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The weather turned colder, and the autumn clothes and long pants were arranged, but even if a group of people shivered in the cold wind, in order to avoid the bloated body, they had to “pack lightly”. There are many beauty-loving ladies who don’t forget to put on short skirts and stockings even in the winter when the temperature drops below zero.

There are some rumors on the Internet, saying that “low temperature will cause fat accumulation, and the less you wear, the easier it is to gain weight”, and even say “the more you expose your legs in cold weather, the more fleshy and thick your legs will be.” This can intimidate the majority of fashion people who “want style but not temperature”.

Don’t panic, in fact, this statement is a “take it for granted” wrong argument. (For more news, please pay attention to Yangcheng Pie

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In low temperature environment, fat burning will be faster

A low temperature environment will stimulate the body’s metabolic rate to increase, including fat metabolism. In order to resist the loss of skin temperature, the body will accelerate the metabolic rate and increase the energy supply. The main source is to burn sugar and release more energy.

Of course, prolonged exposure to cold and adequate energy supply does promote fat synthesis.

However, this does not mean that the decomposition rate will decrease. When the body does a lot of exercise or needs a lot of fat, and the carbohydrate decomposition for energy cannot meet the demand, the fat will also be decomposed for energy, which is called “fat mobilization”.

Therefore, fat metabolism may not necessarily slow down in the cold state of winter.

Where the fat grows has nothing to do with hot or cold, it depends on the amount of exercise

The distribution of fat in the human body is regular. Generally speaking, the places where fat is most likely to be deposited are mostly the places with the least amount of activity. For example, men’s stomachs are most likely to develop a “beer belly”, while women’s hips and breasts are more likely to deposit more fat.

Of course, there is another place where fat deposits are more hidden, and that is visceral fat, such as liver and mesentery, which have relatively more fat.

If according to the rumor that “fat is very smart, where does it go cold”, is it only our big belly that is afraid of cold? Don’t forget, it’s often the most tightly wrapped part. Besides, the parts of the body that are most afraid of cold are actually the joints, but whose knees have you ever seen “fat”?

The fundamental decision of fat and thin is the supply and consumption of energy

The human body does not completely adjust the thickness of subcutaneous fat according to the external environment.

Although people living in the cold zone are generally fatter than those living in the tropics, this is indeed the result of the body’s self-protection awareness in the process of natural evolution.

However, the fundamental factor that determines the thickness of subcutaneous fat is the ratio of energy supply and consumption, that is, when the intake is greater than the consumption, the fat will increase, and vice versa.

Of course, ambient temperature does affect energy metabolism in the body, but it is only one of many factors.

That is to say, if we eat and eat without exercising in winter, no matter how much you wear, you will gain weight. However, if you eat a balanced diet and exercise properly, your body will not be affected by the temperature.

What’s more, no one is exposed to the cold for long periods of time, especially these days, when short periods of outdoor cold temperatures don’t have a substantial effect on body fat distribution.

Be nice, don’t sacrifice your health

Although the cold weather doesn’t make us grow fat legs, it does affect our health. Some people say that young people have strong firepower and are strong enough to withstand severe cold. In fact, it only depends on a high metabolic rate. This high metabolic rate state also has health risks.

Moreover, the cold does stimulate the body, especially the bones and joints, causing discomfort. If you do not pay attention to keeping your legs and feet warm, it will also increase the risk of urinary system diseases.

Some young people prefer to wear thin clothes, but use warmers on the knees and abdomen to keep warm, hoping to reduce the irritation caused by the cold. I remind everyone here that you must pay attention to the use of heating items such as warm babies, and do not rely too much on them.

Prolonged exposure to high temperature or low temperature will affect the skin, and gradually develop into scalding or frostbite of the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissues, and will also make the skin dry and itchy, leading to skin allergies and dermatitis. trick, not worth the loss.

The world is beautiful because of its rich diversity. Spring has hundreds of flowers and autumn has the moon, summer has cool breeze and winter has snow. In the warm June and July, we wore elegant dresses, and in the cold winter, we experienced the care and wrapping of warm cotton-padded clothes. It is not a blessing in life.

Keeping warm in winter is very important, and dressing that fits the season is also a beautiful scenery.

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