UKISS x TAKITOYS Co-branded Makeup Gift Box Is Hot Online

The dark night flower that travels through the night, although the makeup has reduced a little delicacy of deliberate description, it has encountered a fresh expression after free embellishment. This autumn and winter, TAKITOYS once again teamed up with the beauty brand UKISS to launch the “ukiss×takitaki 啾Ka·End Road Crazy Flower Joint Series” gift box to welcome the inversion charm of Sugar after burning half sugar.

When the prelude of DISCO gradually began, following the roar of the sports car, the flaming lips were lightly touched, and the unconventional colors rushed to the cheeks.

It is a more dangerous flower, graceful in the end

This joint makeup gift box is based on TAKITOYS’s popular IP half-sugar girl-Sugar.

Opening Sugar’s Dreams Favorites, a dream about “Girl’s Brave” gradually appeared. In 1991, the movie “Thelam and Louise” (translated as “The End of the Road”) was released. The film presented the audience with the story of life’s love and cruel truth being folded and intertwined at a certain point in time.

The story of the female power that blooms like fireworks is shocking, and designers draw inspiration from it. In the name of “Crazy Flowers at the End of the Road”, it pays tribute to that distant, cold and warm era. Therefore, the main expressions of Sugar are guns and roses, thorns and sports cars, roads and escape.

TAKITOYS takes BREAKING EVERYTHING as its spiritual core, and breaks the limited definition of “sweetness” by changing the props for Sugar.

The three props in Sugar’s hands are a Loving Gun, a love chainsaw and a baseball bat. In this joint gift box, UKISS specially selected the above three structural props as lightweight pendants to match with different makeup items, and can be disassembled as inspirational accessories for daily travel. Combine IP creative settings with makeup products to create a collectible gameplay concept.

At the same time, the appearance of the makeup gift box is presented in the form of a “suitcase”, which is made of tinplate and has both environmental protection and storage properties. From the moment the doomsday road party music starts, the little suitcase is where all of Sugar’s self-willed wanderings go.

Well-behaved and rebellious are not binary definitions, and in Sugar, new wounds have been added to his wrists and arms. But when the routine is broken, band-aids and masks can also be added as makeup inspiration props, and creative makeup looks such as “battle-damage makeup”, “mask makeup”, and “two-dimensional makeup” are born… Bravely pick up guns and point to indescribable Misunderstanding, the wounds will also grow gleaming flowers.

Just like Sugar driving endlessly on the doomsday highway, falling in love with all the romantic absurdities along the way, the wheels pushed through the regular cocoon, and then fled to the end of the universe.

In the training manual for girls, there are guns and dreams

This is another collision between TAKITOYS and UKISS after the autumn and winter of 2021. For a long time, the cooperation between the two parties has revolved around the half-sugar girl Sugar.

From “Lost in the Galaxy” to “Crazy Flowers”, the half-sugar girl Sugar can of course get lost in the infinity, but when she is obsessed with the net built in the dark night and boarded an unknown car, she can also drive to the universe with the heart of freedom. .

The birth of Wild Flowers at the End of the Road is still the exclusive interpretation of TAKITOYS after growing up with young hearts. The designer uses a personalized fashion language to sing the world of girls’ “freedom”, “brave” and “not afraid of definition”.

At the same time as the launch of the joint gift box, TAKITOYS has a precise insight into the hearts of the girls of the Z generation, and launched the same double-sided baby clothes of “The End of the Road” at the same time, establishing a communication channel between the users of the UKISS makeup circle and the users of the Sankeng doll circle.

In addition, TAKITOYS will also cooperate with its painting artists to carry out creative painting transformation and micro-scene construction on this joint tinplate gift box to complete the aggregation and regeneration of originality and brand attitude.

As a domestic beauty brand, UKISS has long focused on women’s perspectives and set “GO! GIRL!” as the annual brand theme in 2022.

In the same period of the launch of the co-branded gift box of the end of the road, UKISS and TAKITOYS jointly released the “ukiss girl training manual Vol.03”. .

While establishing deep emotional resonance with users in the circle, UKISS took advantage of the victory to collect topics for “bad” girls on the social media platform, and gave topics such as #What’s wrong with girls#, #How cool is being a bad girl#, etc., arousing netizens Lively discussion. Team up with Weibo platform Blue V to further build momentum for the topic. Finally, through the release of a series of attitude posters and videos, the recognition of the target users was harvested in the most intuitive form, forming a closed-loop topic.

The attraction between the original IP and the brand is not only the integration of new elements, but also the ability to communicate with consumers in a personalized emotional dimension during the linkage process. While co-branded products reach users, users can also fully perceive the brand.

In this process, the two parties, guided by the topic of women, collaborated to break the boundaries of time and space between online and offline, and brought more emotional and creative brand co-branded products to fans and users. Unleash the value of brand content.

From “not being defined” to “not afraid of being defined”, what UKISS and TAKITOYS jointly appealed is not the individual expression that is deliberately promoted, but the objectivity and respect for all diversity to the best of its ability.

Like a dream and like electricity, be free.