Tiandao mobile game 2nd anniversary expansion expansion film “Bronze in Prosperity” will be launched on October 13

The moon and stars gather, and Jinyu utters a voice. The second anniversary of the Tiandao mobile game and the expansion film “Bronze in the Prosperous Age” will be launched on October 13th on the whole platform! Daodao and the five major museums in Hubei will start a bronze-themed linkage, have a zero-distance dialogue with national treasures, and look back at the prosperous age of the millennium! Exploring the He’s Bi, and seeing the world’s hearts; Tianmang S4’s new secret realm open challenge, multi-line optimization of in-game battle experience and revenue efficiency! There are also new home 2.0 fun furniture, new free singing/ordering/gifting functions, bronze theme Appearance and anniversary exclusive benefits, invite young heroes to spend the heaven-sent festival together!

Looking back at the vicissitudes of thousands of years, I personally listened to the pre-Qin Juexiang. Tianya Mingyue Knife × Hubei Provincial Museum’s “Dance Music · Bronze” themed chime concert will be played on October 14th! At that time, the young hero can go to Tianlei Island with his relatives and friends to “watch” the live event through the giant screen of Galaxy, Immersive experience of this audio-visual feast, after the update on October 13th, click the “Book an Appointment” button on the “Godsend Festival” event interface to get a holiday gift pack and two 2nd anniversary earrings!

Log in to win the new version! Log in on October 13th to receive practical props such as binding points, fixed keys, and material exchange coupons, as well as interactive home blueprints based on the bronze tiger statue of the Western Zhou Dynasty [Ritual Instrument · Tiger Respect]! Xiaoao Shang Zhou, Yu Wei still exists, hurry up and take this “heavy weapon” from the collection home!

The anniversary-themed new server will be launched simultaneously. Young heroes can choose to go to the mobile Q22 area: Ji Jinwei bronze, WeChat 27 area: prosperous bronze, experience the new version content, and have the opportunity to exclusively enjoy the [new server level battle order], reach Specify the level to unlock a series of benefits including classic appearance and practical props, so that the character’s appearance and strength can grow! Multiple benefits and courtesy, returning to the arena is just in time – the original rewards are upgraded again, and eligible returning young heroes can not only get one Click to receive a full set of equipment, additional unlock team privileges, as well as exquisite appearance and out-of-print avatar frames & chat bubbles to help young heroes gallop across the world!

Bronze theme, multi-dimensional linkage, ritual and music, touch the millennium context

Has Shao Xia ever approached the exhibition cabinet of the museum and listened to the solemn monologue of the bronze ware? The “Jin Jin”, which has been baptized over the years, still conveys the characteristics of Chinese civilization to the people of the time – the combination of ritual and music, which becomes stronger over time. Coinciding with the good season, Daodao joined hands with the five major museums in Hubei Province to start a bronze-themed cultural tourism linkage, digitally re-engraving the core collections of the five museums and implanting them into the game content. Concerts and other multi-form + multi-dimensional presentations, when the young heroes interact with bronze wares at zero distance, let the ancient and brilliant Jingchu culture know and feel!

Hubei Provincial Museum·Zenghouyi Chime – Anniversary Theme Appearance【Tianyi·Zhongling】;Home Furniture【Musical Instrument·Zenghouyi Chime】;Tianmang Secret Order Interactive Object

Jingzhou Museum·Western Zhou Dynasty Bronze Tiger Zun – the new version is online to receive interactive home blueprints [Ritual Instrument·Tiger Zun]; Tianmang Secret Order Interactive Object

Ezhou Museum·Bronze Mirror of Beast Head of Eastern Han Dynasty——Home Furniture【Ornament·Beast Head Mirror】;Tianmang Secret Order Interactive Object

Suizhou Museum·Oghou Bronze Cube – Home Furniture【Ritual Ware·Oghou Bronze Cube】;Tianmang Secret Order Interactive Object

Xiangyang City Museum·The First Bronze Horse in China——Home Furniture【Ornament·Bronze Horse】;Tianmang Secret Order Interactive Object

Taking history as a mirror, we can see the rise and fall. Each cultural relic has its own unique story from casting to unearthed, to being collected and exhibited in museums. See the past and present with auspicious gold, let us brush away the dusty rust, travel through the millennium, and reproduce the auspicious gold streamer!


National style and elegant rhyme, ritual and music complement each other. Since ancient times, “ritual” and “music” have run through the vein of Chinese culture. If national treasures have spirit, what kind of dance will they use to tell their stories? Exploring ritual bronzes with music and dance can just feel the charm of national treasures flowing down for thousands of years. .

With Tianyi·Zhongling symbolizing Zeng Houyi’s bell and bell [Hubei Provincial Museum]; King of Hearts·Sai Shang symbolizing the bronze horse drum spirit [Xiangyang City Museum]; King of Hearts·Qingguangli symbolizing the Eastern Han animal head bronze mirror moon spirit [Ezhou Museum] ]; The King of Hearts and the Short Days symbolize Tiger Zun Shuling [Jingzhou Museum]; the King of Hearts and Shao Siming symbolises the sacrifice of the Bronze Fang of the Marquis of Og [Suizhou Museum].

Go to the official platform to search for the dance of [Music and Dance Bronze·Spirit of Instruments], and use different appearances to show the communication between different “artifact spirits”, derived from the in-game bronze-themed appearance action [Sacrificial Music], hoping to recall the millennium through dance The rhyme conveys the auspicious years that have passed through time and space.

Celebrating Anniversary Celebration Concert Cross-Dimensional Gift

We are fortunate to meet the heroes on the Shuangfeng Cliff. Thanks to all of you, we have gone through two years of cold and summer together. It is also a heaven-sent festival and an anniversary celebration. The bronze-themed concert brings a cross-dimensional and immersive audio-visual feast, paying tribute to the national style. Many Chongqing students are full of benefits, log in to the game quickly, and check out many exciting gifts.

Dance music and bronze play, another year of rivers and lakes

Tianya Mingyue Knife × Hubei Provincial Museum “Dance Music · Bronze” themed chime concert will be played in the Chime Bell Concert Hall of Hubei Provincial Museum! In five chapters, the Chime and Bell Orchestra of Hubei Provincial Museum was specially invited to perform songs such as “Time” and “Treading the Waves” through the 1:1 re-engraved version of Zeng Houyi’s new chimes, which outlined the “Jianghu Dream” for countless young heroes. Mingyue Tianya” will also be melodious between heaven and earth again under the chime of bells. Music and dance are combined, with both sensuality and color. The theme dance performances such as “Golden Wind and Jade Dew, Night Whispering” and “Dancing in the Eight Wildernesses” will interpret the various customs of the rivers and lakes with soft or vigorous dance postures!

The themed chime concert will be presented in a panoramic view from the giant screen of the Galaxy of Tears Island in the game and the official live broadcast room of Huya. After the update on October 13th, click the “Reservation and Courteous” button on the “Tianci Festival” event interface to get a holiday gift package and two earrings of [Ting Qing·Two Years of the World] [Ting Qing·Eifen Mingyue]!

On the day of the grand ceremony on October 14th, go to Tianlei Island Galaxy Giant Screen to watch Qin and Han music and dance online, and you can enjoy the double benefits of limited-time red envelope rain and team viewing, and win massive binding points and broken silver! I would like to celebrate the prosperous times with the young heroes!

“The bright moon of the past year has entered the dream world again, and the rivers and lakes have their own knights fighting swords…” One song at the age of one, and they meet each other on the basis of discipline. The second anniversary of Tiandao mobile game and the theme song of young heroes “Jianghu” will also be released at the concert. Yan Yikuan, a member of Tiandao group, joined hands with teacher Yu Weigang of Wuhan Chu Theater to perform. In between, the story of the rivers and lakes that you and I wrote together has become a tea shop, and the road ahead is more ups and downs – young heroes, but please go together!

The appearance of the national treasure, the chime, the phantom-shaped linkage theme, has a new appearance

If the national treasure has a spirit, what kind of story will it tell us?

The same chime has different pitches because of the different striking parts. When the chime chimes sounded, you may have noticed that the sound of hitting the front side and the two sides is not the same.

The name of the sound is in the front, and the name of the temperament is in the back. The 3755-character inscription on the bell describes and records the aesthetic and elegant theory of musical temperament. “The business corner of Gu Xi, the palace of winning (si), the new bell in the Chu number and the Lv Yin in the Qi number”, the text projected in the red space when the spirits dance together, is exactly the same. It is the musical inscription engraved on the back of the No. 2 Yong bell in the second group of Zeng Houyi’s bells.

In ancient times, copper was called auspicious gold, and sacrifices were auspicious rituals. After a long time, ancient utensils were called bronze because they were covered with a thick layer of green. Have you ever known that what is restored in the golden flame is the original appearance of bronze as brilliant and gorgeous as gold.

On the day the new version is launched, you can go to the official platform to enjoy the video [Zhong Ling! Let the love last forever], and talk to the national treasure.

The linkage is not only about narration. The music of the bronze version of “Longchi Banquet” uses the sound source of Zeng Houyi’s chime replica from the “Digital Protection of Traditional Chinese Instrumental Music” project. This project is a digital protection of precious traditional musical instruments and musical sounds by Tencent Interactive Entertainment under the academic guidance of national art institutions directly under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and based on the technical capabilities of Tencent Games. The first phase of the project cooperated with Hubei Provincial Museum, and with the support of NExT Studios audio team, successfully collected the reproduction audio source of Zeng Houyi chimes, and achieved high-quality, high-reduction capture and processing of chimes. The original soundtrack album “Longchi Banquet” was officially launched on QQ Music today, let’s listen to the rhythm of a thousand years with Dao Dao~

In addition, Dao Dao is specially designed with “national treasure with spirit” as its design inspiration. It researches and captures the characteristics of costumes in the Qin and Han Dynasties, integrates the classic patterns of bronze ware, and tailors the appearance of the bronze theme linkage – [Tianyi Zhongling], which retains the spirit of chime bells. in the rivers and lakes.

Li has five classics, and music has five sounds. The Chinese charm is tied to this body. Taking the spirit of chimes as the design theme, the new linkage theme outerwear [Tianyi·Zhongling] is gorgeous and new! It is restored from the traditional dark clothes style, with black color as the bottom and phoenix and bird Kui pattern.

The bells of Zeng Houyi are a set of large-scale ritual and musical instruments for the monarch of the Zeng State in the early Warring States Period. There are sixty-five bells in the whole set. Each bell can play two tones in the third scale. It represents the highest achievement of Chinese pre-Qin ritual and music civilization and bronze casting technology. During the performance, the court musicians dressed in Chinese clothes, with a solemn and solemn appearance, holding a long club and a mallet, and striking the bronze bell in the order of the music score;

Collecting appearances can also unlock the action [Sacrificial Music], a man wearing a black costume, beating a bell and drumming. The woman dances gracefully, the sleeves move the fragrant feet and the lotus grows, and the dazzling pearls turn the stars. The man gave up his hammer and made peace with him, the hall was full of red scorpions, and there was no one in the world trying to dance. It is worth mentioning that this action can be performed in single or double. You might as well play a chime with TA to enjoy the thousand-year-old elegant music.

The musician’s hammer can strike the sound of nature, and the three-foot bronze sword holds the mountains and rivers. Bronze-themed accessories [Lingshu·Music Hammer] [Lingshu·Bronze Lamp] [Lingshu·Three-foot Sword] will also be launched one after another. Let’s explore the charm of ancient bronze artifacts with young heroes!

Rich version activities, new martial arts high-energy warning

From October 13th, follow the system guidelines to participate in limited-time activities such as bronze ware trials and identification of true and false, learn the historical knowledge of bronze ware, and get rich rewards! And in the “Eight Desolate Blades” mission, the young hero will see eight The characteristic weapons exhibition of the various sects in the wild: the swordsman, the king of a hundred soldiers, is held by the Taibai Renxia; the double swords are used by the yin and yang, and the true martial arts master is good at using them; the sword in the umbrella is soft on the outside and strong on the inside, worn by Tianxiang Qunfang… …Eh? The steel knots are connected, and the cold light is inch by inch. Is this a long whip?

Unlock the memory diary and receive a birthday gift package

For more than 700 days and nights, every step of the young man from Xia Kedao to Xu Haixi has left a star trail-like track – it’s time to follow the starlight and review Jianghu Road! During the anniversary event, through the in-game 【 Welfare – Events] page guide, you can unlock the second anniversary memory diary, each page records your moments, the first master you met, the Nth league you went to war… Paper is short and affectionate, I sincerely do this discipline. Log in during the event to receive the 2nd anniversary exclusive word title, and you can also generate an exclusive anniversary card on the event page, participate in the lucky koi lottery, and have the opportunity to win cash/Q coin red envelopes, new mobile phones, big-name skin care products, and anniversary appearances , practical props and other various gifts!

Customize your wish list, Daodao will help you realize it!

To celebrate Dao Dao’s birthday, Dao Dao will make a wish with you! From October 14th, a designated number of “Blessing Points” will be issued to select dream list items of different values ​​based on the young hero’s two-year history. Invite friends to encapsulate your dream list, and you will have the opportunity to get mobile phones, tablets, Polaroids… and rich practical props rewards, and even have the opportunity to get a lot of rewards points or tie points to help young heroes celebrate the festival!

Anniversary Celebration of Godsend Festival with New Content and New Experience

In the new chapter of the main line, the treasure is now in the world, which is more important? In the special chapter of the main line of the anniversary update, the young hero will embark on a journey of searching for the treasure, and explore the secrets behind it. Watch people’s hearts. Perhaps this time, the young hero can see the most real side of the old friends in the rivers and lakes. And what kind of waves will the successive appearance of the soldiers of Jiuding cause? Let’s wait for the young heroes to explore on their own!

The people in the sky were also tender like water? The little dumplings are so cute? The new adventure of Hongchenyu reveals the dreamlike past and her whereabouts… [Qi Xia] series of koi welcomes new students at the same time, chef Hao flips the spoon Come on stage! Splendid Belly Bun, Bashu Red Soup Warming Pot, let’s follow Hao Baobao’s footsteps and explore those Bahuang gourmet restaurants together!

The new season of Tianmang is coming, and the Bronze Secret Realm is open to challenge! The new season opens a new experience, Tianmang S4 deploys a number of optimizations, and adds secret skills, bronze organs and bronze secret realms, which will simultaneously improve the in-game combat experience and revenue efficiency! Young heroes can explore in a brand-new random secret realm, collect powerful secret orders, leapfrog to meet the boss, and once again take the supreme glory of Tianmang Division!

In the fun upgrade of Home 2.0, a variety of functional furniture is new! Romantic fireworks show, atmosphere sensor lights, water racing, childlike hide-and-seek… The new functional furniture with both ornamental and playability will broaden the young heroes The creative space! Whether it is drinking the intoxicating night scene alone, or inviting friends to brainstorm together, and play DIY mini-games, you can reap double the fun in the paradise created by yourself. In the renovation and upgrading of free furniture placement, more freedom and happiness are coming!

In addition, as part of the Bronze-themed cultural and tourism linkage, the digital forms of national treasures in the collection, such as Bronze Mirror, Hou Hou Tong Fang, Tiger Zun, Bronze Horse, Zeng Hou Yi Chime, etc., have now been added to the Tiandao home improvement package, come and unlock your favorite Town house “heavy equipment”!

Based on the technical support of QQ Music, the new version will open the custom permissions of the home BGM, and the young hero can set the playlist for the home; you can also enter the song order interface through the prop [music box], and search for the music you want to listen to and give away in the game. song. Click on a song for your friend to transmit it through audio, send it to the gang and the world channel synchronously, and invite everyone to “listen” to your story~

The free singing function is turned on to challenge the strongest voice in the rivers and lakes! Mobilize before the league, sing a song to boost morale; Hongchenyu looks for the same heart, and sings affectionately to get rid of the list… It is suitable for the big world, home, gang station, Hongchenyu and Tianlei The new free singing function will give every young hero the opportunity to sing at any time and anywhere in different scenes such as the island! You can open the immersive singing mode through [Action-Function-Take Song], and let the nearby range [Add nearby voice] The young hero of the channel] hears your voice, and performs interesting interactions such as waving light sticks, likes and calls! Revisiting the long-lost Maiba character design, the Huan Dao Dao tour will start immediately~ The young hero hears your voice and conducts Waving light sticks, liking and calling, and other interesting interactions! Revisiting the long-lost Maiba character design, the Huandaodao tour will start immediately~

In addition, the fourth BOSS of Heart Sword Battlefield will be open to challenge on the 26th. This time, the young hero will officially face Xue Wumei. Hurry up and call your friends to meet the challenge of Jianghu!

The exclusive adventure of Hongchenyu, unlock the title of heart!

After the version is updated, after completing the [Hongchen Yixin] guiding quest and the achievement “Chapter Chapter Cloud Umbrella”, go to Jiangnan Tianyi Pavilion to find Su Yuchi to pick up the [Hongchen Island Adventure] Crane Feather becomes a fantasy to get the title “Idle and Immortal”. Sweep the flowers” and the treasure order, tie some gifts.

Return to the rivers and lakes to increase the rewards, and invite friends to travel the world together

Before October 22, eligible returning young heroes can complete the corresponding identity tasks, get tokens to exchange exquisite appearances such as Saint Embroidery·Nine Songs, Lingshu·Xue Changsu, etc., as well as Tianya Order·4, Shenpin Xinfa optional Waiting for scarce resources! The out-of-print avatar frame & chat bubbles are also added to the exchange mall for this event. Young heroes in need can exchange them by themselves!

Super cute mouse flashes, the golden light of mouse play is coming!

The new Rat Play Golden Lantern event is about to start. Log in to the game and participate in the [Playing Golden Lantern] to complete the daily gameplay to get the opportunity to turn the lantern, and have a chance to win the limited waist accessory [Lingshu · Jingle Dangdang], expression packs, eating melon seeds, and legendary material optional gifts!

Traveling together for two years, the deeds of each young hero are like star trails, intertwined in every moment when the rivers and lakes meet, and the rivers and lakes here are bright! With more Chongqing life benefits, I am willing to share the Milky Way with the young heroes and count the streamers!