To what extent does cervical spondylosis require surgery?

Now there are many diagnoses of cervical spondylosis. Many people have cervical spondylosis when they go to the hospital for a check-up. Then cervical spondylosis has a large span. There are simple pains in the back of the neck and straightening of the cervical spine. This can diagnose cervical spondylosis. We call it For cervical spondylosis. So under what circumstances do we need surgery? There are two points that everyone must remember. The first is that the compression of the cervical spine leads to cervical spondylotic radiculopathy. Our muscles atrophy, and then the strength of our hands weakens, which affects our sleep at night and is very painful. If conservative treatment fails at this time, surgery is required.

There is another kind of cervical spondylosis that requires surgery. Cervical spondylotic myelopathy means that the compression of our neck causes problems in walking our lower limbs, and the entire spinal cord is compressed. At this time, surgery is necessary. Fortunately, the nerves that need surgery Root-type cervical spondylosis and myeloid-type cervical spondylosis account for an extremely low proportion of the overall incidence of cervical spondylosis, so we must understand what state and type our cervical spondylosis is, and then decide What kind of treatment should be taken.