Tiger Girl Daily: Wang Jiaer will appear in the final opening LPL players contract period exposure


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Wang Jiaer will appear in the opening performance of the S12 final

Today, Riot Games Music officially announced the list of guests for the opening performance of the 2022 Global Finals, including the artist Wang Jiaer.

On November 6th, Lil Nas X will join hands with Wang Jiaer, 2WEI band members Louis Leibfried and Edda Hayes to appear at the game! Wang Jiaer will perform the world’s first performance of the song “Fire to the Fuse”. The song was co-written by Wang Jiaer and Riot Games Music. Let’s look forward to it together

A list of the contract periods of LPL players, it may change after the World Championship

After each World Championship, there will be a little reshuffle in each major region, and some teams use the transfer period to directly turn the team into a high-intensity team. Just like V5, the team that was at the bottom of last season, this year, directly rushes up. , although it didn’t make it to the World Championships in the end. Recently, the contract period of LPL players has also been exposed.

The blogger posted an analysis: Looking at this full of expired contracts, I feel that there will be a big reshuffle after the LPL World Championship. But there is still a problem to consider, that is, the general environment is not good, and all clubs are out of money, whether they are backed by traditional companies or Internet companies. Last year’s two big moneymakers, BLG and WBG, will definitely not be able to do so. Not to mention the veteran giants, the transfer strategy is mainly defensive. The big reshuffle of personnel is actually a round of salary increase for the players as a whole in disguise. If it doesn’t increase too much, most of the players will tend to stay in the original team.

But in the end, he also said that there should be no major shuffling, it should only be a small range of tinkering~

Uzi’s live broadcast revealed public welfare activities, and the luxurious lineup debuted

With the continuous popularity of League of Legends, there are more and more cooperation between major brands and offline activities. And public welfare activities have also been launched. For example, League of Legends has released some public welfare skins before, and the proceeds of these skins have been donated to public welfare. Recently, Uzi also expressed that he participated in a public welfare program during the live broadcast.

Uzi said on the live broadcast: The mid laner is the icon, let me take a look at what lineup it is. The mid laner is the icon, the jungler is the kid, the jungler is the kid, and the support is Liu Qingsong. This is the current lineup. It’s a public welfare event. It’s hard to say when it’s time. We are playing in a different position. My mid laner Yasuo, and the opposing mid laner is also a professional player. Yasuo should not be able to beat the opponent. Forget it, I still play ad Well, or I play support. It is a public welfare activity between an activity platform and a platform, and will donate that gift package for the mountainous area. I think this kind of activity is very good, you can participate in it.

The time of the live broadcast should be tonight, everyone look forward to it~

Zeka Interview: EDG is great, we’re even better

The team that made it to the semi-finals of the World Championship this year, the happiest and most incredible team is undoubtedly DRX. As the fourth seed of the LCK, he has cut down several dark horses along the way. Coming to this position is really a proof of strength. Recently, I also interviewed Zeka, the mid laner of DRX.

The first is to advance to the semi-finals, Zeka said: I was really tired today, but in the end, I was very fortunate to have two chases three to win the game, and I am in a good mood now. Regarding the victory over last year’s world champion, he also said: The opponents maintained the same team that won the global finals last year. I think they are very good players, but I think our team’s players are even better, and I am full of confidence. In the end, he also said to Deft, the big brother of the team: Deft was very happy when we played well in the fifth game. Fortunately, we overcame the difficulties together, and we have to play well in the semi-finals.

Looking forward to the performance of the top four DRX~

Riot confirms it will be making a Prestige skin for the championship for the first time this year

Every year before the results of the World Championship, everyone is ready to cheer for the champion, and when the champion shows up, everyone starts to pay attention to the birth of the annual champion skin. This year, Riot officially released even more exciting news, that this year it will make the ultimate version of the champion skin for the championship.

Riot Games has announced that the 2022 World Championship festivities will get even richer, starting with the 2022 World Championship skins unveiled in the second quarter of 2023. Riot Games stated that in the Global Championship skin event, the active players of the winning team in the Grand Finals will select 5-7 heroes. The collection of skins will be based on the winning team’s color scheme, as well as the theme of the 2022 World Championship. This year, Riot Games will also create a Prestige skin for the first time for a champion chosen by the championship.

So everyone hurry up and cheer for JDG, looking forward to the start of the semi-finals~