Upgrade to squeeze toothpaste, function castration, two old flagships let me see the current mobile phone market

In the mobile phone market in recent years, everyone has a main theme, that is, major mobile phone manufacturers are claiming that they are hitting the high-end. But in the final result, the real impact is always a few. Most of the mobile phones may only be high-end in price. Most of the actual results are not satisfactory, and even in many cases, the experience is directly reversed.

Or it is no exaggeration to say that if it were not for the improvement of supply chain technology, perhaps the domestic mobile phones are still standing still. Of course, there is a basis for the author to say this. Take the two mobile phones in the author’s hand as an example, one is the Redmi K20 Pro and the other is the OnePlus 7 Pro. These two mobile phones can be said to be the flagships of the year. The magic machine, compared with the products in the mobile phone market today, can quite explain the problem.

The sense of quality is reversing, and innovation is standing still

The first is this Redmi K20 Pro, which is different from today’s Redmi. As the pioneering work of the Redmi K series, when the K20 Pro was launched, it was indeed a direct KO of the flagship Xiaomi Mi 9. It is a well-deserved Xiaomi flagship product. The price starting from 2499 yuan also gave the whole new Redmi brand a good start, detonating the mobile phone circle at that time, and even now, there are still people using this mobile phone, which is expected to become a new generation of nail households.

The good experience has also made it very popular. Now go to the gaming forums such as Kuan, and you can also find a lot of K20 Pro related gaming experience and optimization tutorials. It can be said that with the blessing of various optimizations, the smoothness of the K20 Pro is still quite high. Of course, from a hardware point of view, the K20 Pro is definitely still a bit outdated. For example, the popular high-brush, dual speakers, high-resolution screens, etc., still have certain shortcomings.

However, in terms of quality, the K20 Pro is not bad at all. After all, at that time, it only cost 1999 yuan to buy the K20 mobile phone with a metal middle frame and under-screen fingerprint recognition. But now this price segment basically can’t see such a configuration, it’s all a plastic middle frame with side fingerprints. Not to mention, if a mobile phone is equipped with a metal middle frame, the author thinks that the quality of the mobile phone will not be improved a little bit. Unfortunately, such a cost-effective mobile phone with excellent texture is no longer available.

And another mobile phone, I believe there are still many people using it now, and it may even be the last glory of the OnePlus brand, that is the OnePlus 7 Pro. The author also thinks that the OnePlus 7 Pro is a little bit better than the current flagship. Not bad. As we mentioned earlier, the K20 Pro does not have high brushes, no high-resolution screen, and no dual speakers. It just happens that the OnePlus 7 Pro has all of them.

It can be said that this OnePlus 7 Pro can be said that except for the processor chip is a little behind, there is not much lag in other aspects, and at the moment when there is a surplus of processor chips, the Snapdragon 855 chip on the OnePlus 7 Pro is still enough. use. The complete 2K OLED screen of the OnePlus 7 Pro is an experience that many mobile phones cannot bring today. For users who do not like digging holes and other screens, this is almost irreplaceable.

Compared with the old models, the castration function is really unbearable

Seeing this, some people may question the author’s saying, isn’t it the same as a mobile phone with an under-screen camera? The same can get a complete screen experience, but there are currently several under-screen camera phones on the market, because of the addition of the under-screen, there is indeed no high-end screen such as 2K resolution, which is completely incomparable with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Looking back at the era of the OnePlus 7 Pro, the manufacturers at that time all made great efforts to innovate, and came up with designs such as lifting, sliding, flipping, and dual screens, just to get rid of the front and retain a complete screen, although it will increase The weight and thickness of the mobile phone, but I have to say that the innovative spirit of the manufacturer is still quite sufficient. But now, major mobile phone manufacturers have begun to compromise, all of which are bangs and hole-digging screens, which are still quite disappointing for users who like the full screen experience.

In addition to the lack of innovation and shrinking materials, in fact, in some functions, many new mobile phones have been cut off, but users have not noticed it. For the Redmi K20 Pro in hand, its camera can shoot up to 4K60 frames of video, but this year, many mobile phones have silently cut off this function, and many models support 4K30 frames. In fact, it is very incomprehensible. After all, in the context of the progress of the chip lens, this is definitely not a hardware problem.

Of course, some people will definitely say that these functions are not commonly used at all. 4K60 frame video shooting with mobile phones not only generates a lot of heat but also occupies memory. However, this kind of argument is actually untenable. A function user may not use it, but not without it. Moreover, the heat generated by shooting 4K video on mobile phones now occupies a large amount of memory. Is it possible that the mobile phone a few years ago does not generate heat and does not occupy memory. ?

The scary thing is that this is no longer done by one or two, but the consensus of all manufacturers. Under the background that most mobile phones are increasing in price, users spend more money, but buy mobile phones with castrated functions. , I am afraid that this is something that every consumer does not want to see. A few years ago, I believed that there were still many users who would like the author to imagine what amazing innovations there will be in mobile phones in the future, but no one expected that It has become like this, so that many new machines have no desire to buy at all.

Therefore, some time ago, after the latest mobile phone market statistics report came out, it is no surprise that the new phone shipments in the mobile phone market fell again. Wait. This is of course one of the reasons, but just imagine, are there any problems with the manufacturers? How to continuously innovate and bring more freshness to users may be the question that every mobile phone manufacturer should reflect on.