Tucao Pai|In October, Weimar founder Shen Hui did not post a Weibo

Have you eaten fried chestnuts with sugar?

Today, I still bring you a week of auto market god Tucao collection!

1. Tesla’s “official announcement” of price cuts angered car owners.

Sofa God Tucao: What kind of “Double 11” excitement are you here with thick eyebrows and big eyes?

Bench God Tucao: This matter is familiar to the owners of Ideal One, why don’t you discuss it with them?

Floor God Tucao: I don’t want 500 so expensive, 50 an hour will do.

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A few days ago, Tesla “officially announced” price cuts – Model 3 and Model Y price cuts ranged from 14,000 to 37,000 yuan, with a maximum drop of 9.73%. As soon as the price cut news came out, many old car owners expressed dissatisfaction, and some new car owners who just picked up the car even became popular on social media for their rights protection on the day of the price cut. There are even “scalpers” who have set their sights on the “Business Economics” of rights protection. According to the chat records exposed by netizens, the service prices for car owners in Dongguan are: 500 yuan/hour for helping banners, 200 yuan/hour for shouting, and 200 yuan/hour for photography. 600 yuan per hour, rolling to the ground.

Second, Weimar pays a cut.

Sofa God Tucao: Entering October, Shen Hui has not posted a single Weibo.

Bench God complained: “To be the first profitable new force in the world” is really a FLAG, whoever stands is embarrassed.

Floor God Tucao: The worst hot search in 2019 has been bought by Li Bin, who will be the worst hot search in 2022?

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On October 20, an internal employee of WM Motor broke the news that “the company’s financial situation is quite serious, executives take the initiative to reduce their salary by 50%, and pay 30% off the wages of grassroots employees.” Subsequently, there were media reports that “all Weimar employees have reduced their wages by at least 30%.” Up to now, Weimar’s cumulative financing amount has reached 35 billion yuan. However, the losses are also huge. Since 2019, Weimar has lost 4.044 billion yuan, 4.225 billion yuan and 5.363 billion yuan respectively, with a cumulative loss of 13.632 billion yuan in three years. On October 27, internal news from WM Motor stated that four salary optimization measures were announced at the employee communication meeting. Due to payment collection and financial considerations, the salary payment date for employees has been postponed from the 8th to the 25th, and the deputy general manager and above since November. Executives will be paid 50% of the monthly salary, employees below M4 will be paid 70% of the monthly salary, all car purchase subsidies and year-end bonus/13/14 salary will be suspended. Weimar said to the outside world that the recent initiatives such as executive salary cuts are to actively achieve strategic goals such as cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and improvement of profit structure, in order to develop steadily in the cold winter of the industry and continue to provide users with high-quality services.

Third, the organizational structure of Xiaopeng Motors has been greatly adjusted.

Sofa God Tucao: You can’t change Xiaopeng into Dapeng no matter what surgery you do.

Bench God Tucao: Is this a follow-up adjustment to the messy listing price of Xiaopeng G9?

Floor God Tucao: The advantages of traditional car companies have not been learned, and the shortcomings have been learned ten percent.

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According to media reports, He Xiaopeng, chairman of Xiaopeng Motors, released a full-staff email on the evening of October 21, announcing a comprehensive organizational restructuring. After adjustment, 5 committees and 3 virtual product matrices were established. Specifically: Strategy Committee, Production Regulation Committee, Technical Planning Committee, Production and Sales Balance Committee, OTA Committee, E Platform Product Matrix, F Platform Product Matrix, and H Platform Product Matrix.

Fourth, Foxconn released two new energy vehicles.

Sofa God complained: Hey, is there another way to touch Tesla this year? Model B and the following series of Model names are really creative.

Bench God complained: It seems that eating apples alone is not enough.

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On October 18, Foxconn’s parent company, Hon Hai Group, released two self-developed electric vehicles: the Model B hatchback and the Model V electric pickup. Together with the Model E, Model T, and Model C released last year, the company known for its foundry has released five models.

5. Gree provides equipment for Tesla parts manufacturing.

Sofa God Tucao: Good Tesla, made by Gree.

Bench God Tucao: Are you worthy of my Chuanbao? After so many years of XX battles, the XX battle has been very impressive, and the Chinese manufacturing supply chain has become more and more consolidated.

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According to multiple media reports, on October 27, Gree Electric said in a live broadcast that Gree provided equipment for Tesla’s parts manufacturing, and also said that Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co. Component manufacturers provide equipment support.

6. Akio Toyoda questioned the goal of banning combustion in California.

God Tucao source: Xiaozhang, arrogant.

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According to foreign media reports, recently Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda publicly stated that California’s plan to ban the sale of fuel vehicles in 2035 will be quite difficult. At the same time, he also said that the goal of achieving half of the sales of electric vehicles in the United States by 2030 is equally difficult.

7. The slump at the Paris Auto Show has attracted foreign media complaints.

Sofa God Tucao: There are only two types of cars at the Paris Auto Show: diesel locomotives and Chinese cars.

Bench God Tucao: In the future, there are only two kinds of cars on the earth, diesel locomotives and Chinese cars.

Floor God Tucao: Major environmental protection organizations in Europe and the United States sent congratulatory messages!

Cellar God Tucao: To talk about Tucao, you have to look at foreign media.

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On October 23, local time, the 89th Paris Motor Show came to an end. After three years of the impact of the new crown epidemic, the Frankfurt Motor Show completely withdrawn from the historical stage, the Geneva Motor Show was cancelled again, and the Tokyo Motor Show was precarious, the Paris Motor Show was full of depression. Even with French President Macron’s personal opening to add to the fun, and even with the gimmick theme of “revolution in progress”, the Paris Auto Show, which has shortened the exhibition time from ten days to one week, is all in terms of the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors. dismal. It is reported that most of the multinational car companies in Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries are absent, which has led to the Paris Auto Show almost becoming a one-man show for French car companies. BYD, Great Wall and other Chinese car companies with new energy models have become the few of the Paris Auto Show. one of the highlights.

Eight, Toyota’s electric strategy ushered in a major adjustment.

Sofa God Tucao: Panic.

Bench God Tucao: I miss the previous “golden age” when it bragged about Japanese hydrogen energy and demoted domestic electric vehicles to nothing.

God Tucao source:

According to Reuters, Toyota plans to axe some electric vehicle projects while adding new ones. In December last year, Toyota announced that it would invest $38 billion in the electrification transition and would launch 30 electric vehicles by 2030. The plan is currently undergoing an internal review to assess whether adjustments are necessary. According to sources, a working group within Toyota is working on improving its existing electric vehicle platform or new architecture. It is currently known that the Compact Cruiser EV off-road pure electric vehicle and the pure electric crown electric vehicle previously in the “30 electric vehicles” lineup. Model items may be axed.

9. The chairman of BMW said that “after electric vehicles, hydrogen energy vehicles will become ‘the most avant-garde means of transportation'”.

Sofa God complained: I haven’t drunk enough yet.

Bench God Tucao: Toyoda Akio wanted to personally ask him about the level of a few dishes.

The floor god complained: Not only did he ask him a few dishes, but he gave him a good level by himself.

Cellar God Tucao: Before I clicked on this news, I thought this old man was going to personally lead the fourth industrial revolution.

God Tucao source:

According to foreign media reports, Oliver Zipse, chairman of BMW Group, said in an interview that the hydrogen energy market is lagging behind the electric energy market, but will soon become mainstream in the future. , but after that hydrogen will be the next trend.”

10. Musk completes the acquisition of Twitter.

Sofa God complained: He… okay, people talk a lot.

Bench God Tucao: Chuanbao sent a congratulatory message.

The floor god complained: I bet he won’t unblock Chuanbao with a bag of fried chestnuts in sugar.

The Cellar God complained: He laughed as if he had grabbed ten bundles of toilet paper with a 30% discount on Double Eleven.

God Tucao source:

According to the Washington Post, Bloomberg, CNBC and other news, on October 27, local time, Musk has completed the transaction to privatize Twitter for $44 billion and has taken charge of the company. It is reported that after Musk acquired Twitter, he first fired a number of executives including Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, legal policy security director Vijaya Gadde, and general counsel Sean Edgett. And, after completing the acquisition of Twitter, Musk tweeted that “the bird is free.”

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