Toyota Camry celebrates its 40th anniversary! A detailed description of the growth history of a “high-end car value flagship”

When it comes to Toyota’s Camry, I believe everyone will not be unfamiliar with it. Since its birth 40 years ago, it has been standing at the forefront. In the past 40 years, Camry has not only “topped” the sales list in China and the United States three times, but also established a “global car” level that is difficult to surpass in its class. Today, the Toyota Camry celebrates its 40th anniversary, so let’s talk about how it has grown into a “value flagship of mid-to-high-end sedan”.

Through understanding, we know that the first-generation Camry was born in Japan in 1982. The design is relatively retro, and the overall shape is also simple and tough. The reason why it can quickly become a best-selling model in the market at the beginning of its birth is naturally that its comprehensive neutralization product force has a great relationship, excellent quality, good performance and excellent comfort and excellent reliability. It has successfully captured discerning consumers, and in 1985 was named “America’s Lowest Failure Rate Sedan” by Consumer’s Digest magazine.

In the 1990s, the economy of China’s coastal areas experienced rapid growth, and it was introduced into the country in the form of imported cars. Of course, it was not called Camry before, but “Camry”. I believe that in that era After all, being able to own a Camry at that time was a luxurious and noble status symbol. In addition, it has won the sales champion of imported cars in China for many years, which made the Camry impress the hearts of the generation, and also laid a certain foundation for the Camry in the middle and high-end car market.

On the solid quality cornerstone, Camry, in response to the needs of the times, has endowed the model with higher value through technological iterations and architectural upgrades. Take the sixth-generation Camry as an example, because of its comprehensive and balanced product strength and excellent quality, it triggered a rush to buy after its launch, and even ranked first in the market segment for 16 consecutive months. With the advent of the electrification era, in order to further strengthen its leading edge, Toyota launched the seventh-generation Camry, which consists of three series of flagship, sports and hybrid. In order to achieve a complete replacement in the true sense, the eighth-generation Camry debuted in 2017, with the unique dual styling design of the same class, as well as Ward’s top ten interiors and excellent engines, reactivated This mid-to-high-end car market continues to lead the consumption trend that belongs to this field.

Finally: in these 40 years, each generation of Camry has left a different era story. However, whether it is in the context of the oil crisis or the changing times of global turmoil, Camry has always led the cutting-edge innovation of automotive technology, and what remains unchanged is Camry’s persistence and sincerity.