Today’s zodiac horoscope for November 22, 2023

Today’s zodiac horoscope for November 22, 2023

Choose good luck and seek good luck

Wearing to attract wealth: Auspicious – ⬛ black 🟦 blue and gray.

Auspicious combination: Auspicious – ⬜Silver, milky white apricot.

Wenchang Zodiac: Dragon 🐲 Rat 🐭

Peach blossom zodiac signs: Rabbit 🐰 Pig 🐷 Sheep 🐏

Xie Ji Bian Fang Shu Almanac: Jiashen Spring Water Cutting Day (Jiashen Xun)

Today is suitable for: offering sacrifices, praying for blessings, asking for heirs, receiving titles, receiving seals, receiving titles, meeting relatives and friends, traveling, going to official posts, being close to the people in government, getting married, asking for names, getting married, entering the country, and moving. Moving, removing, bathing, shaving, trimming hands and feet, cutting clothes, breaking ground for construction, erecting pillars and beams, building warehouses, collecting money, sweeping houses, felling trees, catching, planting and raising, collecting livestock, breaking ground, and burial.

Today is not a good day for: setting up a bed, seeking medical treatment, opening a warehouse, shipping wealth, hunting, or getting fish.

Lucky star for choosing the day: Yue De Mu Cang’s four phases remove the bark of the god

The evil star that chooses the day: Tiangang tribulation evil moon harms Wuli Tianxing

Guideng Tianmen: Wei Shi (13-15 o’clock) Chou Shi (1-3 o’clock)

Today’s zodiac horoscope for November 22, 2023

Detailed explanation of daily classes

The unlucky day for the underworld: Heavenly Punishment. It is good for getting started and preventing talking.

Golden Talisman He Dao: Avoid going to work, building, breaking ground, getting married, moving, opening a market

The minor evil in fighting the sun: It is better to be low-key and conservative, tolerate everything, and take a step back to open up the world.

Twelve built stars: water in the spring closes to the star, the sky closes to the sun, and the star closes to the god

Description of the receiving star: It is good to receive wealth. Retract and converge. All bad things are inappropriate.

Twenty-eight constellations: Oriental Green Dragon Ji☿Water Leopard (auspicious) Twenty-seven constellations: Kui

Appropriate taboos for stars: It is advisable to build, open a pond, open a door, build a house, and collect wealth. 🈲👉Wedding, tailoring.

Zhouyi hexagrams: Fire and water are not supported. Five elements: three wood hexagrams. Luck: nine hexagrams.

Auspicious time of the day: 🕐Chou Yinsi Wei🈸Hai hour

auspicious direction

Direction of the God of Joy: Northeast. Direction of the God of Fortune: True North.

The direction of the God of Wealth: Northeast. The direction of Shengmen: due east. The God of Crane is northwest.

Directions of Noble Gods: Yang Noble God-Southwest Yin Noble God-Northeast

Xiangshao and Suishao: The south is bad, avoid relocation and construction.

The fetus god of this month: Occupy the door and northwest of the furnace. The fetus god of this month: Occupy the room and bed.

Residential unit: The seating direction should be “south facing north”. No major ceremonies.

Three Yuan Nine Lucks: Lower Yuan Eight Lucks and Four Green Wood Years🟢

Current Nine Stars: Eight White Earth Moon ⚪ Four Green Wood Days 🟢 Three Green Wood Hours 🟢

The four greens are on duty: the wind is blowing, strange dreams are frightening, and hard work is difficult to succeed.

Five Yellow Evil Positions: Today – Northwest month – Southwest year – Northwest

Tai Sui direction: current day – due east of the current month – due north of the current year – due east

Traditional Culture

Traditional proverb: It is better to fall in love with the scene than to sit back and wait for the rabbit.

Inspirational Quotes: A safe body is not as good as a safe mind, and a wide house is not as good as a wide heart.