Twitter’s “overbearing president” Musk takes office as a new official, “bloodwashing” the management! The resurgence of Trump accounts?

Having money is willful.

The domineering president is here, and Musk’s latest tweet: the bird is freed , which translates into Chinese as “the bird is free.”

The bird is the logo of twitter, the social media platform he acquired, pun intended.

The $44 billion acquisition is a foregone conclusion, with the acquisition of shares from existing shareholders at 54.2 yuan per share.

After Musk took over, the new officer took office for three fires. The first fire was to clean up the door and directly fire several “CXOs” , including the CEO and Indian-born Agrawal.

By the way, recently when Indians are on the international stage, it’s really you who sing and I’m on stage…

Agrawa, who only became CEO last year, has spoken out against Musk in recent months because of his back-and-forth over acquisitions.

When Musk first met Agrava, he had a similar odor because they were both engineers. Not long after, Musk tweeted, “Is Twitter dying?” The good relationship the two had just established shattered.

Musk also responded to Agrawal’s tweet with a ” poo” emoji.

However, he should get a severance package of $42 million if he is fired.

In addition, financial director Siegel, legal policy, trust and safety director Vijaya Gadde (Vijaya Gadde) also resigned. The old sister Gadde is also of Indian descent.

The outsiders were not surprised that Agrava and Gade were dismissed. Gade, in particular, was described by Fortune as the most powerful woman on Twitter’s executive team and was a key figure in leading Twitter to block the speech and accounts of Trump and the far-right.

General Counsel Edgett was also ousted.

Musk has accused several executives of misleading him about the number of spam accounts.

According to the source, several of the top executives who were fired were rushed out of the building, which can almost make up for the miserable situation. Someone was escorted out of the office door by the security guard, probably still holding a storage box .

A wave of exodus has begun to brew within the company. Employees worry that the company’s philosophy and culture that employees have agreed with in the past may no longer exist, and the projects that employees pay attention to in areas such as safety and trust may no longer be the company’s focus.

The deadline for Musk to complete the acquisition is on the 28th, and it is currently unclear whether he will fire the senior management when the formalities are completed, or whether he will start before the formalities are completed.

The acquisition transaction was completed on the evening of the 27th, turning Twitter into a private company, and the transaction once again expanded Musk’s business territory, becoming the latest partner of electric car Tesla and rocket company Space X.

Musk, who is currently Twitter’s largest individual shareholder, changed his profile to ” Chief Twit,” which sounds like an editor-in-chief.

Two days ago, he carried a sink into Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters in a performance art style, and if he didn’t look closely, he thought he was carrying a toilet. He came to meet with Twitter’s engineers and top advertising executives.

Musk wrote: Met a lot of cool people on Twitter, entered Twitter HQ, took some time to think about it, you know (Entering Twitter HQ – let that sink in)!

Let that sink in is an idiom of English colloquial expression, and it is also a stalk map word, which means to understand and fully realize. And the English sink he is holding is a sink, which looks like a renovation worker.

He has great ideas for modifying Twitter. In the early days of the acquisition, Musk discussed various topics such as membership, editing functions, and profitability.

The 51-year-old Musk threatened to privatize Twitter, and loosened the regulations on regulatory postings to make the algorithm more open and transparent, and revealed that he would definitely lay off employees.

He has also publicly stated that when he becomes the boss, he will unlock Trump’s account and bring it back to life, but he will not be turned into a “madhouse for right-wing people”. The hell of indulgence of duty!”

He said the acquisition would speed up the development of an “everything app” called “X”, allowing Twitter to have more functions, like transferring money, ordering food and calling a car, just like WeChat .

The global takeover saga has come to an end, but Twitter’s future remains a huge mystery.

How Musk will reform the platform’s business model, and how his “freedom of speech” and “warmth and friendliness” will be managed and implemented are unknown.

At present, Brazil and the United States have entered the election season, including the second round of the Brazilian presidential election on October 30 and the US mid-term election on November 8.

How will Twitter affect these elections under the leadership of Musk, and what kind of “big storms” will he set off in the public opinion field, and it will be more willful if there is a platform…