treat or trick! “Pokémon Adventure” Halloween event surprises!

Halloween is approaching, and “Pokémon Adventure” jointly developed by NetEase, The Pokémon Company, and GAME FREAK inc. brings many holiday surprises to explorers. The ultra-rare ghost-type Pokémon has secretly appeared, and new ingredients and dishes are waiting for the explorers to reveal the secrets, and there is also a blockbuster collaboration with Jiaole to break the news first! Everything is ready, come and welcome this Halloween carnival~

[Ghost Pokémon is online, and rare partners join the party!]

During the Halloween carnival, many ghost-type Pokémon came quietly, and new partners such as Zoroa, Candlelight, and Pumpkin Spirit added a mysterious atmosphere to Halloween. Dream demons, ghosts, and mysterious hills that are familiar to explorers are also ready for holiday surprises, just waiting for the explorers to open it up!

A warm reminder, this time the ghost-type Pokémon are all “little tricksters”, like Zoroja, who can transform into various forms to scare opponents, and other ghost-type Pokémon also have a set of tricks they are good at. Explorers, get ready for a strange Halloween party with funny and mysterious ghost-type Pokémon~

【New dishes for Halloween are here, who likes to eat strange roast pie?】

If you want to develop a relationship with your ghost-type Pokémon companions, try the new dishes launched on Halloween! Explorers can get new ingredients by participating in the event, trick-or-treating melons, and then use the trick-or-treating melons to cook the Strange Cola Pie~

The freshly baked Odd Smell pie is fragrant, hot, and yet subtle. Putting a plate, we will have the opportunity to encounter Zoroja, Candlelight, Pumpkin Spirit, Dream Demon, Guisi, Mystery Hill and other ghost-type Pokémon. Here I wish all explorers to get their favorite treasures in advance. Dream partner!

[Reward a lot to help cultivate, the new move reverses the battle situation with one blow]

With the advent of Halloween, the thrilling and fun Halloween-themed gathering and fighting is also not to be missed. Challenge the boss Pokémon Pumpkin Monster, Crystal Lantern, Zoroark, and you can also get muffins, exchange coupons, and ingredients. Generous rewards. In addition, there is good news: the calcite slot attribute reset item “Complete Conversion Stone” is now available in the open store! Plus the unboxing drop in team play, it will greatly help explorers cultivate their favorite Pokémon~

In addition to the adventurous duel, this time there are two new moves to meet the explorers! The “wave of evil” can not only cause damage, but also have a chance to make the opponent cringe. “Remorse” is even more powerful. When the opponent deals damage, it must make the opponent cringe. This kind of trick that must be silent will surely allow explorers to develop newer and more powerful play styles! Pokémon with new moves Friends can meet randomly through event cooking, explorers remember to actively try!

[Linkage is the first to reveal the news! The surprise of the limited edition of Jia Ao Le is coming]

Haven’t enjoyed the above activities yet? Then come to the linkage between “Pokémon Adventure” and Kaorle to experience double happiness! As a popular card machine game, Pokémon Kaorle has specially launched a very exquisite exclusive this time. “Special Plus Aopan” Geng Gui, full of collection value!

More colorful linkage content will be launched in November, including online game gift packs, as well as offline activities in the Jiao Le store for a month! Go to the store to check in at the booth, and you can also receive a large number of peripherals and chucks. All explorers, please look forward to it, and pay attention to the official Weibo and public account to get first-hand information about the follow-up activities~

【What is Pokémon Plus Aura?】

“Pokémon Plus Aura” is a popular card machine game that started operation in 2020, and has always been loved by the majority of Pokémon game console users. Every Pokémon trainer can fight against Pokémon and capture them!

The captured Pokémon will be dropped from the Pokémon Plus Orle Machine in the form of a “Pokémon Plus”, and each plus board has the image, name, ability and moves of the Pokémon. Experience the charm of “Pokémon Plus Aura” in video game towns and toy stores across the country, and become the Pokémon trainer of your dreams!

The quirky festive atmosphere has been set in place, and the ghost-type Pokémon partners are also ready to go. Explorers hurry up on Fang Kele Island and experience the festive arrangements in an immersive way!

About Pokémon Adventure

“Pokémon Adventure”, formerly known as “Pokémon Quest” in English, is a Nintendo Switch and mobile platform game published by The Pokémon Company. Players love it, and the current national server version is jointly developed by NetEase, The Pokémon Company, and GAME FREAK inc.