Trailer | “Medical Talk Big Coffee Says” New Attempt in Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment of “Silent Killer” of Male Tumors

When high-quality development becomes the key word in the “14th Five-Year Plan” period of public hospitals, the improvement of clinical specialty capabilities also needs to step up the pace. With a history of 177 years, Renji Hospital, adhering to the development concept of junior college and small comprehensive, will establish a Urology Clinic in Renji West Hospital. So compared with the traditional medical model, what advantages does the Urology Clinic have?

At 8:30 on October 30th, the Shanghai Radio and Television News Comprehensive Channel “Medical Talkers, Big Coffee Talks” program sponsored by Bright Dairy will take you to understand the Urology Clinic, and will give patients, especially prostate cancer patients What new hope comes.

compared to traditional urology

What is the difference between a Urology Clinic?

What new attempts are Renji Hospital’s Urology Department doing?

October 30 at 8:30

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Xue Wei

Renji Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine

Vice President Director of Urology

Leading talents in Shanghai

Outstanding Academic Leader in Shanghai

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Standing Committee Member of Urology Branch of Chinese Medical Association

Chairman of the Urology Branch of Shanghai Medical Association

Director of Shanghai Urology Clinical Quality Control Center