Use an iron fist and Huairou together! Such Ten Hag Ronaldo can’t fight

  ”It was fantastic to see Ronaldo score! He created his own chances, the team created them for him, and we all know what he is capable of in terms of finishing.”

  When asked about his opinion on Ronaldo’s goal, Ten Hag gave this answer after the game. If there was no uproar in the past few days, this would be a classic answer template:

  First of all, he affirmed the importance of scoring goals, and then praised his ability as the key. Finally, he did not forget to mention the importance of his teammates.

  But if combined with the previous turmoil, this has become a classic management template.

  After the game against Chelsea, Manchester United began to deal with Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure.

  The media revealed Manchester United’s tone early: If Ronaldo wants to return to the first team, he needs to accept Ten Hag’s flexible use of him and express enough remorse, and if the Portuguese refuses this plan, then he Now it’s time to find your next club.

  In fact, after the 1-1 draw with Chelsea, Ten Hag said that Manchester United missed Cristiano Ronaldo, “He can score goals, we need him, it’s obvious, you can see it in this game.”

  However, he also mentioned his unshakable principle: “It is more important to have the right team culture, the right standards and values.”

  So that weekend, when the players who participated in a tough battle were given a day off to focus on recovering their bodies, Ronaldo and coach Ten Hag discussed his future many times, and the results of the discussions would determine Ronaldo’s future. Training and this game against Tiraspol Sheriff.

  On the day of resumption of training, Manchester United’s official social media posted photos of the day’s training. Obviously, Ronaldo returned to the first team:

  According to relevant media reports, Ronaldo is sorry for the turmoil he caused. Ten Hag also understood Ronaldo’s demands for more opportunities in the exchange, and he believes that Ronaldo has received the punishment he deserves.

  Although it is not certain whether Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United at the end of the winter window, at least for the moment, the team has decided to move forward together, as Ten Hag said before the game against Tiraspol Sheriff of:

  ”I’m not going to answer the relevant questions, I think my explanation has covered everything that happened last week. We have to focus on tomorrow’s game, it’s an important game, because we want to be first in the group, so let We are focused on the game.”

  Whatever the reason, at least among the many players to choose from, Ronaldo, who has not played in the previous two games, must be in the best physical condition.

  So in the game against Tiraspol Sheriff, Ronaldo’s desire to get the ball was quite high, and he frequently came to the periphery to seek possession and attack during the game:

  However, it can be seen from this breakthrough that even if his body is the least tired on the field, Ronaldo’s kicking method is not efficient:

  When you can pass the ball, you choose to break through. If the breakthrough fails, you lose the ball, but the opponent does not foul. This is the last scene in Ten Hag’s tactics.

  Because when he conceded the ball, the left-back was also up front:

  If such a thing occurs many times, it will increase the defensive burden of the teammates behind. Recovering the ball is just as difficult and difficult as scoring goals.

  So from a certain point of view, Ronaldo’s playing style is no longer suitable for his gradually declining physical fitness.

  If it was just a matter of playing style, Ronaldo and Ten Hag would not have gotten to where they were before. In the final analysis, Ronaldo’s scoring efficiency has dropped significantly.

  No matter what tactical style, the only way to win a football game is to score goals. As long as you can win the game, no problem will be a big problem, so if Ronaldo is still the same Ronaldo who killed all sides, of course Ten Hag will I am very willing to devote resources to it, so as to find a new way to help Cristiano Ronaldo personally play and maintain the balance of offense and defense of the team.

  However, in this game, Ronaldo missed two excellent scoring opportunities:

  Especially this time, the two teammates have completely messed up Sheriff Tiraspol’s defensive system. The straight-line distance from the goal is less than 20 meters. Ronaldo can shoot with his right foot.

  However, not only did the ball not get into the net, it didn’t even hit the door frame:

  Of course, if a similar opportunity is given to Rashford, he may not be able to grasp it, but at other times, Rashford is willing to follow Ten Hag’s instructions, and is willing to run, press and press opponents.

  Under such circumstances, it would be more clear who would choose to be the main force.

  Statistically, Ronaldo is also experiencing one of the least efficient seasons. Before this game, Ronaldo only scored 2 goals in 12 appearances in all competitions, while Manchester United had scored 22 goals in all competitions before, even less than 10% of the share.

  Not compared with the current main force Rashford, with this goal of this game:

  Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals in the team have just been equal to Martial, and Martial has been plagued by injuries this season and has played less than Cristiano Ronaldo.

  Perhaps in a different environment and for a period of time, Cristiano Ronaldo can become the goal-scorching Cristiano Ronaldo again, but in the face of such data and performance, the current Cristiano Ronaldo has no capital to challenge Ten Hag, and the reason is very simple :

  Cristiano Ronaldo’s past history is of course very glorious, but it can’t help Manchester United now, and once Manchester United’s performance is not good, Ten Hag is the first responsible person to bear the brunt.

  It is clear that Ten Hag fully understands this.

  So after the fiasco in the first two rounds of the season, Ten Hag resolutely put Cristiano Ronaldo and Maguire on the bench with the help of the outside world’s call for “big break and great success”, and concentrated on building the team according to his own vision.

  It was a gamble, and luckily, his gamble paid off.

  As Manchester United’s record has rebounded and stabilized, Ten Hag has more and more capital in his hands. “Teng Hi”, which was once teased by fans, has long been ignored. In 5 strong dialogues, Ten Hag won 3 With one win, one draw and one loss, most players, fans, and even the management of the club stood by his side.

  At this time, Ronaldo made a “retirement storm”, and it was only himself who suffered.

  Before the game against Sheriff Tiraspol, Manchester United legend Scholes said in an interview that he could understand Ronaldo’s anger when he refused to come off the bench. In his opinion:

  ”That kind of moment is better than letting a teenager play and feel the atmosphere of the game.”

  Although Scholes also said that how to use players is the power of the coach, it is normal for old teammates to find objective reasons for the Portuguese, but another English legend Glen Johnson said more ruthlessly, but also more practical:

  ”If the team wins and the players who don’t play need to shut up, you have the opportunity to knock on the door for the manager, and that’s when the team loses every week and you don’t play.”

  As Ten Hag said before the game, the past has passed, but through this incident, Cristiano Ronaldo can actually see a lot of things.

  First of all, his performance and statistics this season are temporarily unable to compete with Rashford for the main position, and it is a pity that Ten Hag is a coach who is keen to study tactics, he is not like Ferguson or Ancelotti. , is good at encouraging players, is willing to trust players, Manchester United in an objective environment will not allow Ten Hag to pay the price of a few games to restore Cristiano Ronaldo’s state.

  Secondly, as a coach who emphasizes tactical discipline, Ten Hag will naturally take care of the problems in the locker room, and in this matter, Ten Hag is quite clever. In the early days of the matter, deal with it in a low-key manner and buy time for yourself. On the second day, with the support of the club, Cristiano Ronaldo was severely punished to show his attitude, and after a game that was not bad, he publicly expressed that he missed Cristiano Ronaldo and gave the players a step, but set clear standards in the subsequent negotiations. : Accept flexible appearances.

  Under such repeated pulling, Ronaldo, who was already at a loss, has no possibility of gaining the upper hand. If he refuses to accept this decision, he will even bring himself a worse external evaluation of “shameless”.

  For Ronaldo’s history and future, this is an unbearable weight.

  ”No player is bigger than the club” is the correct nonsense.

  However, in reality, the coach will not naturally gain authority because of such a sentence. After all, he needs results to establish his status. Fortunately, Ten Hag has his recent results to support his status.

  Unfortunately for Ronaldo, however, he has no data to support his challenge to Ten Hag’s authority.

  At least until the World Cup kicks off, the story of “reconciliation” will continue to be staged at Manchester United. As for what will happen in the future, no one knows.