To Wei Jianjun: A third-party complaint list needs to be adjusted. Some people at Great Wall do this?

Text/Ling Qing

“Faithful words are not beautiful, and beautiful words are not believed,” Laozi said in his book “Tao Te Ching” in the Spring and Autumn Period.

That is to say, real words are not processed, so they don’t sound so pleasant; on the contrary, language that sounds beautiful and beautiful is often not so real and is not worth believing.

This has the same meaning as “good words are good for deeds, good words are good for diseases”. Therefore, whether it is the development of an enterprise or the development of a person, we must be able to listen to suggestions, so as to constantly improve ourselves.

The letter is not beautiful 

As a leader among Chinese brand cars, Great Wall Motors has achieved what it is today in the torrent of China’s auto market. It is by no means a company with “closed eyes and ears”, and it is also more enlightened in employing people.

However, unfortunately, in October this year, I found that the way Great Wall Motor’s relevant personnel were dealing with the problem had reached the point of being “sensitive and allergic”.

On October 4 this year, the car quality network released the top 30 model complaints in September 2022, and we quoted the picture in the article.

 Great Wall Motors

In the article, we briefly describe the changes of the model and the situation of the complaint data according to the data of the vehicle quality network. Moreover, in the article, we clearly pointed out that the list does not constitute a decisive factor for car purchase, but can only provide a certain reference.

Moreover, the content of the article does not involve the models of Great Wall Motors at all . But, that’s it, we, Great Wall Motor Agency, asked us to adjust or delete the picture.

On October 10, a person from the “Great Wall Motor Haval Agency Media” said that he wanted to “communicate on the recently released September complaint rankings on relevant platforms”.

The article explains 

I was surprised at the time because we hadn’t had a topic on the Great Wall or Haval for a long time. So, I said, “The September Complaint List has nothing to do with the Great Wall, right? You sent the article to me for a look, but I don’t remember the recent topic selection about Haval.”

Then the other party replied: ” I read the content and there is no problem. It doesn’t involve Haval, but there is a picture of the complaint list. Can you help me deal with it?”

This surprised me, but also left me speechless. Because, in order to ensure the objectivity of the data, when we quoted, we deliberately quoted the monthly model complaint list compiled and released by the car quality network.

The content of the article is not involved, but it is required to adjust the third-party pictures 

Moreover, in the content of the article, there is no relevant content of Haval at all. However, even in this case, the other party was still able to request “processing pictures”.

Furthermore, the source of this picture is indicated, and the picture covers 30 models. This is a picture compiled by a third-party website based on its own website data. How can I have the right to adjust it?

I’m very helpless and have not responded to this. However, two days later, that is, on October 12, another agent from the agency asked me: “I saw that our family recently released Haval-related content.”

 Image requested to be adjusted

Because, as we have said before, for at least half a year, we have not had any content about the Great Wall .

Now someone is asking about this, but it should actually be related to the previous picture. So, I replied “The article is sent to me to see”. However, as I expected, the other party could not come up with it and did not reply.

After all, I’m also curious, what makes Great Wall Motor’s personnel so “sensitive”? “Sensitive” enough to make me feel “arrogant and overbearing”.

 Haver Red Rabbit

After checking this picture, we found that on the car quality network model list in September, the Haval brand Chitu and Chulian were both on the list because of “paint problems”.

However, in September 2022, the Great Wall has taken measures to solve the problem. So, I think, the problem has been solved, so it’s not worth paying attention to. Therefore, the content of our article will not be covered.

After all, I’ve always argued that, as a consumer commodity, there are bound to be problems with the car. The important thing is that manufacturers can come up with a practical attitude to solve the problem.

 Great Wall Motors: Make a little bit of progress every day

But, that’s it, the staff of Great Wall Haval Agency actually asked us to adjust the picture. I think this is a very rigid thinking.

Even as far as the matter itself is concerned, this is to a certain extent the “arrogance” and “bullying” of some staff members under the Great Wall . In fact, Great Wall Motor needn’t be so sensitive.

On the one hand, the current speed of information dissemination is extremely fast. If a quoted picture and an article not involved in the article cannot be tolerated, is it suspected of suppressing public speech?

Perhaps, this just shows how simple, rough, and rude these people are dealing with. Moreover, for the image of Great Wall Motors, it will not add luster.

 Great Wall Motors

On the other hand Therefore, the word of mouth of car companies and manufacturers and the recognition and reputation of products will not be damaged by a picture on a third-party website.

The third aspect, since this problem has been solved, users are satisfied, and word of mouth is good, why are some people so sensitive? What’s more, Great Wall Motors, as the leader of Chinese brand cars, has its own public opinion on its performance.

Therefore, I think, this should not be the corporate culture of Great Wall Motors, but the way that individual departments and individuals deal with problems.

Instead of doing these things that are suspected of damaging the corporate image, the relevant personnel might as well think about the brand heritage of Great Wall Motors of “making a little progress every day”, and do more things that contribute to the company.

In the end, because of this kind of thing, some people also brought up old things about me (said that the draft was withdrawn, not the so-called “commitment letter”, and the result was reneging on promises, breaking the word, damaging the corporate image, we will talk later), I think it is still on behalf of the individual, not on behalf of the enterprise.

I am very worried that the Great Wall Motors who have worked hard to develop and grow from a “small workshop” will be spoiled by these people!

Only in this way can we see a better and more competitive Great Wall Motor!

Note: This is the fourth article in the series [No one can build without trust, and no industry can thrive without trust], and pictures will be uploaded gradually. In this series of articles, I will gradually disclose more information to tell the reader the story of the “credibility” of a person and a business.