Twelve sects, competing for the pinnacle! The League of Legends Finals kicks off today

Logical duel, crowned at dawn! The 2022 Werewolf Killing Heroes League WPL Finals officially starts at 6 o’clock tonight! Twelve strongest sects gather to compete for the highest glory! Who can break through the siege and win the crown from the three-day fierce competition? let us wait and see!

The twelve finalists have all been assembled, and the great gods have gathered to see how they “disturb the situation” in the arena! The old school “Ting Kill” and “White Wolf Palace” set off again, can they win the championship in one fell swoop? What kind of stunning performance will the emerging martial arts “to be named” and “Mingzhou House” bring? The exciting competition is about to start!

The faction that wins the championship of the Werewolf Killing Heroes League will directly receive a cash reward of up to 100,000 yuan, the runner-up team will receive a cash reward of 50,000 yuan, and the third-place team will receive a cash reward of 20,000 yuan, and they will also receive a permanent room. Scenes, permanent league outfits, permanent decorations and titles!

In this finals, six special guest commentators were specially invited to help out. The e-sports goddess Xiao Cang joined for the first time to show you the passionate competition, and Shentu, the god of werewolf killing, and Erlong explained the werewolf killing game skills on the spot. During the finals, players can go to the game and watch the exciting events with the commentators in real time. Come and watch and witness the birth of the champion!