Travel through the past and present by boat! Chongqing fire theme lantern show, come and register

do you know?

There will be one on November 5th

Fire theme lantern event

Yuzai Xiaomei is now inviting 60 friends from the public

Go to the “Manjianghong” cruise ship in ancient costumes

and the “blue friends” of the water detachment

Take a night tour of the two rivers and play games together

Travel through the past and present, enjoy the bright moon together

What are the highlights of this event ?

Take a look


Fire culture flipping the wall

In the Flip Wall of Huozheng Culture, players can flip the card surface to see the comparison of pictures and texts of ancient and modern fire protection tools, and appreciate the iterative mystery of fire protection facilities and equipment.

Fire Knowledge Questions and Answers

Complete the quiz to win prizes! Players can randomly select a question mark by drawing lots, and find an NPC to exchange the corresponding question with the question mark serial number. Players need to answer orally within 30 seconds.

Each person needs to successfully complete 3 questions to get a “brain tank value”. (PS: A minimum of five “brain tank values” can be exchanged for prizes!)

Challenge Sugar Cookies

Have you seen the fire version of “sugar cake”?

Players who deduct the “sugar cake” completely can also get “brain tank value”.

“Cut it out” game

“Eliminate a eliminate” is a game that uses ancient and modern fire fighting equipment, such as ancient fire dragons, copper cylinders, water bags, hemp rods, modern fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire suits, etc. as elements of elimination. Gain a “Brain Point”.

If it is not completed, you can take a photo or short video of the live event and send it to social platforms such as WeChat, Douyin and other social platforms with #raftingtraceflamebluesubmarinefiremoonyingliangjiangan# to get a second chance to experience it.

Candy painting

This time, we also moved the sugar painting to the event.

The sugar painting master draws all kinds of sugar paintings on the boat, including fire extinguishers, fire helmets, fire rescue boats… Waiting for you to check in!

Lantern Festival Blessing Wall

This event has set up an exhibition area for players to pray for blessings, and equipped with pen, ink, paper and inkstone on the scene for writing. In addition, the photos here are also very beautiful.

hidden tasks

Look for the “Watchman” played by “Blue Friend”.

What does a “watchman” look like? Yu Zaixiaomei didn’t know either, but he would say as he walked, “It’s dry, be careful with the candles.”

Find the “watchman”, answer the question, there will be a little surprise.

Waiting for you to come to the scene to explore!

having said so much

How do I sign up for this event?