Verified | Adding too much hydraulic oil will cause high temperature! Were you infected?

How to control the amount of hydraulic oil

A small amount of hydraulic oil will have a huge impact on the machine. This point is familiar to all machine friends. Then the problem is that it will not work if the amount of hydraulic oil is too small. So for the sake of insurance, will adding more oil help the excavator?

the answer is negative! Although hydraulic oil has a huge impact on the construction efficiency and state of the entire machine, the replacement and maintenance of hydraulic oil must be strictly in accordance with the principles of quantitative and scheduled, and more will definitely not work!

This is not an alarmist. The following scissor engineers will introduce the impact of too much hydraulic oil on the machine in detail.

Disadvantages of adding too much hydraulic oil

▊First: First of all, we all know that one of the important functions of hydraulic oil is to play a lubricating role in the hydraulic system, but if the amount of oil is too large, it will be counterproductive, the resistance of the entire hydraulic system will increase, and the working space will naturally become smaller; Be careful to add too much oil, the exhaust valve at the top of the tank will even be broken!

▊Second : If the hydraulic oil is filled too much, the pressure of the hydraulic oil will also increase. The most direct consequence is that the sealing ring of the hydraulic oil pipeline and the O-ring of the hydraulic components may be washed out.

▊Third: It has been confirmed by a large number of cases that if the hydraulic oil is filled too much, the temperature of the whole machine will also increase, and at the same time, the high temperature failure of the hydraulic system will occur! Therefore, if you have checked other reasons for the high temperature of the hydraulic oil and the high temperature fault has not been improved, you can carefully check whether the hydraulic oil volume is too much.

The disadvantages of lack of hydraulic oil;

After understanding the failure situation caused by too much hydraulic oil filling, let’s take a closer look at the failure points that will be caused if the oil amount is too small, and hope to give you a reference.

▊First: If there is a lack of oil, the hydraulic pump will first be sucked when it is working. At this time, the moral phenomenon that can be directly observed is that the large pump has abnormal noise, and it will cause very severe wear and tear on the hydraulic precision components, and even damage the hydraulic pump. The pump is broken!

▊Second: After the hydraulic oil is lacking, all the action actuators of the excavator will have problems such as the inability to move and unstable of the excavator during work, which will seriously affect the work of the excavator.


▊Third: When the hydraulic oil is lacking, the entire hydraulic system pipeline will be filled with air bubbles. Don’t underestimate these air bubbles. This is the main reason for the insufficient digging force of the excavator, and it is very easy to cause the distribution valve stem and oil cylinder to wear. and other serious consequences.

Check the hydraulic oil level:

From this point of view, the control of the hydraulic oil quantity of the excavator is very critical. So as a novice, how can we accurately judge the moderate oil quantity? Don’t worry! Here’s an easy way to check it out!

▊Step 1: First, park the machine on a flat site, pay attention to the parking posture to keep the forearm and bucket parallel to the ground, reduce the engine speed until idle, then turn off the engine and stop.


▊Second step: After 5 minutes of shutdown, the oil storage in the pipeline and hydraulic system is basically maintained at the minimum range, so the oil in the fuel tank is the most state, and you can carefully observe the hydraulic oil level at this time It is enough to keep the oil amount above 1/2 of the scale line.


In fact, many people will have misunderstandings in maintenance during the construction process, and even think that as long as the hydraulic oil is replaced on time and the brand and quality of the hydraulic oil are guaranteed, everything will be fine. For the amount of oil, a little more and a little less is harmless, but it is a small detail that has not been paid attention to. , failure problems such as high oil temperature and weak movement will come to the door!