Turning in the air for a week and a half, the big pit turned five somersaults, the Great Wall version of “Pamei” showed off safety

Turning in the air for a week and a half, the big pit turned five somersaults, the Great Wall version of “Pamei” showed off safety

In order to verify the safety factor of a model, the conventional practice is to conduct crash tests, and different projects can reflect different structural safety. However, domestic car brands often have big brain holes, and there are not enough crash tests to watch, so it is difficult to create a bigger topic. Therefore, there are many personalized safety tests. For example, last year Geely pressed the container on the roof of the car. To show the strength of the column, Hongqi used a car to hit a big truck. Recently, the Great Wall Euler Lightning Cat has played a new trick, allowing an electric vehicle to perform a high-speed spiral roll and drop test.

This kind of test looks very dazzling. In fact, a corresponding case can also be found in real life, that is, when the car collides with the roadside guardrail at high speed, it jumps, flips, and falls. This test made the Great Wall Euler Lightning Cat rush up half of the slope at high speed, turn around in the air for a week and a half, and then fell into the pit and turned 5 somersaults. The whole process is like an action movie blockbuster.

After such a fall, the whole car is naturally seriously damaged, but it can be seen that the overall integrity of the cockpit has been maintained, and the front airbags and side air curtains have also been opened in time. The high-strength steel material of the whole vehicle accounts for 77%. Above, the materials used are really kind. More importantly, the battery pack system did not spontaneously ignite, thanks to the worry-free battery rapid high-voltage power-off technology that the Great Wall Euler brand is now promoting.

The main reason for such a big show is to create popularity before the launch of the Great Wall Euler Lightning Cat. The official launch conference will be held on October 31st. Judging from the currently announced configuration information, it should take the mid-to-high-end route, priced at 20 More than 10,000 is a high probability event. The size positioning is a typical medium-sized B-class, with a total length of over 4.8 meters and a wheelbase of more than 2.8 meters.

It is worth noting that the Great Wall Euler Lightning Cat is specially developed for the female market. In fact, the entire Euler brand is now a feminine brand. The model invited a former Porsche design master, so the exterior design is inevitably a bit Porsche’s shadow. The overall style has been called the Chinese version of Panamera by many industry insiders, and the body color is mainly girlish colors, such as cherry blossoms. Pink is so cute.

In terms of interiors, it did not learn from other new car-making power brands equipped with large-scale full-screen screens. Instead, it is more rational to use a moderate-sized floating navigation screen, and a relatively traditional barrel-type digital instrument panel is used in front of the driver.

Compared with the previous models such as the white cat, the black cat and the good cat, the power configuration of the Great Wall Euler Lightning Cat is radical enough, and the output power of the single motor version is 150 kilowatts. The main dual-motor 4-wheel drive version uses front and rear dual motors, with a combined output of 300 kilowatts, a peak torque of 680 Nm, and the official zero-hundred fastest acceleration of 4.3 seconds, which is the first echelon performance in the current feminine car market.

On the whole, this Great Wall Ora Lightning Cat has done enough foreplay, especially showing off its safety features, and its dynamic performance even makes many boys interested. After the listing, it depends on the price. If the price strategy is compared to BYD Seal, it will be more low-key , then it is not difficult to become a volume product.

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