Touch Music Night Talk: Strategies for Dependence

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Missed Landscape (Picture / Ronaldinho)

Ashamed to say, although I have heard the name “Cairo-based game” for a long time, I have never come into contact with this classic management simulation game series. Last weekend, I bought the classic simulation game Game Dev Story on the recommendation of a friend.

On the one hand, the process of running a game company to make games sounds interesting; on the other hand, I don’t really want to concentrate on playing games, and I plan to “multitask”. I plan to watch other videos and hang up a few more games. “daily tasks”. “Cairo-based game” is exactly what I want: light weight, pixel style, semi-automatic hang-up, it doesn’t even need to occupy the entire computer screen, it can be pulled into a small frame at will, and animations and other things are placed in the remaining space of the screen. Documents and game operations are just a few clicks away.

Suitable for “multitasking”

With such a relaxed mind, I created my first game company “Type Moon” and started my journey to conquer the game world. Confidently recruited a number of employees, and started to make my first game with a group of programmers who are not very good, part-time screenwriters, and part-time music artists. I always choose the “quality-focused” plan that costs more, takes longer to develop, and has better quality, and I don’t care about making puzzle, board and card games, and I focus on challenging adventure games and handsome ninja themes from the start.

But the sales and response of several “Ninja Adventures” are terrible, even if I spend a lot of money on advertising, it will not help. To make matters worse, a small audience also expressed dissatisfaction with my repeated behavior of fried rice and demanded more types of games. I tried different combinations such as “Animal Adventure” and “Ninja Simulation”. It looked strange, and the results were not very reliable. Want to take out outsourcing to make up for the funding loopholes, but overestimate the ability of employees, unable to complete outsourcing tasks within the scheduled time. I almost stepped on the pits in the game. After winning the “Worst Game of the Year” award and paying a fine of 3,000 yuan, my “Type Moon” faced the desperate situation of breaking the capital chain and finally decided to declare bankruptcy. .

This ending is somewhat unacceptable. I closed the video and other windows, and decided to play the game seriously. This time, the “Rainstorm” game company I founded decided to be down-to-earth, start from scratch, and start small-scale games. Then, based on my personal memory, I wisely chose the “Red and White Machines”, “Gameboya”, “Super Rain Paradise” and several other enduring game consoles develop games for these platforms.

Skip the “Sega” host platform and rely on “Rain Paradise”

“Heavy Rain” has grown rapidly in my hands. With the accumulation of popularity, every game I have released can easily reach millions of sales, but I always miss the gold prize in the annual game selection competition. The operating period is about to reach 20 years, but after I checked the strategy, I found out that my training strategy has always been a problem, and even fired a few special employees with infinite potential in the early game, relying on the current employees to want It’s not easy to get a gold medal. The pursuit of perfection began to play havoc, and I began to regret why I didn’t plan the strategy earlier, and these hours of effort seemed to be wasted. Although I ran Heavy Rain well, an indescribable sense of emptiness and frustration hit me. I started to check the “perfect guide” and found that the standard set by the guide for the perfect process is “6 years to win the gold award, 7 years to independently develop game consoles”, and I was still developing puzzle chess and card games in the sixth year, and the game progressed. After more than ten years, I haven’t won a gold award once, and I can’t help but feel a little annoyed: what am I doing with my time and money?

After reviewing the walkthrough, I felt even more frustrated than the “Type Moon” bankruptcy. If I didn’t read the guide, I might not know how to transfer employees to “hardware engineers” in the end. After reading the guide, I realized that I had taken countless detours. I decided to start over. According to the strategy, from the first year, I kept filing and reading files in pursuit of a “perfect start”. Every recruitment and training is carefully planned to ensure maximum utilization of every employee. It’s just…I seem to be happy when I run “Heavy Rain” without knowing anything, and I seem to be happy when I push Type Moon to the brink of bankruptcy at will. But now, I’m not so happy.

Perfectly nurture every employee from the ground up…

Of course, this is not to blame on the Raiders. My gaming experience used to be very reliant on guides. In the early years of games that lacked guidance, the query strategy seemed to me to be a manifestation of “taking the game seriously”. When introducing games to friends, it has also become a habit for me to enthusiastically send them the full wiki.

Some time ago, my colleague Mr. Zhu Siqi tried the monster farming simulation game “Lobobrain Company” for the first time. She didn’t check the strategy beforehand, and accidentally selected a very difficult monster at the beginning of the game, and the company was in jeopardy. My gaming experience was very different from hers. I checked the information of each monster against the newcomer guide and Wiki, avoided those dangerous options, went smoothly, and resolutely restarted when I made a mistake. I thought I had chosen the path with the “best gaming experience”, and was complacent that I had taken a shortcut. When I looked back, I realized that I seemed to have missed the scenery on the detour.

Is the “shortcut” better or the “detour” better? In the process of playing the game, the two paths do not seem to be superior or inferior. Maybe the “detour” experience was not as bad as I thought. Choosing the wrong strategy, investing in short-lived gaming platforms, making a mess of weird games, and finally pushing the company into bankruptcy. In the process, I, the “culprit”, did laugh a lot, and frequently took screenshots of the in-game editors’ cynical quirks to my friends. Life is so tiring, why pursue perfection in games?

“Better not to sell it”