“Uzi retired for two years, the LPL bot lane is all over”, JDG’s exit caused heated discussions: four ADCs are not good

Hello to all LPL viewers and League of Legends summoners, this is the world of games.

The first game of the semi-finals of the S12 global finals is over. The JDG team was allowed to chase three by the T1 team when they scored one point first. In the end, they failed to represent the last hope of LPL to win the city. In the four games , The JDG team failed to withstand the bottom lane and was beaten in a fancy way.

After the game, the audience heatedly discussed what happened to LPL’s bot lane. What about LPL’s pride?

JDG exploded in the bottom road and was easily crushed by T1

JDG exploded in the bottom road and was easily crushed by T1

Maybe many viewers didn’t watch the game. Here’s a brief account of a battle situation in the bot lane today. In the game against T1, JDG gave an Aphelios Lulu to JDG, and then took the Luna combination by themselves. Judging from the games before S12, Aphelios Lulu is actually the beauty of Counter Luciana.

When other matchups with this combination appeared, Aphelios Lulu basically won the line, but in the bottom lane matchup between JDG and T1, Aphelios Lulu was not able to beat the Luna combination.

Then T1 used Luna to combine JDG’s face, Lucian stepped forward, and JDG dared to go up and open a direct Nami big move. This kind of picture appeared too many times in the game. JDG tried three games, but it didn’t work. In the last round, he chose to change and took the combination of Jhin and Karma.

This time the laning line was originally won, but Missing had a problem, and Keria directly flashed Q to catch it back and kill it.

After that, T1 completed the line kill again, and it was a double kill. On the commentary stage, Uzi saw the huge mistake of JDG’s bot lane and said that he couldn’t understand it, and shouted Hope: What position are you playing? You go right away!

In addition, Hope’s hand Jhin doesn’t seem to be very skilled, and the team fights are all empty, and the ultimate move is not well placed.

Uzi retired for two years, the LPL bot lane is completely complete

Uzi retired for two years, the LPL bot lane is completely complete

It would be understandable if it was just JDG’s bot lane, but in this World Championship, the bot lane of the four LPL teams actually performed very poorly. TES bot lane JKL took Delevingne in the group stage. He was hit with a hammer, and then he couldn’t fix the problems of various violent deaths. When the state returned in the last two games, he was eliminated.

Then RNG’s bot lane, playing T1’s bot lane, Xiao Ming’s Titan had 0 damage in 21 minutes, and was devoured by the lane, and he couldn’t beat it at all. RNG didn’t realize how strong the opponent’s bot lane was at the time, and tried to use cards. Sha, the result was dried and shredded.

In the three games that RNG lost, they never played the bottom lane, and then EDG played DRX. They faced Deft and BeryL. They were assisted by the big head Ashe, and they couldn’t beat the lane at all. The core Carry Point Viper can not play out.

Many LPL viewers have the same opinion. Isn’t LPL the most abundant ADC region? Why are the four strongest ADCs being hammered by various kinds? LPL’s support is not weak, why is it so badly beaten for a world-renowned player?

It turned out that after Uzi retired for two years, the laning strength of the LPL bot lane is really getting worse and worse, it seems that everyone does not pay attention to the laning.

There are two important reasons for the decline of the LPL bottom road

There are two important reasons for the decline of the LPL bottom road

Personally, I think that LPL’s bot lane laning ability has declined. One of the reasons is indeed because Uzi is gone. When Uzi was there, no matter what his mentality was, his laning was no problem. Moreover, with Uzi present, the other LPL’s The bot lane combination must be honed in order to compete with Uzi, so the LPL bot lane is very capable of carrying whether it is a teamfight or a laning.

This is the same as the example of The Shy bringing changes to the entire region. The Shy was born, and all the top laners began to focus on laning, and a lot of talents were born.

Another reason, which I personally think is more important, is that there are too many hard assists in the LPL division. Too many hard assists lead to poor laning details. At the same time, too few soft assists can’t be played so well after they are taken out. Effect.

RNG drives the lock head system, with various support and blessings for opening groups, it is easy to start a group fight, and then the bottom lane of LPL basically shows that everyone is developing normally, or it is a wave of fighting, which is rarely seen. Everyone is pulling each other, playing high-frequency skill interaction and consumption pictures.

The laning of the soft support is focused on pulling, the soft support is pulling, and the ADC has to follow along. The details of the position and the details of the skill casting are more important, but the LPL uses it in the game, and the details are already poorly done. .