Unpopular daily tasks in the Magic Tower

With the continuous release of the content of the recent versions of “Magic Tower”, there are more and more novices in the game. Of course, at this stage, the novice period of “Magic Tower” is still very easy to pass. First, the benefits of props have increased. There are quite a few, and the other is the full-server experience compensation mechanism. These two can allow players to quickly pass the novice period and choose a weapon matching system that belongs to them. At this time, the second point will be ushered in, that is The accumulation of just-needed materials such as weapon will upgrades.

In “Magic Tower”, the way to accumulate these materials, except for welfare activities, is nothing more than tasks, treasure chests and copies, among which the number of treasure chests is linked to the key, as long as the player can find a fixed location to refresh the treasure chest. As for the daily tasks, players will basically run. After completing the tasks, you can directly gain experience, treasure chest keys and props. However, there are still many players who do not know that there is actually a mirror weekly task in “Illusionary Tower”.

The weekly quest of Jingdu needs to be picked up from the building next to Jingdu Magic Tower. It can be received 3 times a week. This quest is very simple, some are killing mobs and some are running NPCs, but the rewards of these tasks are very rich. They are direct rewards for Vala Old Coins and Mirror Dollars. And these two kinds of game currency can be directly used to extract the gashapon machine, one can extract ink crystal, and the other can extract high-level weapon upgrade materials and so on.

In addition to daily tasks, there is one more point that newbies in “Illusory Tower” need to pay attention to if they want to quickly accumulate materials that they just need, and that is the use of physical strength. Generally speaking, the use of stamina should be avoided as far as possible from overlapping with the activity dungeon, because if the activity of “Illusionary Tower” involves dungeons, it will be possible to obtain event props without spending stamina, so there is no need to waste it here. In addition, the order of physical strength is also very skillful.

The daily dungeons of “Illusory Tower” are probably the three types of Stargate, Union, and Dimensional Experience. Of course, there are also dungeons of gold coins, but if there is a gashapon machine later, there will be no shortage of gold coins, so there is no need to spend physical energy. From the perspective of accumulating just-needed materials, high-level star gates are the first choice for physical consumption, because they produce the most materials, followed by dimensional experience, and the output materials that are evenly exposed to rain and dew. If combined, it is mainly to produce equipment and build a weapon system. The demand is not too big, and in the early stage, the experience value given by the joint is also the lowest among the 3 daily dungeons.

In general, if novice players follow this line of thinking, they will be able to accumulate the corresponding level of weapon upgrade materials in more than a week, and there is basically no burden. At that time, everyone was groping, but now, new players only need to operate according to the experience summed up by their predecessors and they are done.