Towards the “Unbounded” “Border of the Land”, how to explore the infinite possibilities of the Eastern war strategy?

The combination of the Three Kingdoms and SLG has always been one of the most popular categories in the domestic game circle. But since the beginning of this year, in the highly competitive SLG track, new faces of animals, science fiction and multi-civilization have begun to appear frequently, trying to break through in a differentiated way.

But then again, the Three Kingdoms SLG, which pursues the oriental strategy experience, is still the “favorite” of domestic players. “The Shore of the Land”, which has been leading the track for 7 years, naturally feels the same way.

Since its launch, “Band of the Land” has not only created a season-based geo-strategic gameplay, but also insisted on expanding the boundaries of strategic gameplay to create a realistic ancient war experience for players as much as possible. On the occasion of the seventh anniversary, the game continues to bring players a new strategy game experience in the annual version “Unbounded”, and as a result, once again rushed to the top 2 of the domestic iOS best-selling list.

In GameLook’s view, as the pioneer of the “Leading Earth-like” gameplay, the game has never chosen to “lay flat”, but constantly innovate and optimize content and operations. Today, “Border of the Land”, which is moving towards “unbounded”, is also further exploring the infinite possibilities of eastern war strategies.

    The “Jin” forces are online for the first time, how exciting can the Three Kingdoms battle be?

It is true that there is no shortage of Three Kingdoms SLG in the market. However, most games’ pursuit of the Three Kingdoms battle is often limited to the battle between Wei, Shu and Wu, which players are familiar with. It is undeniable that with the help of familiar story bridges, the player’s immersion can be quickly improved. But it also inevitably caused a serious short board of content homogeneity.

As a work that deeply cultivates the theme of the Three Kingdoms and continues to be favored by players, “The Shore of the Land” has never been satisfied with repeating the old tune of existing stories, but prefers to continue to dig and innovate based on the real history of the Three Kingdoms.

This is reflected in the fact that the game starts from multiple perspectives and creates three-dimensional and plump characters, so as to outline the Three Kingdoms picture scroll in the details. It is more manifested in the horizontal expansion of the stage of the Three Kingdoms. For example, in the version of “Jiazi Langyan”, “The Shore of the Earth” boldly returns to the “Yellow Turban Uprising”, the starting point of the Three Kingdoms. The initial chaos.

Similarly, in the “Unbounded” version now, the game has completely broken the limitations of the traditional Three Kingdoms timeline, and cast its attention to the later period of the Three Kingdoms when the contradictions between the major forces have become increasingly intensified. At that time, the Jin forces represented by the Sima Clan had just appeared, and before the new era completely arrived, the conflict between the new forces and the old forces became more and more intense.

As a result, in addition to the “standard” of Shu, Wei and Wu Qunhan, “Leading the Earth’s Shore” launched a new force “Jin” for the first time, and introduced the founders of the Western Jin Dynasty such as Sima Yan, Sima Shi, Sima Zhao, etc. Jiang Wei and other key figures who ultimately influenced the ending of the Three Kingdoms were redesigned in an attempt to create a more exciting Three Kingdoms battle.

“Fayan Gentleman” says that whoever has a beginning must have an end. The introduction of Jin forces for the first time in “The Shore of the Land”, which digs deep into the historical facts, is not only a complete complement to the beginning and end of the Three Kingdoms, but also helps to further build a real and three-dimensional experience of the Three Kingdoms.

Looking more deeply, the pursuit of “unbounded” at the theme level is not only another active exploration of the gamification of the history of the Three Kingdoms, but also a key leap for the game to explore the boundaries of Eastern War strategy games. It is bound to change the existing game pattern, refresh the outside world’s cognition of the Three Kingdoms game, and even give “The Shore of the Land” more possibilities for theme innovation.

Indeed, after the slogan of “More than Three Kingdoms” was played in the game, major player communities such as TapTap and Tieba have been discussing in full swing. Some players even boldly guessed whether there will be military generals of Chu, Han, Sui and Tang Dynasties in the future, and further implement the “unbounded” theme dimension, which will stimulate the outside world to have more room for imagination of the IP of “The Land of the Land”.

Tieba players’ extended imagination of “more than three kingdoms”

    Under the overall thinking of ancient warfare, step into the real battlefield of “unbounded”

Pursuing the immersive experience of ancient warfare is the core appeal of almost all Three Kingdoms games. How to provide players with a “sense of substitution” as much as possible, the understanding of different games is likely to be very different.

For “The Shore of the Land”, this appeal is not only reflected in the insistence on upgrading the game screen, but also means the continuous iteration of the game mechanism, and then shows the pursuit of the authenticity of the battlefield from the gameplay level. It can be seen that since the creation of season-based geo-strategy, the game has explored a set of free play without fixed rules, and is still exploring more possibilities for Eastern War strategy play.

For example, in the “Unbounded” version, the game further breaks the limitations of the traditional gameplay framework on players’ tactical thinking, and introduces new game mechanisms such as the “unbounded vision” strategic map mode and the “unbounded” morale system to restore a more authentic ancient Three Kingdoms battlefield.

Looking back on ancient Chinese wars, there have always been cases where changes in “morale” affected the final battle situation. For example, in the Battle of Julu, the Chu army, which was broken, defeated the strong and defeated the Qin army. Today, “The Shore of the Land” has introduced this key element, bringing together the right time and place and the morale of the troops, which directly affects every battle.

In the game, the new “morale system” is linked with elements such as “time of day”, “place advantage”, and “people”, that is, the day and night season, supply range, offensive and defensive situation, etc. will have a greater impact on morale, and build a set of depth and reality. A new way to play logic.

For example, when a building is affected by flood disasters, the affiliated unit will enter a state of “slumped morale”; when the unit exceeds the supply range of the affiliated building, the morale of the unit will be affected by the marching distance and decrease. At the same time, in the battle, high morale makes it easier for generals to launch tactics, and the probability of activation and effect of effects are increased, and vice versa, the probability of triggering tactics is reduced.

The ingenuity of this design is that, by replicating the key elements in reality, it gives players more freedom of play and space for strategic consideration, and also tests the user’s thinking ability for the overall battle situation, fully restoring the ancient war. A whole set of logic.

For the same consideration, the game also introduced a “strategic map mode”, where you can see a more macroscopic observation perspective by pinch-twisting. From the visual level, it helps players to more comprehensively and quickly understand the distribution of the enemy and the enemy and the battlefield situation, so as to make more accurate strategic research and judgment. And help it to further jump out of the traditional logic of local wars, and lead to the thinking mode of “seeking the overall situation” in real ancient wars.

It is the continuous exploration of the gameplay that realizes the unbounded gameplay and unbounded strategy of “The Shore of the Land” can continue to move forward in the direction of immersive ancient warfare.

    Hundreds of schools are vertical and horizontal, long winds and waves

Looking back at the content updates in recent years, we can basically see the behavioral logic behind the strategy of exploring the eastern war in “The Shore of the Land”:

Starting from multiple aspects of ancient warfare, and organically combining many strategic elements such as internal affairs, economy, and diplomacy, a complete “ancient war gameplay universe” is gradually built, and every detail can become a key element affecting the war pattern. At the same time, “The Shore of the Land” reshapes the characters from multiple perspectives based on historical facts to create a real three-dimensional Three Kingdoms. And based on this, gradually get rid of the limitations of the traditional Three Kingdoms timeline, and constantly expand the main stage of the game.

Such an approach will undoubtedly make the game itself more inclusive, enough to accommodate more innovations in the dimensions of story and gameplay, as well as to accommodate local players with their own unique styles.

You must know that “The Shore of the Land”, which continues to break the SLG shackles of the Three Kingdoms, truly allows different players to feel the Three Kingdoms world in their hearts, and has already accumulated more and more core users. Therefore, from last year’s anniversary theme of “Leading a Hundred Homes” to this year’s “Hundreds of Aspects and Waves”, the game has always focused on the players themselves.

Because of this, games have long broken the boundaries of pure products and become an important part of all players’ lives. From another perspective, it is the long-term company of users from various circles that not only enriches the game ecology, but also promotes its continuous development in the “unbounded” direction. In order to thank the players for their long-term company, “The Shore of the Land” even specially invited Fang Jinlong, a master of traditional Chinese music, to participate in the celebration concert this time, and specially performed the music of the seventh anniversary event and the “Boundless” symphony poem, dedicated to the majority of players. feast.

In contrast, the new theme of this anniversary celebration and login, “Long Winds and Waves”, is not only a review of the past continuous exploration of the oriental strategy and strategy, but also a direct portrayal of the current upgrade “Unbounded”. A bright prospect to expand more possibilities for the IP of “Shi Tu Zhi Bin”.

In the seven years since its launch, it has continuously promoted the development of the Three Kingdoms game, allowing more people to re-understand the characters, wars, and even the entire Three Kingdoms “The Shore of the Land”. Now it has gone farther and has greater ambitions.