Tmall and Cainiao jointly deploy large-scale logistics and enter the hinterland of Jingdong logistics

The “bird” gun fired the “big” gun.

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From “carrying on the shoulders of people” to “smart sorting”, from heavy manual work to AGV handling robots, from traditional packaging to intelligent circular packaging… Logistics capabilities are becoming a long board for the commercial evolution of major e-commerce platforms.

Especially in the annual double 11 war, the front end sees the GMV battle, the category battle, and the price battle, and the back end is the logistics battle represented by modern logistics. The troops and horses have not moved, and the food and grass will be the first. This year’s Double 11, logistics companies including Cainiao,, Jitu, etc. have launched double 11 service measures.

Among them, Tmall and Cainiao jointly announced on October 27 that in the next three years, consumers will realize 100% “one-time door-to-door delivery and free delivery” when purchasing large-scale electrical home improvement products such as wardrobes, beds, and washing machines on Tmall. This means that large-scale logistics has been placed at the core of the “three-year plan” by Tmall and Cainiao.

Large-scale logistics, especially home furnishing, has always been recognized as the most difficult “bone” in the industry. In addition to the high value of goods and high transportation requirements, it also involves services such as distribution, installation and after-sales maintenance. Poor experience” is a typical field of “Thanksgiving”, so why did Cainiao choose to deepen this field?


Leading companies have become “big”

In the past 10 years, the core of competition in the express logistics industry has been mainly focused on small commodities, and a relatively stable industry pattern has also been formed such as SF Express,, Cainiao and Tongda.

Judging from the official data, the market size of the logistics industry is still growing, but the performance of logistics companies in the secondary market is another story.

Over the past year or so, SF Holding, JD Logistics and Tongda are almost without exception, and their stock prices have all been in the downward channel.

Many logistics companies are highly sought after in the growth stage, but they have to face new problems after listing: how to provide differentiated services and break the existing competition situation. This is not only for listed logistics companies, but also for other business entities in the industry. It is time to seek new competition points.

This year, Cainiao,, SF Express, etc. have launched some efficiency improvement measures for large and heavy objects.

In July this year, Wan Lin, CEO of Cainiao, said that Cainiao’s business focus this year is to do five things well: door-to-door delivery, specialty industry supply chains, domestic products going overseas, technology going to the countryside to go overseas, and corporate ESG.

After the launch of Tmall Double 11 logistics support work, “home delivery” has also become a repeatedly mentioned element. In order to ensure the strength of “home delivery” during the double 11 period, Cainiao announced that it will add 100,000 short-term employees in the distribution center, distribution station and Cainiao station.

The advantages of are mainly concentrated in self-operated pre-warehousing. Liu Qiangdong insisted on spending a lot of money on logistics, which indeed created a first-mover advantage for However, also has two obvious weak areas, that is, the “integration of warehouse and dry distribution”, the trunk line and large-scale distribution. At the beginning of this year, the purpose of Jingdong Logistics’ acquisition of the express delivery leader Debon is to use the latter’s existing express network to supplement its heavy cargo transportation capacity.

All along, the main business label of SF Express is express delivery, which mainly includes same-day delivery and next-day delivery. However, in March this year, when SF Express announced the upgrade of its product system, it focused on “large items”, and the “express concept” was further blurred. At that time, there were media speculations that the new upgrade of SF’s large-scale products and services was to target competing products such as Cainiao and the new combination Jingdong + Debon.


The rookie set up a “cannon”

Every move of the top players not only tugs at the heartstrings of the entire industry, but also determines the next focus of the ability competition. Obviously, large and heavy objects become their unanimous judgments. This year’s Double 11 has naturally become a “playing ground” for hand-to-hand combat.

In terms of consumption trends, more and more consumers are shopping for large items such as home furnishing online. In the first 10 months of this year, consumers bought more than 24 million beds, more than 22 million sofas, and more than 18 million dining tables and chairs on Taobao and Tmall.

However, it is undeniable that the pain points of large-scale commodity logistics are also more “painful”.

Different from online shopping for small items, when consumers buy large items, they have higher requirements for the certainty of delivery services, but there have always been six major pain points that are difficult to solve : slow timeliness, arbitrary charges, frequent door-to-door, damaged goods, Difficulties in returning goods and handling used goods affect consumers’ purchasing experience and consumption decisions.

In addition to the consumer side, merchants also have many pain points: most brands do not have the ability to build their own delivery service capabilities; if they seek services from third-party companies in the market, there are often no uniform service performance standards, and most logistics personnel lack professional training.

Many pain points lead to poor consumer experience and high business losses.

This is why Cainiao started to work hard three years ago to deploy a “one-time door-to-door, free delivery” service.

The president of Taobao Tmall Industry Development and Operation Center, Chui Xue, revealed at the press conference that the service has now covered 300 cities across the country. In the next three years, Tmall will realize the “one-time door-to-door, free delivery” of electrical home improvement products in more than 2,800 counties.

Different from the outsourcing of large-scale commodity installation services of Jingdong Logistics, Taobao, Tmall and Cainiao have chosen to establish their own team of delivery masters, which have achieved advanced appointments, cleaning and protection, door-to-door delivery, integrated delivery and packaging, and take-away packaging. Standardized operations, the completion rate of one-time delivery has reached 98%, while the market average is about 85%.

Looking at the entire industry, as an important part of the comprehensive logistics market, large and heavy objects have gradually become the new “sea of ​​stars” in the eyes of leading logistics companies. Compared with SF Express’s inclination in caliber and’s stability in basic services, Cainiao has placed large-scale products at a strategic height, made efforts earlier, and given more pragmatic and rich measures. It can be said that Cainiao has a lead in the field of large items.


Why do Tmall rookies eat hard bones?

Doing big things is dirty, tiring, and heavy work, but once you bite down on this hard bone, it is equivalent to building a moat for the platform.

Here is a start-up story.

Zhang Qunfeng and Zhang Ye are an entrepreneurial couple who do home business. From 2009 to 2011, the two “picked up” a previous Taobao store for software home furnishing, opened the first Taobao store of Genji Muyu at the end of 2011, and opened a Tmall store a year later.

From the beginning, I contacted factories on Alibaba’s Chinese station and international station, looking for spot sales; then when the order volume became larger, I found a special foundry for customization; and I set up a supply chain system by myself to drive sales with product innovation…According to They said, “Starting a business is because there is no money to start a business.”

At present, there are more than 100 cooperative factories of Genji. Recalling the little things in entrepreneurship, what made this young couple difficult to let go of are all the experiences in the process of home furnishing in the past.

As New Year’s Eve approached, the delivery master was on holiday, but he had promised to deliver to the customer before. In desperation, the husband and wife had to carry it by themselves; once to save money, they called a truck to unload more than a dozen pieces of goods, and finally the master temporarily Zhang Qunfeng was reluctant to unload the goods at a higher price, and he almost lost his waist when he unloaded the goods by himself; encountering picky customers, he repeatedly changed the goods 7 times…

Today, these typical large-scale delivery services have been qualitatively improved with the efforts of Taobao Tmall and its official logistics system Cainiao. Zhang Qunfeng said that since the cooperation with Cainiao, the seller’s service rating system score has reached 4.95, and the absolute satisfaction of returning consumers is as high as 94%. 

The difficulty of merchants’ delivery is improving, and the consumer experience will naturally become better.

A consumer who bought combination furniture such as coffee tables and TV cabinets in the Quanyou brand Tmall store commented, “The product is the same as the physical store, but the price is much cheaper, and the logistics guy is also very good, even if it is due to personal reasons. I changed the delivery time twice, and the little brother was not impatient.”

Another consumer who bought a sofa in the Dipper brand Tmall store also left a message in the comment area: “The sofa is very satisfied with both the workmanship and style, and it is much cheaper than the store, and the after-sales service is even better and faster. The master of the cargo installation is also very responsible.”

In addition, when consumers mentioned Taobao and Tmall in the past, the first reaction was mostly beauty, clothing and other categories. However, in addition to the dominant categories, the platform has more high-quality and worth-seeing areas, such as furniture and home improvement. and other large items.

In large-scale logistics services, home furnishing is the hardest “bone”. Once the platform is well established, it will form a very stable competition barrier.

From warehousing and distribution to the end, as the official logistics system for Tmall’s large-scale commodities, Cainiao not only proposed to improve the supply chain service capabilities at both ends of B and C in the fast-moving consumer goods, beauty, home improvement and other industries in the latest plan, but also cut into the hinterland of; At the same time, the tentacles are further extended to make a long “long board”.

The original collection, transit and terminal distribution, installation, debugging, return and exchange processes are connected in series. Consumers feel the timeliness and service, and will naturally “plant” to buy large-scale products such as home decoration and go to Taobao Tmall’s mind. This is based on the combination and synergy of Cainiao Logistics and Taobao and Tmall’s business flow, which is enough for today’s consumers to have an experience that exceeds expectations.

Today is cruel, tomorrow is crueler, and the day after tomorrow is beautiful. Tmall and Cainiao can overweight large-scale logistics in the current market environment, which is to prepare for the “after tomorrow”.

The competition in the large logistics industry cannot stay in the “price war” range forever. With the progress of consumption classification and supply-side structural reform, enterprises and users will definitely put forward higher requirements for the quality of logistics services. At this time, the rookie’s competitive advantage will be more prominent. (Finish)