Unlimited firepower mode: Assuming you don’t consider winning or losing, which hero do you feel happiest playing?

The recently opened Unlimited Fire Mode has made many Summoners experience a different joy in the game. This mode allows Summoners to gain 80% cooldown reduction and infinite mana when controlling heroes.

In this mode, many heroes who are not very strong at ordinary times suddenly become very powerful, but there are also some heroes that can make players very happy. Here are a few.

Alchemist Singed

The recent explosion of Hextech has also brought Singed into the public eye. Although alchemy is rarely seen in the usual game mode, the alchemy in the infinite firepower mode is very strong.

In the infinite firepower mode, the forming speed of the equipment is fast, and the alchemy is also very powerful.

The output of the alchemy formed by the equipment will be very high, and with the W skill “strong glue”, the alchemy can be very strong in pursuit or escape.

This kind of alchemy appears in the infinite firepower mode, which allows players to experience the joy of chasing people if they want, and no one dares to chase if they want to run.

Tidal Searing Fizz

Murloc is also very fun in infinite fire mode, because Murloc has super high burst damage and unique E skill.

The E skill of the murloc is called “Spirit/Spirit” . This skill allows the murloc to slow down the opponent and not be selected. In short, this skill can not only deal damage, but also make the murloc invincible. state.

In the infinite firepower mode, the murloc’s equipment is very good, it can deal high damage, and the skill cooling time allows the murloc to use the E skill almost all the time, which also makes players experience different happiness.