Undeclared war? The Russian Defense Minister announced that the West has actually declared war on Russia and Belarus

At present, the atmosphere of war in Eastern Europe is quite strong, the Western bloc no longer conceals its war ambitions, and Ukraine no longer confines military operations to conventional conflicts, but has launched “multiple forms of terrorist attacks” . Against this background, the Russian Defense Minister told the Belarusian Defense Minister that the Western countries have “undeclared war” against the two countries, and NATO has completely exposed their “aggressiveness”.

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World Wide Web reported that during a meeting with the Belarusian Defense Minister, the Russian Defense Minister mentioned the NATO issue. After discussion, the two defense ministers pointed out that the Ukrainian crisis has become an excuse. NATO uses this excuse to conduct military training and reconnaissance near Russia and Belarus. At the same time, a large number of NATO soldiers arrived near the two countries. The NATO army is always threatening the national security of the two countries.

At the same time, the act of NATO countries providing weapons to Ukraine was regarded by Russia and Belarus as “deliberately prolonging and escalating military conflicts.” The Russian Defense Minister emphasized that this behavior is actually the West is launching an “undeclared war” against Russia and Belarus, which shows that NATO’s recent military activities are “the most aggressive”. Obviously, the Russian Defense Minister is accusing NATO of undeclared war and is actually participating in the war. Russia and Belarus will also take measures to deal with the war.

Minister of Defense of Russia

Shoigu’s statement has attracted widespread attention, and it has also sparked controversy over whether NATO’s military deployment constitutes a threat to Russia and Belarus. Regarding this situation, some Western analysts believe that NATO’s actions are actually to enhance the defense capabilities of Eastern Europe when it is “threatened by Russia”, which does not mean that NATO will launch a war.

However, for Russia and Belarus, the strengthening of NATO’s military deployment is undoubtedly a serious warning signal, which has forced Russia and Belarus to speed up the construction of their collective defense forces. Under such circumstances, Russia and Belarus must strengthen their respective military deployments and increase the defense capabilities and reliability of their own troops to deal with this sudden danger. After all, the military threat of NATO is already in front of us.

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In either case, increased military deployment is not a pleasant option. In fact, this kind of military competition will undoubtedly exacerbate the already tense relations between Russia and the West, and Russia’s response may also intensify the fear and hostility of Western countries towards Russia. Therefore, all parties should strengthen communication and consultation to resolve disputes and ease tensions through peaceful means.

Overall, the current situation is very complex. Although Russia and Belarus have expressed serious concerns about NATO’s military deployment and the escalation of the Ukraine crisis, countries around the world should strengthen communication and consultation to resolve disputes through peaceful means. Only in this way can the security and economic development of the European region be guaranteed, and global peace and prosperity be ensured.

Arms provided by NATO countries prolong Russia-Ukraine conflict

It’s just that NATO countries don’t think so. They still want to promote war and use war to achieve their own goals. In the Ukraine crisis, the United States has gained a lot of economic and political benefits. After the sharp decline in Russia-Europe trade, European countries increased the quantity of goods imported from the United States.

At the same time, NATO countries promised to support Ukrainian weapons, and the vacancy created will still be purchased from the United States. Whether it is European imports or arms purchases, they have brought huge benefits to the United States. Not only that, the United States has also used the Russia-Ukraine conflict to completely divide Europe and Russia.

The United States led by Biden is reaping huge benefits

And such political interests and economic interests are the reason why the United States leads NATO to promote the war. Unless the purpose of the United States is fully achieved, or the international community completely stops the United States, otherwise, the United States will not let NATO stop promoting the war, nor will it allow Ukraine to agree to peace talks.