Toyota Auto Finance helps consumers easily achieve quality driving experience

Stimulated by the national automobile consumption policy, my country’s passenger car market will end the negative growth for three consecutive years in 2021. As far as the joint venture brand car series is concerned, the market share of Japanese cars in China will reach 22.6% in 2021, topping the list. Among them, Toyota Motor is favored by Chinese consumers with its world’s No. 1 sales volume, strong technical strength and strong brand influence. According to the “Report on China’s Auto Value Retention Rate in the First Half of 2022” released by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the Lexus brand ranks among the best with a high value retention rate of 91.63%. As the auto finance company of the OEM, Toyota Auto Finance has been deeply involved in the auto finance market, providing more thoughtful financial products such as “low down payment, low monthly payment, long term, and high final payment” for many models of Toyota and Lexus to help Chinese consumption Users can easily achieve quality driving experience.

Easy loan for FAW Toyota brand, easy drive home

For the post-90s who have a certain economic foundation and are eager to live a refined life, the entry-level scooter purchased when they first entered the workplace is obviously unable to meet the current needs. After a stable job and a successful career, white-collar elites often hope to upgrade their original entry-level scooter to a more high-quality mid-size sedan.

As a young and promising post-90s generation in the workplace, Mr. Yang has a stable job and has just been promoted and raised. When he just graduated, he bought a Toyota entry-level sedan, the VIOS Vios. He has used it for many years and has experienced good results. It is not only fuel efficient but also in good condition, so he is highly recognized by the Toyota brand. Now, Mr. Yang wants to upgrade the car to a Toyota-branded midsize sedan with more space and higher quality. Asia Dragon is not only stylish in appearance design, but also has excellent interior layout, and the driving experience is comfortable, especially suitable for those “emerging elites” who pay attention to the luxury and quality of the car. Mr. Yang chose the “Easy Loan” product provided by Toyota Auto Finance. This financial plan only requires a 30% down payment, a monthly payment of more than 2,000 yuan, and a balance of less than 60,000 yuan after 5 years. The annualized interest rate starts at 7.99%, which is very stable for income. It is easy to get his monthly payment.

GAC Toyota brand repurchase for 3 years, value preservation and replacement are more secure

As a working expectant mother, Ms. Chen’s daily commute time of two hours back and forth is neither safe nor convenient. She hopes to buy a daily scooter that saves worry and fuel. Frequent prenatal checkups. After many comparisons, Lei Ling became Ms. Chen’s first choice. The Ralink is Toyota’s most popular sedan model, with high practicability in various aspects such as interior configuration and high reputation, so it is favored by users of all ages, especially home users. The car is also equipped with Toyota Collision Avoidance Assist Kit, which can well protect the travel safety of expectant mothers. Ms. Chen wants to use more of her family savings for the raising of her children and future education funds. She doesn’t want to pay too much down payment, and she doesn’t want too much pressure on monthly repayments. In response to Ms. Chen’s needs, Toyota Auto Finance provided her with value-preserving repurchase products with low down payment and low monthly payment. Lei Ling (1.5L) only needs to pay more than 20,000 yuan for the down payment, and then pay 80% of the final payment at one time after 3 years. The monthly monthly payment is only less than 600 yuan, and the annualized interest rate starts from 7.6%, and the daily supply is less than the cost of a cup of coffee. If the vehicle has been used for 3 years, you can still obtain a third-party repurchase rights and interests equivalent to 78%-82% of the car purchase invoice amount when the conditions are met. The down payment for the second car can easily upgrade the car at that time.

Lexus brand high-tail products, easy to enjoy luxury

Recently, more and more families choose self-driving travel as their preferred way of travel. The travel arrangement is relatively free, not restricted by time and route; it also reduces the risk of being affected by the epidemic.

Mr. Lin is a director of a foreign company born in the 1980s. He especially likes to drive and camp with his family and children during the holidays. The space and practicality of ordinary cars cannot meet the needs of families, so Mr. Lin wants to buy an SUV with relatively large space and high cost performance. Lexus RX is a popular SUV model, which is very suitable for family use. Mr. Lin is good at financial management and does not want to take up too much capital to purchase new cars, so he chose the high-payment financial products provided by Toyota Auto Finance for RX. The down payment is only 30%, and the monthly payment for 3 years is more than 3,000 yuan. After the period, a one-time payment of 60% of the final payment, with an annualized interest rate of 8.49%, meets his needs for low down payment and low monthly payment, and it is easy to own a luxury brand car with excellent quality.

Toyota Auto Finance is an auto finance company in the OEM department. It cooperates closely with Toyota auto manufacturers. It has resource advantages and professional capabilities in the auto industry. It always insists on developing and designing products around customers. Therefore, it has a great role in the research and development of financial products for Toyota models. High professionalism and high level of service are also in the same line as Toyota. At a time when the country is vigorously boosting auto consumption, Toyota Auto Finance will, as always, treat each other with sincerity, meet customers’ diversified car buying needs with rich financial products, and make it easier for consumers to achieve quality with personalized and practical products and services. Drive and enjoy.