To become the leader of electric vehicles in China! This Lantu new car, the oil and electric range extension version, is less than 300,000?

In the high-end medium and large car market, the top three BBAs occupy the vast majority of shares, and the sales volume of the three companies does not change much each year. It should be said that this segment is a relatively solid market.



There is no doubt that in the field of executive-class sedans, what consumers value more is the status symbol.


But this does not stop the desire of Chinese brands to launch an attack on the market. After Weilai ET7 and Zhiji L7, Lantu chasing light will also come.



For Chinese brands, at the turning point of the current era of fuel vehicles switching to smart electric vehicles, probably any level of the market looks like an opportunity.


Because of this, even if everyone knows that the luxury executive-class sedan market is not easy to break, they may be able to gain a place in it by taking advantage of technological overtake.



In this regard, Lantu has prepared a new SOA electronic and electrical architecture for chasing light, which has powerful data processing and vehicle functions.


In addition, with the support of huge computing power, in addition to ensuring smooth vehicle-machine system interaction, it can also evolve more fresh interactive experiences for the vehicle.



Referring to the Xiaopeng G9, which also features a new electronic and electrical architecture, the interesting function given by the new car is the 5D music cockpit. When the user is watching a movie, the ambient light, air conditioning outlet, seat vibration, fragrance and sound system can be used. Co-react according to the source plot to enhance the viewing effect.



Of course, the development space of the new electronic architecture does not stop there. Its greater role is also focused on continuous vehicle optimization and assisted driving system upgrades, but these need to be verified for a longer time.


However, this time chasing light can prepare the same leading technical structure, and it can also establish a high-end heritage for the brand to some extent.



Furthermore, chasing the light continues the unique trick that Lantu has always used since it entered the market – the dual power strategy.


Under the ESSA-based architecture, Chasing Light continues to provide a parallel dual-power version of the pure electric version and the extended-range version, thus covering more people and giving users with battery life anxiety an extra choice.


Of course, this approach to both ends is not perfect.



Without the blessing of a strong new energy brand like BYD, the current practice of some models not only emphasize fuel properties, but also launch new energy versions, it may not be easy to highlight the core competitiveness of the brand.


Because of this, it is difficult for Lynk & Co, Great Wall and other products that take into account both oil and power to achieve real out of the circle, and we can see this in Lantu FREE to some extent.



Although no extreme choices have been made at the drive level, the chasing light has also done enough homework in terms of size.


Under the slender body of the medium and large car, the chasing light handed over the measurements of 5088x1970x1505mm and the wheelbase of 3000mm, but the wheelbase is slightly shorter than the Weilai ET7 and Zhiji L7.



As for the performance of the new car’s dual-motor maximum power of 375kW, it is also not outstanding compared to the other two Chinese brand rivals.


Considering that the new car has not yet announced the battery life parameters, it is expected that the chasing light can save a game here.



In fact, Lantu FREE has suffered from the lack of parameters and characteristics before, especially the old pure electric version of the car’s NEDC operating condition has a maximum battery life of just over 500 kilometers, which makes people prone to battery life anxiety.



However, from the perspective of the new Lantu FREE, on the one hand, the new car has increased the CLTC operating range to 631 kilometers, and on the basis of maintaining the maximum power of 510kW, it has adjusted the outstanding performance of 4.3 seconds to accelerate from 100 kilometers to 100 kilometers, thus strengthening itself. Strength selling point.


From this point of view, the future chasing light is also expected to achieve an advanced strength jump.



As Lantu’s first sedan work, Chasing Light’s choice to enter the medium and large-sized sedan market already shows that Lantu hopes to further consolidate its high-end brand status.


So how can the new car help Lantu achieve such a blueprint?



Lu Fang, CEO of Lantu


After the launch of Chasing Light, Lantu will become the first new brand to complete the layout of SUV, MPV and sedan.


The reason why we want to complete such a layout is that Lu Fang, CEO of Lantu, said, “We plan to quickly complete the layout of SUVs, MPVs, and sedans, because we want to quickly complete the overall electrification transformation from the beginning and become China A leader in high-end electric vehicles.”



It is not difficult to see that Lantu hopes to use the fully electrified product layout to prove its leadership in the industry.


In addition, combined with the positioning of medium and large vehicles of FREE, chasing light and dreamer, it is obvious that Lantu also hopes to occupy the commanding heights of the whole industry from the initial stage.



However, judging from the market feedback, the emerging industry has repeatedly broken the delivery record of new forces. As for another traditional brand, Jikr, has been on the right track, and the delivery volume has increased rapidly.


On the other hand, Lantu still needs more heat to catch up.


In this context, how many increments can be injected into the arrival of chasing light?



The first thing to face is that the current domestic brand medium and large sedans, in addition to the NIO ET7, are still eye-catching, and the later-launched Zhiji L7 has not achieved the same market popularity for the time being.


Combined with the solidified market structure of traditional luxury brands, it is difficult for any newly entered model to have an absolute chance of winning the market for administrative-level products.



In addition, looking at the three models of Lantu, from the level to the product tone, they all emphasize the luxury business attributes.


To a certain extent, Lantu’s product features and brand tonality are similar to “new energy Buick”.


Maybe this way of building a car worked in the past, but today it may not be able to keep up with the trend.



On the other hand, although Weilai is also following a similar brand line, because of its user-centered service system construction, it has surpassed the public’s stereotype of business luxury, and is easier for young audiences to accept.


Furthermore, as a brand incubated by Dongfeng Group, Lantu is difficult to be as extravagant as Weilai in terms of resource investment.


Therefore, how to realize the change of brand tonality under limited resources may be the problem that Lantu urgently needs to deal with.



In fact, judging from the recent launch of a more sporty DNA version of Lantu FREE, the official may also realize that more efforts need to be made in the aspect of youth, so they are now actively carrying out innovative actions.



In addition, referring to Aian, which also needs to make a brand up, the brand has formed a distinction with the online car-hailing image to a certain extent after pushing the PLUS model to rejuvenate its youthful attitude. This move should be somewhat of a reference for Lantu.


In view of this, perhaps in the future, Lantu will also actively package its young and sporty side in chasing light.



On the other hand, according to the dual-drive version of chasing light and the identity of medium and large vehicles, the market may mention BYD Han more, of which the sales volume of the latter has exceeded 31,000 units in September, becoming the best-selling medium and large vehicle in China.



Although in the brand dimension, Lantu will not start a head-on confrontation with BYD.


However, considering that Lantu is still a new brand in urgent need of increments, it may be safer to let Chasing Light enter the game with a low profile.



With reference to Lantu FREE, which sells for 313,600 yuan and is the most entry-level version of the four-wheel-drive extended-range version of the whole car series, the car has a performance parameter of 510kW. As for the pure electric version with the same parameter level, the entry price is increased to 373,600 yuan. on sale.


On the other hand, the maximum power of the pure electric version of the chasing light is 375kW, which is slightly lower than that of the Lantu FREE. If the extended-range version of the new car also maintains the same power level, perhaps the chasing light is expected to enter the market at a price of less than 300,000 yuan in the future.



It is worth noting that the starting price of Weilai ET7 is 458,000 yuan, and the Zhiji L7 is 368,800 yuan. Therefore, if the chasing light can be listed at a starting price of no more than 300,000 yuan, it may bring more market attention to the new car. Pave the way for Lantu to achieve explosive models.



To be honest, the current achievements of Lantu are remarkable. Considering that FREE, Dreamer and even Chasing Light are all positioned as luxury medium and large cars, in fact, you can hardly expect Lantu to be able to stand out from the crowd.


Then, for Lantu’s more realistic consideration, in addition to leaning towards young people in terms of brand tonality, it should launch medium-sized and compact products as soon as possible, and use strong achievements to create a sense of brand presence.


Guaranteed to survive first, and then have the capital to chase the light.