Urgent for Ukrainian military aid? Biden faces mid-term elections, Scholz will visit China, Germany and the United States want to pull other countries into the water

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine in Kherson was fierce, and Ukraine called for quick military assistance as usual, but at this time, the United States and Germany, the largest aid country in Europe, which incited Russia and Ukraine to fight quickly, suddenly looked for other channels to provide supplies to the Ukrainian army. Is this an emergency for military aid?

The internal and external problems of Germany and the United States

German Chancellor Scholz finally completed the resolution of Chinese investment in the Port of Hamburg before his visit to China.

Although the alliance of “traffic lights” made Scholz unable to make the final decision, he still pushed the decision of “Chinese investment”, because he was more aware of the embarrassing situation in Germany and the competition with the outside world. It needs to cooperate with China.

As Europe’s leading sheep, Germany cannot afford to delay, and delaying it again and again will only drag down its national influence. Scholz’s visit to China is the beginning of its solution to Germany’s predicament.

In the United States, President Biden faces a hurdle in the mid-term elections. With his approval rating down to 39%, he is likely to lose control of the House of Representatives and even the Senate due to his defeat. Biden, who has always been a strong military aid to Ukraine, had to shift his focus and start to brag about his “political achievements”: responding to Russia’s “challenges”, controlling the epidemic, increasing employment, advocating infrastructure, and relieving student debt…

As the mid-term elections approach, mentioning aid to Ukraine while ignoring the country will inevitably lead to extreme dissatisfaction among voters over high inflation and an impending recession, while the Democratic opponent, the Republican Party, has vowed to cut U.S. arms shipments to Ukraine.

For the midterm elections, Biden had to temporarily withdraw from Ukraine.

dead friends don’t die

Germany and the United States are now too busy to take care of themselves, but once the Ukrainian side loses military aid, the United States will lose all its previous achievements. So unwillingly, the Biden administration began to make allies, hoping that other countries could increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken spoke with Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and asked Greece to increase arms supplies to Ukraine.

The Greek Ministry of Defense has stated that by sending the inventory of BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine, Greece can receive the same number of new infantry fighting vehicles from Germany as compensation. It is worth mentioning that this batch of BMP-1 turned out to be old goods of the East German army.

Greece is reluctant to trade at a loss. Former Greek Prime Minister Tsipras has previously analyzed the current situation in Russia and Ukraine. He found that in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine has suffered heavy losses, and the EU is also the loser in this conflict. In contrast, the United States and Russia Both countries, but there is no economic loss.

Although the United States ranks first in military aid, its GDP does not account for a high proportion, but the key point is that the United States is a big winner in both strategic and economic interests.

Therefore, when Blinken discussed with the Greek official, the Greek media commented on this, saying that the United States does not want to give up “freedom” at present, nor does it want to be involved in conflicts for interests, so it is trying to have other countries fight in its place.

Coincidentally, German Defense Minister Lambrecht also sent a letter to Swiss Defense Minister Amherd, asking Switzerland to supply ammunition for the “Cheetah” self-propelled anti-aircraft gun delivered by Germany to Kyiv.

However, Demei’s request could not be fulfilled smoothly. One is that the aid to Ukraine has caused too much weapons stockpile and economic pressure to Western countries, and the other is that these Western countries have a new understanding of sanctions and intervention in military aid – the failure to end the war will be destructive to the European and global economy .

However, when the United States and Germany sought to make other countries increase military aid to Ukraine, the political fluctuations of the United Kingdom, Ukraine’s second largest arms supplier, affected the supply of weapons to Ukraine.

The newly appointed British Prime Minister Sunak is focusing on solving economic problems and has also promised to control public spending. How can he support Ukraine more strongly? Both cannot be the best of both worlds.

With the significant slowdown in the delivery of weapons to the main support countries of the United States and the West, Kyiv’s combat capabilities may be seriously affected. (Jin Xuan)