Tianlong nostalgic gossip: One-key upgrade to level 9 glyphs attracts onlookers, is this a wrong hand slip?

Although it is very convenient to strengthen this function with one click, it can avoid clicking many times, saving time and effort, but is there anyone who will directly climb to the top with one click? It is estimated that the answer of most people is no, because it is impossible to have so many ingots in the bag, but in fact there is such a big guy, who directly upgraded the glyph to level 9 with one click, and watched it after watching it on TV. The crowd watching the crowd.

The equipment with 9 glyphs is a shoe. It seems that there is nothing special about this shoe. It is still a one-star green shoe. It is probably a product dropped in the wild, but it is still one-click from the owner. Pointed to level 9, which is staggering.

How many ingots do you need for 9? Some people have calculated that it is about 12,000, which is about 3,000 in RMB. It is no exaggeration to say that it is rich and powerful. Some people speculate that this old man who hits 9 with one click may be a tragedy. He didn’t want to hit so much, but he made a mistake. Others saw his mood and suspected that it might be after he was killed, he was ready to fight back. Maybe this money is going to be angered at the seventh-level gem, but I didn’t expect it to be spent, no matter how I look at it, it is still a tragedy.

Of course, there is another big guy who has 10 glyphs on one button. He is even richer than the above one. I don’t know if it is because he clicked the wrong button and directly gave it to 10.

Maybe this is the trouble of carrying multiple treasures in the bag? Originally, I never thought that one key would be so high, but who would have accidentally clicked the wrong button, which would lead to such a tragedy in the end.