TI11 two sad and one happy, ASTER advanced to the finals, the B station support activities are in progress

The DOTA2 event TI11, which was tracked and broadcasted by station B, has come to the final stage. During this process, some people laughed and some wept. After many difficulties, the top four teams were finally selected, namely LIQUID, TUNDRA, SECRET, ASTER. Seeing these teams, many people who eat melons may be very puzzled. Where are the two strong teams RNG and LGD before the game? They have ended their game journey, where RNG is regrettable, but LGD is not wronged.

The most regrettable thing about TI11 is that RNG lost. Why do you say that? On the first day of the knockout round, RNG could have easily won. As a result, 4 of the 5 members tested positive and were quarantined with severe symptoms. Only Xnova is alone in the arena, with four dolls. It looks very lonely. Although it is said that it is possible to communicate with the microphone, it is definitely not so good in terms of communication compared to the entire battlefield.

Due to the illness, the level of performance declined, and in the end RNG unfortunately lost against Entity, although it played the longest game in history for 107 minutes. In the follow-up, RNG broke out another imperial bomb, and the core character of the team, Maybe, announced his retirement. This move brought an end to the memories of many old players. You must know that Maybe has brought a lot of exciting operations to the players in the past games, and has helped the team to make miracles many times.

A few days later, the civil war between LGD and ASTER started, and LGD finally lost. In fact, in many pre-match discussions, many people will choose to support ASTER. ASTER actually has a higher chance of winning the championship than the previous two teams, because it will definitely take a while for RNG to recover from the disease, and the state will definitely not be as good as before. Needless to say, LGD lost through the competition of strength, and in ASTER is also top-notch in terms of pressure resistance. When he was weak in several games, he resisted the pressure and used small-scale team battles and the opponent’s mistakes to get the situation back.

The final day is approaching, and station B has launched the “Aster Support Action” and “Final Script Prophet” activities, providing a bonus of 100,000 yuan to help Dota authors produce content; Station B will draw a VR glasses in the live broadcast room and send it out.

Personally, I think ASTER has a high chance of winning the championship. You must know that they have performed very well along the way. They have been able to resist pressure and comeback in the face of several strong teams, but the final result depends on the game on the 29th and 30th. Everyone can play Station B followed up the whole process. What do players think about this?