“Tomorrow’s Ark” is linked with “Monster Hunter”, but the sound effect of “Devil May Cry 5” appeared in the live broadcast room?

On October 24th, “Tomorrow’s Ark” officially announced the linkage with CAPCOM’s classic action game IP “Monster Hunter”, and officially announced the linkage content in the live broadcast of the special program of the 2022 Thanksgiving Ceremony that opened on the same day, including linkage plots and linkage new operators” Elle the cat”.

After the announcement of this linkage news, it aroused discussions among players. The Weibo topic #”Tomorrow’s Ark” was confirmed to be linked with “Monster Hunter”, and the popularity exceeded 300w on the night of the live broadcast.

From the above information, this linkage is a linkage activity between an ordinary two-dimensional game and a major international IP. But things often go wrong in the most common places. In this live broadcast, players who are familiar with CAPCOM quickly discovered that the live streaming screen uses the main interface of “Devil May Cry 5” to load the sound effects.

Many players said that it was obviously linked to the “Monster Hunter” series, but the sound effect of “Devil May Cry” sounded, which was a bit overwhelming.

What makes it even more incomprehensible for players is that Eagle Horn was very perfunctory in handling this incident. After the players reported this mistake, the official did not come forward to explain, but used the community trumpet to express the official opinion. Let some players think that the official does not pay attention to this linkage.

The negative emotions of players are not unfounded. As early as May this year, when “Tomorrow’s Ark” announced the linkage plan with CAPCOM, a considerable number of players were looking forward to the linkage between “Tomorrow’s Ark” and “Devil May Cry”. The live broadcast accident made the players who were full of joy in the previous second feel deceived. The subsequent official statement issued by the operating account also made it difficult for the players to accept.

Due to Yingjiao’s mistakes in this linkage activity, players have negative emotions and doubts about the official attitude of the game. We will continue to pay attention to Yingjiao’s follow-up handling of this public opinion incident.