Tintin: If the ball goes over the wall, there is a chance to break the goal. The game needs to be played game by game

  In the 14th round of the Premier League, Manchester City defeated Leicester City 1-0 away, and De Bruyne scored the only goal.

  When talking about his goal after the game, De Bruyne said that such a shot would take a lot of risk, so try to play it as cleanly as possible.

  De Bruyne said that he didn’t have time to watch the ball. He only played cleanly and scored a goal. It feels good, because it means that if you play well, the ball goes over the wall and has a chance to score.

  After this game, Manchester City temporarily surpassed Arsenal to top the rankings, and they played one more game than Arsenal. De Bruyne said that Manchester City has started this season very well. They have to work hard to win before the World Cup. There is still a long way to go after the World Cup. Manchester City must win game after game and come out on top.