Twitter is officially surnamed “Ma”

Today’s hot spot is the official surname of “Ma” on Twitter . Yesterday, Musk changed the Twitter profile to “Chief Twit” and released a video in which he wrote a pun with “Enter. Twitter HQ, let that sink in.”

After months of hustle and bustle and various reversals, the world’s richest man has finally turned his seemingly joke promise into reality: Now, he has become the owner of the world’s largest “city square”, with his official surname on Twitter. “Horse”.


The media quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that Musk completed a $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, and a group of former Twitter executives was hastily evicted from the building.

The first thing Musk did when the new officer took over was to fire CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal and head of legal policy, trust and security Vijaya Gadde, the company’s general counsel, among others, according to people familiar with the matter. Sean Edgett was also ousted. Executives were rushed out of the building , people familiar with the matter said .


Regarding the previous rumors, Musk also clarified.

According to previous media reports, after acquiring Twitter, Musk plans to reduce Twitter’s 7,500 employees to more than 2,000 in the next few months. After coming to the Twitter building on the 27th, Musk gave Twitter employees a reassurance, saying that he did not plan to lay off 75% of the staff.

Musk also made a promise on Twitter, saying that Twitter would not become a “hellscape where everyone is free” and cannot “say anything without consequences.”

Musk wrote:

“It is extremely dangerous if social media gradually splits into a stand-off between the far right and the far left, which will generate more hatred and gradually divide our society. Twitter is clearly not going to be the place to say anything without consequences. The place.”

The unusual acquisition began in April with a lengthy tug-of-war between Musk and Twitter. The acquisition plan was also temporarily suspended. But this month, Musk revived his acquisition plans and re-emphasized his future plans for Twitter, including introducing new features, making algorithms open source, reducing spam bots, and authenticating everyone.