Tian broke up? Delete all Weibo, post: No need for emotion! Girlfriend Mozi: withered

Recently, during the New Year, many professional players sent blessings to fans during this time, or posted some news about their New Year, most of them were beaming. But some bad things happened during the Chinese New Year. For example, TES jungler Tian published an inexplicable Weibo early in the morning on the 26th, which caused a lot of speculation.

Tian’s latest Weibo post is as follows. He posted directly at almost 8:00 in the morning: No need for emotion! And with a vomiting emoji, it can be seen that it should be an emotional matter that made Tian very hurt and disgusted.

Not only did he post complaints, but Tian also deleted all his Weibo posts, and now there is only one post that does not need emotion, which aroused the curiosity of many netizens. Someone teased Tian: Is it jade again? Some people are also asking: Have you lost your love during the Chinese New Year? Have you broken up? Why are you emo so early in the morning? Some people also agreed with Tian’s statement, saying that although they don’t know what happened to Tian, ​​this sentence is indeed correct.

Now that we are talking about relationships, Tian’s girlfriend Mozi must be the focus of everyone’s attention. Many people think that there should be a relationship problem between the two of them. And Mozi also hid her Weibo content immediately, so she couldn’t see a single piece of content on her homepage, and netizens couldn’t leave a message to ask about Tian’s situation. Looking at it this way, it is also obvious that there should be something wrong with the relationship between Mozi and Tian.

In addition, some netizens broke the news about Mo Zi’s signature in Moments, and changed it to: The flower has withered. Looking at so much content combined, it is very likely that there is something wrong with the relationship between the two.

Mozi is letme’s ex-girlfriend. When she and Tian were together, they caused a lot of controversy. However, the two chose to face public opinion together. After a long time, there were not many people discussing it. Who would have thought that their relationship would be so fast? Something went wrong? Of course, it is normal for couples to quarrel, but speaking publicly on social platforms, deleting or hiding Weibo, it feels like a serious quarrel, and it depends on whether there is a follow-up. It’s just that it’s really surprising that this happened during the New Year.

In any case, feelings are your own private issues. Before one party speaks publicly, no one has any reason to attack the other party. If both of them choose to remain silent, let this matter pass. The spring game will be restarted soon after the year. I hope Tian will cheer up and devote himself to the game. This year’s TES still has high hopes, and I hope he can get good results on the field!

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