U23 three-person basketball World Cup kicks off, Chinese men’s basketball team wins streak against Chile and Mongolia

  Beijing time on October 5th, the U23 three-person basketball World Cup kicked off in Chile today, and the Chinese three-person basketball team won two consecutive victories on the first day.

  China’s three men’s basketball team defeated Chile 17-14 in the first game. Zou Yang from Tsinghua University scored the team’s highest 7 points, Liu Qianhao 4 points, Zhang Wei 3 points, and Liu Yuxuan 3 points.

  In the second game, the Chinese three-man men’s basketball team narrowly defeated the Mongolian team 20-18 and won two consecutive victories. Zou Yang scored 13 points in this battle.

  Tomorrow, the Chinese three men’s basketball team will have a day off, and the next game will be against Slovakia at 19:00 on October 7th.

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