Unmanned boats are invincible! The flagship of the Russian Navy was injured again, and the 0.55 million-ton anti-frogman rocket can be countered

On the 30th, the Russian Black Sea Fleet encountered an attack by a Ukrainian drone, and Ukraine released a video of the attack on Sevastopol. An unmanned Ukrainian navy boat targeted the Black Sea Fleet’s Admiral Makarov Type 11356 frigate, which Russian sources said was only damaged and not in any serious condition. Since the sinking of the missile cruiser Moscow, the Admiral Makarov frigate has become the largest and strongest warship in the Black Sea Fleet, and its natural status has also risen, becoming the new flagship of the Black Sea Fleet. If the ship is severely damaged in this attack, then the two flagships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet will be lost, which will undoubtedly cast a shadow on the entire fleet. There are not many warships in the Black Sea Fleet.

Smoke rises from Russian port

At present, the news of the two sides is different. In any case, the unmanned boat used by Ukraine this time successfully broke into the Russian military port. Judging from some live photos, the Russian military port did explode, that is to say, some Ships will suffer. The news on the Internet has been flying all over the sky. For example, an author of the “Hidden Coast” magazine quickly made and released on Twitter a schematic diagram of a Ukrainian drone attacking a Russian frigate.

Obviously, from the picture, the Ukrainian unmanned boat basically does not reserve the position of the crew cabin, but uses a small viewing device for viewing and returns in time; in order to ensure that clear pictures can be taken, The one-and-a-half submarine also has two layers of breakwater; to ensure speed, it uses a water jet. Since the crew compartment has been eliminated, the interior space is quite spacious and can be used to load a larger amount of explosives. It can be seen in the video footage released on the Internet that the Admiral Makarov was almost covered by the smoke of the explosion! Is it possible that the destroyer Admiral Makarov has been sunk?

It can be seen that although this kind of unmanned boat is simple, it cannot be underestimated like Japan’s “Kamikaze” suicide attack at the end of World War II; the key is that the cost is extremely low, and it is quite cost-effective for “one boat for one ship”, which can be called a small country. Counterattack weapon. In the video footage, we can see that the Russian army has long discovered the existence of this unmanned boat. However, on the one hand, it may be due to its high speed, and on the other hand, it may also be because the visibility was not good and it was difficult to intercept. Are there no countermeasures?

Generally speaking, both sides of the destroyers of various countries will be equipped with certain small-caliber guns. For example, the Chinese Type 056 frigate was equipped with two H/PJ-17 30mm machine guns on the broadside; it was later replaced with two 14.5mm shipborne machine guns. Moreover, frigates are generally equipped with certain light weapons. Generally speaking, the use of machine guns and heavy machine guns can effectively strike small targets around the ship, and it is also very useful to deal with small targets such as speedboats, which can explode incoming targets on the spot.

056 frigate’s secondary gun

The 11356M guided missile frigate has 1 AK-190 100mm naval gun and 2 AK-630M close-in defense guns that can strike targets on the sea, but it may have entered the AK when the Ukrainian unmanned boat was discovered. -The shooting blind spot of the 190-type naval guns, the naval guns cannot fire, but the unmanned boats used in Ukraine also have certain stealth performance. The explosion of a medium-caliber naval gun shell was found.

Frigate Admiral Makarov

The Russian army intercepted the unmanned boat this time, using such broadside weapons, or simply the AK-630 close-in defense gun. It stands to reason that the machine gun can be manually operated and the trajectory can be corrected, and the close-in gun can be aligned with the muzzle according to the information searched by the radar, but this Ukrainian unmanned boat was not sunk. It may be that more than one unmanned boat attacked the Russian warship at that time. It may also be that the time is too late to activate the close-in defense guns to search for the enemy, the sea conditions are poor and the clutter is large, and the smaller unmanned boats are hidden behind the waves, and they may be directly filtered out as clutter.

However, is there no way for countries to deal with such an attack that is concealed and launched suddenly by nature? No, maybe China’s CS/AR-1 55mm anti-frogman rocket can intercept it. As a new generation of Chinese-made anti-frogman rocket launchers, it has added many new elements: the fire control system can even fully automatically search/attack frogmen. The 10-unit rockets can be launched in single, combined and salvo modes, with a maximum attack distance of 2,000 meters.

055 Anti-frogman rocket equipped by Daxue

Within 1000 meters, it is completely possible to attack small surface ships. The most important thing is that the system has a certain degree of automation, and it can be operated manually by the computer in advance. This equipment can monitor the surrounding of the ship. Once a frogman or a small attack target is found, it can achieve autonomous shooting, which greatly protects the ship. Invulnerable to small targets. Since the working depth of the frogman is generally about 10 meters to 15 meters, it needs to ensure that it can strike the frogmen underwater, and the warhead must be modified according to the characteristics of high density of seawater; or simply rely on shock waves and fragments to kill.

In this whole system, China’s anti-frogman rockets are generally combined with sonar detection, and the sonar detection is used to instruct operations to form a fully automated weapon system, which automatically determines the threat form, and reasonably according to the nature of the task and the degree of underwater danger Eviction.

Small unmanned boats like the Ukrainian Army have fast maneuvering speed and large range, but they cannot have too thick armor protection. In order to reduce weight and speed up, they may not be able to defend against direct fire with light weapons. In order to reduce the cost and ensure the voyage as much as possible, this unmanned boat is generally equipped with a civilian gasoline and diesel engine, and will not have a strong noise suppression facility, which can be detected by sonar. The anti-frogman rocket launcher happens to be a non-kill weapon. The sonar fire control system can detect the movement of the frogman and direct the anti-frogman rocket launcher to attack the surface and underwater human-sized targets, which can naturally be intercepted.

The CS/AR-1 55mm anti-frogman rocket launcher has long appeared on Yongshu Island and the 055 Great Drive, and the performance of this “export-to-domestic” weapon has been recognized. Although other frigates have not been retrofitted to save costs, they may also popularize this anti-frogman rocket launcher in the near future, with the ability to defend against unmanned boats and frogmen attacks. After all, in the future military reunification operations against Taiwan, we also need to be vigilant against all actions of the Taiwanese puppet army and completely intercept this possibility.

This form of combat that has occurred recently is a special case. In fact, it reminds us once again that large ships, whether they are sailing or parked in ports, must effectively prevent the attacks of frogs and unmanned boats. These attacks The small target has strong concealment and is not easy to detect. Therefore, various types of warships should not only be equipped with a large number of air defense and anti-ship weapons, but also pay attention to their own defense against small targets, use close-range defense guns, anti-frogman weapons, and add a protective net to the warship. In this regard, China walked ahead.