOS sensor that will be used in next-generation products.

Now, more relevant information has also emerged about vivo’s next-generation mobile phone products.

It is reported that a vivo device with model number V2238A has recently passed the certification.

The certification information shows that the applicant, manufacturer and production plant of this device are Vivo Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. It is equipped with a charger with model V12060L0D0-CN, which supports up to 120W fast charging.

The official information did not announce the specific series of this new phone, but combined with relevant speculations, it may be a new generation of vivo flagship device, namely the new vivo X90 series.

Previously, the blogger @Digital Chat Station broke the news that the new vivo X series upgraded this time may bring a 120W flash charging upgrade, but there is also the possibility of an 80W wired and 50W wireless charging solution.

Now combined with the latest certification information, vivo may finally choose the 120W flash charging upgrade solution.

In contrast, the currently on sale vivo X80 has a built-in 4500mAh battery that supports 80W fast charging; the vivo X80 Pro has a built-in 4700mAh battery that supports 80W fast charging.

In addition, the news from the same blogger also mentioned, “The Dimensity 9 series iteration conference is still earlier than the Snapdragon 8G2. There is no suspense at the end of the year for the blue factory. It will be shipped at the same time as Qualcomm. The front is tough.”

That is to say, the iterative new products of the Dimensity 9 series are expected to arrive soon, and vivo will be equipped with this chip for the first time. As for the product series equipped with this chip, relevant news shows that it may be the new vivo X90 series.

At the same time, the vivo X90 series may also bring the Snapdragon 8 Gen2 version. On this basis, this generation of vivo X series iterations will launch two versions of Snapdragon 8 Gen2 and Dimensity 9 series iterative chips.

As for the actual arrival time of the new phone, existing news shows that the new vivo X90 series may be officially unveiled in November this year.

In other parameters, the standard version of the vivo X90 is expected to be equipped with a 1.5K resolution BOE screen, and the Pro series may be equipped with a 2K resolution E6 material Samsung (SDC) screen, and supports high-frequency PWM dimming.