Unspoken rules of the bezel | What is the difference between women and men wearing watches?

Watchers who often read our articles should find that when I usually plant a watch, I will emphasize the gender attribute intentionally or unintentionally, such as this Rolex Jindi, although it is unbearable in the eyes of some girls, I will say it is in the eyes of men. The watch-loving group is very popular.

When talking about the Bulgari snake head watch below, even if it seems professional to the men’s watch group, I will point out its white moonlight status in the eyes of girls.

The reason why I say this is that I find that some people really don’t understand that there are differences in aesthetics between men and women. The second is that the watch-playing group has evolved into two gangs due to different genders in recent years. When a new watch appears, the male-dominated circle will give priority to the parameters and practicability of the watch, while the girls are more likely to be attracted by the appearance and pay attention to match.

In terms of watch style preferences, men are more likely to accept “old and beautiful”, and even like to rub and bask in order to make the watch look more used (I finally understand why so many boys like to plate walnuts and raise cattle) . Girls are particularly fond of gorgeous diamond watches.

In addition to the above, there are still many differences and even contrasts between boys and girls when buying watches. In my opinion, only by understanding each other’s ideas can we understand each other’s real needs when sending watches or in daily communication. General details. There are several aspects of which are also hot knowledge that girls who buy watches based on their appearance are easy to ignore. After reading, you can also talk about whether there are any blind spots for wearing watches that you have recruited at the end of the article.

If you want to ask men and women which details have the biggest contrast in playing with watches, the first one must be adjusting the time. For men, they may have accumulated experience and interest in playing with toys since they were young. When they grow up, it is easy to buy a watch and look at the manual. Learn to adjust the time and usually don’t find it too much trouble.

Many people even regard time adjustment as a sense of daily ritual. A friend around me once told me that the pleasure brought by interacting with the watch every time he adjusts the watch is unparalleled by many other things.

Even more exaggerated, he will also buy watches with manual winding movements. For example, musician Ryuichi Sakamoto loves manual winding watches. He also said that in this era, it is more ritualistic to adjust the time by manual winding.

But the same thing is for girls, or because there are more attractive items such as bags, jewelry, etc., they may really use the watch as a hand decoration, and they will hardly feel any fun from it. Colleagues think that the problem of time adjustment after buying a watch is a big trouble that was never thought of before buying a watch. Some time ago, my colleague Wendy accidentally pulled out a watch from home. After I chatted with her, I found out that the girl didn’t know how to rotate the crown, and if the crown couldn’t be pulled out, it would break the whole person.

After the watch is pulled out, because there are still multiple gears (especially the moon phase watch that girls like to buy, there are more gears), these complex kinetic energy are adjusted by a needle, and there is no mark on the needle, which makes people again Five thunders hit the top.

In fact, at that time, I didn’t say that there is still a time restricted area for time adjustment (the time cannot be adjusted between 11 o’clock at night and 5 o’clock in the morning, it is easy to break the watch), but I saw that she gave up after only the first two steps, and the video + voice After communicating for a long time, she finally decided to send it to the watch shop to solve it. I realized that for girls who don’t particularly love watches, mechanical watches really don’t match the five elements.

The maintenance of watches is also a big difference between men and women. For those who have studied watches, they all know that watches should be regularly maintained (mechanical watches once every three years, quartz watches once a year), but the actual situation is that boys who love watches should maintain their watches for three years. Maybe I remember it more clearly than the anniversary, every time I finish my health care, I have to post on the forum to record the full sense of ritual.

In “Doctor Strange”, as a watch lover, Dr. Shi Chuan has a very professional watch equipment at home

What’s even more exaggerated is that the house has prepared wipes, eyepieces, vernier calipers, trays, timing, and watch shakers. The watch has to be exposed to the sun every day. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as excessive maintenance.

In contrast, girls who don’t know much about the need for watch maintenance are definitely another extreme. I have seen people who don’t know how to maintain their watches at all, and I have seen them who are aware of this aspect of watch maintenance, but in practice they are delayed because of delays. The girl who did not take action until one day there was a problem with the watch and regretted it.

The more exaggerated operation I have seen is that the quartz watch does not maintain the battery for a long time, causing a short circuit, and it is still worn as a bracelet every day.

Regarding maintenance, I remember that a friend who did maintenance said before that a watch can be considered for maintenance after about 3 years if it is worn normally after leaving the factory, because the lubricating oil in the watch begins to deteriorate, and it deteriorates whether you wear it or not. After the deterioration, the condition is getting worse and worse, and the wear and tear of the parts is gradually increased. Therefore, it is really necessary to maintain the watch from this point of view. From another perspective, most of the time, a mechanical watch can be used for a lifetime, and can even be passed down. generation. Knowing more and protecting more is also a great way to save money.

The gap between boys and girls in the first two basic information is not small, not to mention the understanding of professional performance such as waterproof and steamproof, the contrast is even greater. This time, let’s talk about girls first. Many people think that choosing a watch that says 30 meters of water resistance, such as the Longines Concas, means that you can wear it every day without worry, and you won’t pick it up when you wash your hands. problem appear.

This point is basically understood by boys who often study watches. 30 meters of waterproof life means that it is not waterproof. For example, you should pick it up when you wash your hands and take a bath. In winter, you need to pick it up when you wash your hands with hot water (all watches regardless of the waterproof 30 meters). meters or 3000 meters are afraid of fog), so many boys who have not bought a professional diving watch have indeed developed the habit of washing their hands and picking the watch. My friend also said that when eating hot pot, you should wear a screw-in type waterproof at least 10 bar (100 meters). Watches with crowns, such as Panerai and Blancpain, are specialized in diving watch brands.

And in the process of taking it, the direction of placement will also be considered. Generally, it is recommended that the crown face up, which is more beneficial to the movement.

For those who bought a professional diving watch, it is purely a show of superiority. Wash the watch directly when washing your hands, and wear it for swimming and surfing in summer.

Even the watch is raised in the water as a fish, and the ability to catch people’s eyes can be described as a must.

This point about the strap was discovered by accident when observing the movements of boys and girls taking off the watch. On the one hand, the buckle on the strap is very knowledgeable, like an old driver or a lazy person, it is the most suitable folding buckle, because it can be volleyed anytime, anywhere. You don’t have to worry about the watch falling off when you take off the strap. On the other hand, if you don’t understand this, you usually have to hold it with one hand when you take off the watch. This kind of troublesome detail can always accumulate into a reason for girls to want to change the watch again.

On the other hand, do girls’ research on watch straps only stop at the color matching, or maybe they have heard of quick-release watch straps, and they always feel that the straps are not all the same, so they often wear one strap It was so dark that I often hit the watch with others outright.

As everyone knows, there are many types of watch straps. I only realized the degree of research that many male watch friends have on watch straps. They wear steel straps in summer.

Switch belts in winter

In the spring and autumn, it is replaced with tape. Although the watch is not necessarily as many as I listed, the number of watch straps must be more than the watch, and those who are particularly proficient in watches also know that when buying a watch, first buy a steel strap and then match the price of the strap. will be cost effective.

Generally speaking, there are still many differences between men and women in buying watches, playing watches and wearing watches, but to talk about the most fundamental difference between men and women in terms of watches, I think most boys regard watches as the time of need. Pay attention to the belongings that need to be cherished, and girls may be distracted by the hobbies of bags, jewelry, and clothing, and their enthusiasm for watches is not so high. Many people wear watches as bracelets. Of course, this is only the performance of some girls. Girls who love watches will be as particular about watches as boys who love watches.

These differences are not good or bad in themselves, and they can even complement each other, but a watch is a relatively hypocritical precision instrument. There are many precautions when using it. Only normal use and understanding of basic common sense can save yourself a lot of trouble. Wear it longer.

Finally, although girls tend to ignore professionalism, in turn, girls are more likely to realize the value of beauty itself, understand that good design is invaluable, and it is extremely difficult to be mechanized (only copying and borrowing) , which is also true for many boys. A problem that is easily overlooked by friends. Do you have any supplements for the blind spot of buying a watch or the difference between men and women buying a watch? Do you have any watch recommendations that take into account, let’s chat together~

Editor of this article: Yang Youxing

Art Editor: Xiaoyu