Unqualified! Pay attention to these toys at home

News from CNR Shenyang on November 28 (Reporter Mai Feng) The reporter learned from the Liaoning Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau that recently, the market supervision department organized a quality inspection of bonus toy products, blind boxes, tourist commodities, and magnetic mud products. Safety risk monitoring work. In this risk monitoring, a total of 60 batches of bonus toy products, blind boxes, tourist products, and magnetic mud products were collected. Among the 15 batches of magnetic mud products that were sampled, 14 batches did not meet the relevant requirements.

Common magnetic clay toys on the market (photographed by CNR reporter Mai Feng)

According to reports, this random inspection found that 14 batches of magnetic clay toys did not meet the standard requirements of GB6675.2-2014 “Toy Safety Part 2: Mechanical and Physical Properties”. Migration, flags, and usage instructions for specific elements.

Magnetic clay is a new type of toy that has been popular in the market in the past two years. It is a kind of plasticine with magnetism, which contains iron powder or magnetic powder and other ingredients, and a small square magnet will be included with the package. When children are playing, they can use the magnet to attract the magnetic clay and shape it into various shapes. .

Since the magnetic clay contains magnetic substances and is a small part, it is easy to be swallowed or stuffed into the nasal cavity by children, causing the risk of swallowing foreign objects or even suffocation. In recent years, cases of children being harmed by swallowing magnetic toys have been reported almost every year. If a child accidentally swallows two or more magnets, these magnets will attract each other through the intestinal wall in the body, which may cause serious harm such as intestinal perforation or intestinal infarction in extreme cases.

In addition, magnetic mud is generally composed of iron powder or magnetic powder, rare earth and other components. However, in order to increase the ductility and elasticity of the product, some products are added with borax during the production process to achieve the purpose of easier shaping. Children who are directly exposed to magnetic mud with excessive borax content may cause skin allergies. If the skin is broken, or if the borax-contaminated fingers touch the mouth, the borax will be absorbed by the body, causing potential risks to children’s digestive system, endocrine system and reproductive system.

Unqualified magnetic mud will cause harm to children’s health (photographed by CCTV reporter Mai Feng)

During the sampling inspection, it was also found that 2 of the 15 batches of bonus toy products did not meet the standard requirements of GB6675.2-2014 “Toy Safety Part 2: Mechanical and Physical Properties”, with a non-compliance rate of 13.3%. Non-conforming items are mechanical and physical properties—clearance between moving parts. The 30 batches of samples of blind boxes and tourism products were not found to meet the standard requirements, and the compliance rate was 100%.

The market supervision department reminds that when consumers purchase and use bonus toy products, blind boxes, travel products, and magnetic clay products, they should try to choose formal sales channels, pay attention to check the implementation standards and labels of the products, and check whether the products are qualified. The certificate and marked the manufacturer’s name, factory address, telephone number, main materials or ingredients, age of use, safety warnings and other information, and keep the purchase certificate at the same time.

For toy products that come with gifts, parents should carefully check whether the small parts on the toy are firm. If there are small parts that are easy to fall off, do not use them for infants and young children under 3 years old.