Uzi posted the chat records 9 years ago, the child wandered and told him not to play a profession, otherwise he would play once every time he saw him

Foreword: Recently, Uzi participated in a public welfare activity called “Tower Keeper Boosting Competition”. Of course, not only Uzi participated in the competition, but also the anchors Sally, Ba Ge, Rhythm, Crystal Brother, Teacher Ma, Children Youshen, as well as professional players Ale, Xie Tianyu, Liu Qingsong.

The strength of this lineup is good. Uzi and BLG support Liu Qingsong, Leng Shao, Ale, and Xiaoyoushen. These are old friends of Uzi. Unexpectedly, Uzi’s remarks during the live broadcast made Liu Qingsong silent on the spot and chose to quit the game. He also released the chat records of the child Youshen nine years ago, and it was seen that the anchor begged: Don’t release it in your live broadcast.

Uzilianmai responded to the vn application and made Liu Qingsong silent on the spot

The first is the incident of Uzi “silencing” Liu Qingsong, which is also related to the “Wayne Application”. Everyone knows that one of Uzi’s signatures is Wei En. Some of his fans like this hero so much that they once stopped Lin Weixiang from choosing this skin. Later, someone joked that someone else wanted to write an “application letter” for Uzi to play Vayne. This incident once broke the defense for some fans. After Uzi left the game and became an anchor, he took the initiative to play the “Wayne Application” stalk.

During the group platoon, Brother Crystal wrote a “Wayne Application” to Uzi, and the players agreed to apply. Later, Uzi himself wanted to play, and asked Doinb to write an “application letter” to Lin Weixiang on his behalf, which filled the sense of ceremony. Doinb took the initiative to send an email, and Lin Weixiang replied with an agreement. Players play tricks on their own, and the program is even better. In this “Tower Keeper” competition, the child Youshen and Uzi applied for the use of Wei En, and the contestant asked him to find Lin Weixiang.

Liu Qingsong was silent when he heard the words, and even quit the game. Recently, an insider mentioned the situation of the old FPX, saying that the two people in the bottom road have not communicated or interacted for a long time. Liu Qingsong was silent when he heard Lin Weixiang’s name, which enhanced the authenticity of the news. However, Liu Qingsong at least said nothing.

9 Young children wandering about asking Uzbey to play a career, otherwise they will play once at a time

Compared with the wandering spirit of the child, Liu Qingsong was only silent for a while. During the live broadcast, Uzi posted his chat records with the child Youshen nine years ago. The child said: fku, don’t play a profession, let me see you, and I will ks you. Uzi teased: What should I do, I’m so scared, I don’t dare to play professionally.

The child Youshen was young at that time, and he said: Dad is now turning 6-year-old, can you tell me the address? . Uzi was still teasing him, and the interaction between the two was so interesting. Seeing that Uzi saved the chat records from nine years ago, the child’s face could not be hung up on Yushen’s face: Don’t release it when you live broadcast.

At that time, the child was wandering, and his posture was LPL Gemini, and he was very strong and popular. Uzi is not yet a representative player of the league, and his fans are not that many. The interaction between the two was like chatting with ordinary friends, except that they were too young at the time, and their words were rather funny. When it came to the arena, Uzi directly let the child wander and break the defense, which is called “seeing once and playing once”.


After Uzi left BLG, he seemed to have lost his mind to compete in the professional arena, and now that he has a baby, it may also balance out a lot of determination to comeback. For Uzi, the only regret is that he missed the S championship in his current year, and all other championships deserved to be won. Even if I come back now, it is very difficult to win the championship of the S game. If it is just to get back the feeling of the game, I personally think it is unnecessary. I don’t know what everyone thinks?