Tmall Double 11 officially started, what is the business management guide for the halftime?

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At 8 pm on October 24th, Tmall Double 11 pre-sale event officially started. Consumers who buy products with the price insurance logo can initiate a price insurance application and apply for a refund of the price difference if the price of the same product from the same merchant drops during the price insurance period, so as to dispel the concern of “buying early and losing money”.

In addition to the upgrade of consumer experience, longer-term service upgrades for merchants have already occurred. Different from traditional holiday discounts, Tmall Double 11 can occupy the high ground of national minds because it has maintained a unique sense of rhythm for a long time and constantly adapts to the business philosophy of consumption changes and upgrades.

An excellent choir must have a music conductor, and a big promotion full of rhythm must also have a clear blueprint, as well as the goals, key nodes, action funds, etc. related to this blueprint. Behind the unique sense of rhythm is Alimama’s understanding and thinking about business operations. During this year’s Tmall Double 11, Alimama innovatively gave a business rhythm of “precise accumulation of energy, three-band pulsed revenue promotion” based on her insights.

The first is the first wave from September 19th to October 26th. The first wave is based on CP (Consumer crowd Product goods) to achieve pre-sale and first purchases. Secondly, in the second wave from October 27 to November 3, with the high conversion of CP, the whole store will achieve revenue promotion. The last is from November 4th to November 11th, which will stimulate new growth and achieve global revenue promotion.

In this business blueprint, at the end of October, for merchants, it has come to the second wave of store-wide revenue promotion. According to the double 11 summary in previous years, 58% of consumers in this band tend to collect orders and stock up, and brand members have the strongest willingness to consume at this time, contributing as much as 38% to the full-cycle turnover.

This means that whether a merchant can meet the consumer demand at this stage with an effective business strategy determines the imagination of the subsequent big promotion.

In response to the general business needs of merchants in the second wave of “high conversion of CP to achieve store-wide revenue promotion”, Alimama today released the second-band “Tmall Double 11 Store-wide Revenue Promotion Welfare Must-Win Guide” (hereinafter referred to as the “Guide”). ), which aims to help merchants drive business growth through deep crowd conversion and store-wide product explosion.

How to help merchants find their own business rhythm in the long-distance running marathon of Tmall Double 11, and continue to deeply link consumer relationships, so as to bring the orderly and rhythmic continuous release of commercial value, which is also the primary consideration for Alimama this year.

Pulling new people into transactions, helping the deep conversion of the crowd

Taobao and Tmall, as the main position of Double 11, have already started preparations for the first wave in September. However, under the differentiated demands of people at different stages, brands need more accurate hierarchical operations to achieve efficient conversion.

For example, during the pre-water storage period, many consumers waited and watched while waiting for the official start of the big promotion. Consumers who have a clear shopping purpose are choosing and comparing their favorite products, and then adding purchases and collections; consumers who don’t know what to buy is more suitable for them, and consumers who don’t know what they want to buy are waiting to be planted on the global traffic platform.

Therefore, in the first wave, the focus of business operations is to grasp the strategic behavior of the crowd to plant grass, so as to improve the quality of water storage and the activity of members, promote consumers’ collection and purchase, and at the same time improve the brand image and product dissemination. Make great efforts to improve the brand stickiness of consumers.

At this stage, the focus of the operation is to reach a wide range of people in the whole region and lay a solid foundation for the upcoming big promotion.

However, from touch to conversion, how many new sales can be efficiently closed is the final expression of business capability.

Therefore, in the second wave, merchants pay more attention to the deep conversion of the crowd. Alimama’s “Guide” shows that at this stage, more attention needs to be paid to the joint and multi-category repurchase, and to do a good job in the interoperability experience in the private domain scene on the site.

At this stage, the key operation group has transformed from the global pull-in to the high-net-worth group and the high-potential customer group that focus on capturing the brand, so as to drive the second explosion of sales. At the same time, through the form of product combination, it stimulates consumers’ demand for stockpiling goods, and uses explosive products to bring sub-explosive products to help the whole store explode.

According to the different reach scenarios, it can be divided into the efficient conversion and operation of people in two different scenarios: inside Taobao and outside Taobao. First of all, in terms of the conversion guidance of high-transformation people in the Taone scene, on the one hand, it is based on Wanxiangtai, a one-stop digital and intelligent business operating system, focusing on the dimension of “people” to “pull new fast” and “member fast” “The upgrade of the two scenarios.

For example, in the scenario of “Drawing New Express”, Wanxiangtai launched the “New Express Super New Plan”, which can achieve deterministic global pull-in, open up all scenarios inside and outside the station, accurately acquire the largest number of new customers, and improve the new network of the whole network. Penetration of customer groups; in the scenario of “fast membership”, the key upgrade direction is to improve the efficiency of merchants’ chasing investment to member groups, and to accurately target high-conversion groups such as brand global members and 88VIPs to further penetrate high-conversion groups.

In addition to accurately reaching high-conversion people through the breakdown of the field, in the explosion of transactions of high-potential people in Taobao, the through train has a very strong conversion effect on searchers with high purchase intentions in the second-band business rhythm.

As a pay-per-click search advertising marketing tool, and as Alimama’s veteran-level drainage product, the through train is characterized by efficient transactions and convenient operation. By optimizing the search assist words, multi-touch captures the decision-making habits of consumers in their search behaviors, and maximizes the conversion of merchants.

Taking the Fangtai smart kitchen appliance brand as an example, the super laboratory IP in the live broadcast room is used to complete the mental communication and efficient transformation of sink dishwashers.

During the promotion period, merchants will generally encounter the problem that consumers’ search mind is not clear and they blindly place keywords. Therefore, Fang Tai chose to use the MTA assist words of the through train to tap the effective searches of potential consumers at different stages, and finally promote the volume of transaction words to increase by more than 3 times.

On the one hand, cross-scenarios within the site, a variety of super product portfolios are combined to guide the transformation of high-potential groups; It is from deterministic contact to undertaking transformation. Through the re-investment of the crowd assets of “Shuzhixingxuan”, it helps merchants to achieve business efficiency improvement, category population growth, and consumption trend guidance; create explosive e-commerce topics and realize content value. high conversion.

Not only that, Alimama has launched an exclusive growth path for the business pain points of new power merchants in different industries in the second wave. Focusing on the in-depth transformation needs of people in the food, health, power consumption, beauty and other industries, it launched a single-explosion repurchase plan and a single-explosion new plan to help merchants intelligently target target groups and achieve customer group expansion; at the same time, Alimama started from home improvement, Start with the explosive demand for goods in the outdoor, apparel, sports and other industries, and create a multi-explosive chain sales plan and a new product rapid turnover plan to help merchants shorten the explosion path and realize the explosion before the explosion.

Intelligent grouping of goods, from explosive products to multi-explosive product matrix

If people are the reservoir of consumption potential, then goods are the faucet that opens up consumption potential. In addition to crowd stratification, improving the ability to combine goods is also the focus of the second wave of operations.

In terms of product combination, Alimama’s “Guide” guides the product combination with the digital intelligence function matrix to achieve the effect of driving the second explosion with explosive products, and finally improve the hit rate of the explosion product matrix of Double 11 merchants, from the single explosion product thinking to the explosion product matrix .

Specifically, it can be mainly divided into two aspects to improve the hit rate of the explosive product matrix: on the one hand, it is to create more explosive products by accurately digging out the potential explosive products + improving the conversion efficiency of new products to explosive products; on the other hand The first is to stimulate the conversion of the last paragraph, increase the quantity of explosive products, and form a product matrix in which explosive products drive second-explosive products, and multi-explosive products are jointly sold.

In terms of the ability to improve the efficiency of popular products, Wanxiangtai has two main scenarios, “fast measurement” and “new fast star new products” to help the efficient transformation of goods.

First of all, in terms of the ability to accurately and deeply dig out the potential explosive models, the main scene tool is “measurement fast”, which can be sold at the same time, so as to help merchants to realize budget allocation faster. Tianxuan’s quick test makes the decision-making of merchants to adjust the main payment faster.

In terms of the ability to tap potential explosive products, not only Wanxiangtai Alimama has also upgraded the through train. Aiming at the many active commodities reserved by merchants during Tmall’s Double 11, the through train can provide the commodity weather vane capability and dynamically tap potential opportunity commodities.

Through the underlying marketing data, it can help merchants accurately identify the ability model of different products, such as products with strong transaction ability, or products that can lead to transactions for other products in the store, or products that can bring high-category conversion groups, etc., and then Optimize delivery in the good goods and fast delivery scenarios to achieve diversified goals.

Secondly, in terms of the efficiency from new products to popular products, Wanxiangtai’s “New Fast Star New Products” uses Alimama’s NPA technology to complete the cold start in the fastest 24 hours, shortening the speed of new products during the promotion period. In the second band Inside, the penetration rate of the main categories of new products will be increased more quickly.

The through train also has the ability to cold start new products, giving new products exclusive support traffic to help new products break out; in terms of bidding, merchants can differentiate acceptable conversion costs for different types of goods, making the launch cost more controllable.

For example, in the new product launch period, through the support of exclusive traffic channels and stronger high-quality traffic identification capabilities, the new products can survive the unstable period of advertising placement, quickly increase the volume, and at the same time receive natural traffic support to achieve a cold start.

Take the national down jacket brand Bosideng as an example. In the new period, the brand used the cold start of through trains to efficiently and accurately drain traffic, shorten the growth cycle, and quickly explode single products. In the end, more than 20 million people were accurately reached, and more than 100,000 store collections were added.

There is also the anti-aging brand Youshiyan, which specializes in researching Chinese skin. When the new Black Gravity Cream is launched, it efficiently obtains traffic through the cold start of the through train. After 30 days of promotion, its drainage cost has been reduced by nearly 35%, and the drainage efficiency has been improved. Nearly 1040%.

In addition to reducing costs and improving efficiency, Wanxiangtai also helps merchants improve the penetration efficiency of product matrix, and creates a “store-wide push” scenario tool for the popular product matrix. During the 24-hour period, the transaction of goods was accelerated continuously, and the delivery efficiency was increased to more than 20%.

Drive free traffic through payment, improve category penetration efficiency, accelerate global acceleration, and bring about stronger outbreaks. The brand accelerates the product and locks the high potential traffic. At the same time, it is supported by the algorithm strategy to help the star products to extend the period of popular products and convert them efficiently in the whole field. It is also one of the core capabilities of the Taobao Alliance to stimulate the conversion of the final product, increase the potential sales of explosive products in the whole store, drive the second-explosive products with the explosive products, form joint sales of multi-explosive products, and promote the revenue of the whole store.

As the official selected IP of Taobao Alliance, “Super U Selection” mainly focuses on 4 ways to play, such as “U Selection Second Kill”, “U Selection High Commission”, “U Selection Good Price”, and “U Selection Top Goods” to help merchants achieve Off-site drainage – conversion – sprint transaction; secondly, for the products shortlisted for the “super U selection”, further optimization will be made to be shortlisted for the super U selection subsidized product pool, and the products entering this product pool will receive a massive amount of PV exposure.

In addition to traffic, for products in the traffic pool, Tmall’s Super U-choice will provide official subsidies of over 100 million yuan during the Double 11. It will play the game of “Super U-choice Single Supplement” and “Super U-choice Live Streaming Commission Expansion” to help products. Obtain higher exposure opportunities and increase the scale of transactions, and ultimately help merchants to efficiently distribute goods in the entire ecosystem of the alliance, and achieve a multi-terminal matrix explosion.

Cost reduction and efficiency increase, inclusive business certainty

If it is said that the high-conversion guide of the crowd + the outbreak of goods in the whole store is an innovative management tool of Alimama, it is to enable the merchants to obtain operational certainty. On the other hand, Alimama also added a tool welfare package in the second band, aiming at small and medium-sized businesses, a support strategy of minimalist implementation, high welfare, and high production.

The first is the introduction of welfare packages for the three major product matrices, with ultra-low thresholds to make business certainty and benefit all online merchants. Taking the through train as an example, Alimama has launched a 30-day accurate drainage package for new merchants through the through train.

The special package covers three kinds of gifts: first, 100 yuan welfare coupons, which can be put into use for 30 days at a minimum of 99 yuan; secondly, there is an exclusive greenhouse flow support for new customers, and finally Alimama also provides algorithm ability blessing to help new customers for 30 days The effect is the best, and it will fully help new merchants to explode their business during the promotion period.

As Alimama’s star product, Wanxiangtai has launched early adopters packages for new customers; Gravity Cube provides 1 billion exclusive traffic subsidies and 30-day full-cycle custody at ultra-low prices; Taobao Alliance is increasing subsidies this year. , from last year’s 1 billion overweight to 1.5 billion subsidy, with super U-selection to help merchants break out, use coupons to make up, promote merchants to bring products with coupons, and make every effort to increase the brand explosion.

Secondly, in terms of business content conversion capabilities, the creative center will provide four major supports: massive tool template reserves, ecological rights and interests, companionship and enhancement, and benchmarking, providing a full set of content display space for brands and accelerating the creative expression of CP assets in the second wave. , creative content production, to support the efficient conversion of business grass content.

The innovation of various management tools is not only a technical upgrade of Alimama as a platform, but also an iterative update of Alimama’s business philosophy for a long time as an excellent Tmall Double 11 promotion conductor.

From PC network to mobile Internet, from e-commerce platform to global e-commerce, in the era of increasingly fragmented and uncertain business environment, Alimama is based on consumer behavior and digital intelligence, so that every business counts and solves the problem. The problem that merchants hope to find deterministic growth is exactly what Alimama has long insisted on pursuing the certainty of business operations.

The scientific management background behind this persistence is also becoming a business beacon for every business to face the wave of the new era, allowing every investment to reap a more certain return, and guiding the commercial navigation for every brand.

It is understood that as the process of Tmall Double 11 continues, Alimama will also release targeted guides in the third band to accurately help merchants sprint to the ultimate outbreak of Double 11.