Tough Yucheng! Chovy is about to reach the top after five runners-up and three quarter-finals!

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Chovy made his debut with Griffin. When he was 17 years old, he and Griffin entered the LCK (2018 summer split). At that time, there were still promotion and relegation competitions in South Korea. However, Griffin that year was an exception. In the spring split, he achieved an undefeated 14-0 record in CK. As soon as he entered the LCK in the summer split, he finished second in the regular season and runner-up in the final. This is also the strongest newly-promoted team in LCK history.

Unfortunately, Griffin became the only designated “second child” of the LCK in those two years, and Sanlianya also caused their team to have conflicts, which eventually became the fuse to destroy the team. Although Chovy jumped out relatively early, from 2018 until he won the LCK this summer, he won a total of 5 LCK runners-up and 3 finals quarterfinals. There are a bunch of amazing historical record achievements, but no championship. It is to make him the representative of “overblown” in other people’s mouths.

five-time runner-up

Chovy and Griffin, who just entered the LCK in 2018, immediately entered the strongest echelon in the summer split. However, Chovy, who was not mature enough at that time, always liked to put himself in a position more than the team in competitions, especially when facing some powerful enemies, such as choosing Galio and Sion. As a result, the subsequent five runners-up may also be slowly changing and affecting Chovy.

In the 2018 summer split, he won the first runner-up against KT.

In the 2019 Spring Split, he won the second runner-up against SKT.

In the 2019 summer split, he won the third runner-up against SKT.

In the 2020 summer split, he transferred to DRX to play against DWG and won the fourth runner-up.

In the spring of 2022, he transferred to GenG to play against T1 and won the fifth runner-up.

If it weren’t for the fact that HLE’s top laner in 2021 really couldn’t take a third place, Chovy might now be the runner-up runner-up every year. In the 2022 summer split, Chovy and GenG won the LCK as they wished, and the curse of the 5th sub was lifted.

Three quarterfinals

Chovy’s performance in the previous World Championships was also very bad, so in the past few years, people have often ridiculed that he is a soft-footed shrimp who can only fill up.

In 2019, he and Griffin entered the global finals for the first time, and were eliminated by IG in the top eight.

In 2020 and DRX entered the global finals for the second time, the top eight were eliminated by DWG.

In 2021 and HLE entered the global finals for the third time, the quarter-finals were eliminated by T1.

In 2022, GenG, who was about to be chased by DK in the quarter-finals, eventually withstood the pressure and won the victory with a wave of teamfights. Chovy is also in the fourth year of the finals trip and finally broke the magic of the quarterfinals.

Tough Yucheng! A year that promises to fulfill Chovy’s dreams

Last year, the commentator once gave EDG’s championship evaluation as “don’t let us break through the quarterfinals, because we will win the championship after breaking through the quarterfinals”. This year, Chovy has a bit of this meaning. With 5 league runners-up and 3 finals quarter-finals, Chovy’s journey can be described as difficult. Now in front of him in the semi-finals, he is not very strong. DRX, who seized EDG’s mistakes to chase the third and advanced, is also his former club. I believe that it is not difficult to easily advance to the finals, and as long as he can reach that place, Chovy is just a stone’s throw away from realizing his dream.


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