Video account feast, WeChat business ending battle

With the development of e-commerce, live streaming is booming, and almost all platforms are trying e-commerce live streaming. With the development of short videos, the WeChat video account has also started live streaming. Will it be able to find a satisfactory e-commerce path?

E-commerce has always been an indescribable pain for Tencent, which started from social networking, but later, with its investment and support in, Tencent successfully won the first chess piece to compete with Ali, and then hatched it based on WeChat. Pinduoduo, the leader of social e-commerce, and Meituan, which invested in local life services, won another city. It seems that for Tencent, basically every outlet is extremely accurate.

1. Short video, self-employed failed to do so

However, the spring breeze was able to rush, and the wind and rain had stumbled. In the face of the rapid rise of Douyin and Kuaishou short videos, Tencent’s micro-vision business was not able to do it after all.

Seeing that other people in the short video field are becoming more and more popular, and facing the challenges that Douyin has sent to the social field with short videos again and again, Tencent finally couldn’t help it, and invested heavily in Douyin’s competitor Kuaishou, this social network The big brother’s faint worry may not be that he will miss the trend of short videos, but that the rise of short videos will drive video socialization and further shake the foundation of the social empire.

It’s just that for Tencent, Weishi is really difficult to achieve, and in the end, we can only let the boss of Wechat take action.

2. Video account, the e-commerce artifact of WeChat ecology

In fact, from the moment the video account was born, it has basically taken the lead in the short video field. For Tencent, which owns more than one billion WeChat, they may not have thought that this card may complete what it could not do that year. The ultimate wish.

As I said earlier, around the WeChat app, many listed companies have been born, such as: Youzan and other third-party service providers, Pinduoduo, and social e-commerce companies.

Among them, Pinduoduo, starting from a WeChat public account platform, through fission and launching an independent APP, began to differentiate into a unique mall format, which took three years.

When we all thought that this was social e-commerce, no one could have imagined that Tencent’s video e-commerce was quietly rising.

It’s time to come. I didn’t know which form it would be in before, but now it seems that the signs are very obvious. This time, Tencent has a high probability of successfully completing the closed loop of e-commerce and completing the final battle of Tencent’s e-commerce. .

3. From WeChat online to WeChat public platform

It has been 11 years since WeChat was born. From a dating app to now covering all aspects of life, WeChat itself has created miracles one after another. In the first year of WeChat’s birth, WeChat’s service platform, WeChat The official account was launched, and WeChat even shouted for the first time, “No matter how small an individual has its own brand”.

Since then, various types of self-media people have sprung up one after another, various official media have begun to emerge, and batches of vertical categories of companies that have gathered huge traffic have been born.

For example, in 2016, the super head in the field of constellation: Uncle Tongdao, the official account fans exceeded 5 million, Weibo fans 10 million, the revenue was 25 million, the net profit was 6 million, and continued to increase, and then the account operator of Uncle Tongdao, At a valuation of 300 million, cash out 200 million and leave.

Later, a company even acquired 981 WeChat public accounts of a company for 3.8 billion yuan, creating a great sensation in the industry. These are all miracles based on the WeChat ecosystem.

Everyone who creates or provides services based on the WeChat platform has more or less gained a profit from it. Some people make a fortune based on this, and frankly speaking, the current environment is no longer the era of Internet infrastructure laying, and we do not need to create a website, because the era has passed, and the website has already been flooded with disasters.

There is no need for us to make another APP, because in any field, we can find one or even a variety of available APPs, and these have long lost the necessity and possibility of starting a business. I once said when I was born in the 1990s that I am starting a business after the 1990s. Faced with the current state, what I have to do is how to make good use of the current infrastructure, not how to challenge them, because I don’t have the ability. The heart can’t be too big.

4. What is the difference between current Internet entrepreneurship and the past?

Today’s Internet entrepreneurship is completely different from the past. In the past, it was the creation of the Internet from scratch, and now it is the use of the Internet;

And now all the smart people in the country are concentrated on the Internet. Therefore, starting a business now should be deeply cultivating traditional industries. There are great opportunities in traditional industries. Only by standing in traditional industries and applying existing network facilities can you succeed. possibility.

I also see that more and more Internet practitioners around me have begun to transform into traditional fields, and they have achieved good results with the means and thinking of doing Internet work.

5. Money is placed in front of you, and you have to bend over to pick it up yourself

Everyone needs to carry out self-precipitation and accumulation. Only when the precipitation and accumulation reach a certain level, can we be seen by others because of some achievements, and we have seen it all the way. In the past ten years, we have never been There is no shortage of opportunities and windows to get rich.

Some people made their fortunes on Taobao, some on, some on official accounts, some on Weibo, some on Wechat, some on Pinduoduo, some on Douyin, and some on Kuaishou.

Of course, what I am saying here is not to say that you can be rich enough to be listed, but at least, you can be rich and secure. In fact, it does not mean that only Internet practitioners can seize the opportunity. In fact, on the contrary, more often it is , Those who are rooted in traditional industries and have their own accumulation and precipitation, they are more likely to achieve certain achievements without being able to afford to go on the road.

6. Video account is the biggest treasure of wealth at present

From the launch of Tencent’s video account to the present, daily active users have soared to 500 million, directly approaching the Douyin that has grown for many years, but in comparison, Douyin’s creative content competition has been very inward, and the competition is extremely fierce, but For video accounts, the content is still relatively scarce.

In fact, Tencent is relatively restrained in the opening of its video account. Even now, there is only one secondary traffic portal on WeChat, and a stable super-giant KOL has not yet formed in the video account. The algorithm recommendation of the video account is different. The video account is extremely restrained and will not continue to recommend anything to you because of what you like. On the contrary, the video account is more like a flat world, and it allows you to see more and more as much as possible. big world. You can understand that the video number may not want you to be too addicted to it.

But because of this, it gave everyone the opportunity to correspond.

7. From short video to live streaming

Douyin once wanted to break through the barriers of video socialization, but it ended in failure, and Douyin has always been a creator, a product delivery outlet in the field of short videos, and, as of now, it can be said that live streaming brings goods The monetization model derived from short videos is already very mature, and it is such a mature business system that has been explored. For Tencent, integration is easy.

When there is no video to bring goods, WeChat is widely recognized by merchants with its own unique social system. It can be said that all the traffic obtained from the outside will eventually return to WeChat itself, which is something other recognized platforms cannot do. .

Today, based on WeChat’s mature private domain business system, if the direct live broadcast of video accounts is realized, then this will be a major blow to short video companies such as Douyin and Kuaishou. But this is indeed the best way for Tencent to show its status in the arena.

The rise of live streaming e-commerce will also be another important breakthrough for Tencent’s e-commerce.

Eight, bow to enter the game, business first

Therefore, I have successively researched hundreds of video account owners in the past month. Each video account owner has its own line of business. They may sell courses or books. It may be meat, fish, air conditioners, household appliances, car repairs, cosmetics, emotional consultation, cars, houses, the business scope involves in every way.

In the past, when we needed to buy something, we opened the e-commerce platform and clicked to buy. But now, in the process of playing, we stumbled upon good things and made purchases, and this is the meaning of live e-commerce.

For us personally, first of all, you have to have an existing business, and then you can develop services based on this business, and then achieve personal counterattack and growth in the new era. If you also want to make short videos or live broadcasts with goods.

I suggest that you start with your own business, look for three competitors on Douyin that are doing well, then do research and imitate, and boldly start your own live broadcast career, while there is still time, the track is not special crowded.

Stick to it for three years, and I believe you will be able to gain something.


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