TI11 loser group semi-final Aster lost to Liquid 1:2 to stop the fourth place?

The tea team still lacks experience, or rather lacks corporate culture. For the tea team to be in the top four in the ti arena, there must be no problem in terms of technology. The entire bo3 did not see that the liquid was technically crushed, and even personally felt that they were slightly inferior to the tea team. The line-up between the two sides is literally pecking at each other. Whoever gets a good lineup will have the best lineup, and vice versa. But in terms of team decision-making, the gap between the two sides is very large.

In the first round, Liquid accidentally stole the tea team’s musket and then decisively launched a total attack. It took less than 100 seconds from the complete three-way unbroken to piercing the base. This is the perfect embodiment of experience and execution. Not to mention it’s a ti game, even in a normal ladder game, few people dare to give it a shot, right? If this is not pierced, it will be countered, and the decision makers are fully responsible. This loss is real money. But people dare to liquid, this is the background of the giants.

In the third game, Liquid dared to take out Ye Mo, who had barely appeared in the final game, as the eldest brother, and directly pointed out the attitude of “I can afford to lose”. It was this BP that made the tea team impossible, and the whole team was in a state of ignorance from beginning to end. The ground push lineup could not push up, and when the sand was scattered, he ran away when he saw people, and he lost his fighting spirit from 20 minutes onwards.

Objectively speaking, the BP coach has to share a part of the pot in this game, but isn’t that the way the game is? It is impossible for the players to get their favorite lineup in every game, or even not get their favorite lineup in every game, so what should we do next? Obviously the current tea team has not figured it out yet.

So let’s just say, the tea team lost is not wrong. Fortunately, the players are young and have opportunities to learn. If the tea team can maintain the current lineup and improve the professional ability of the bp coach, then they are still the most anticipated team in Sean Dota, much more attractive than the old dog who can’t support the wall.

Since the group stage, almost every game of the CN team has been watched, and it has been accepted that there is no CN team on the final stage.

The team with the best ti performance this year is the aster who was the least optimistic, and this fourth is also their best ti performance so far. Because of various off-site factors denying aster, the best performer in this ti is aster.

From my personal point of view, aster is a team with a big gap between the upper and lower limits. This is the case with 34 called Sakura Double Heroes, and 1 and 2 are even more so. And this year’s ti’s breakthrough in performance did not depend on the 12 who changed and changed, but the xxs at No. 3.

xxs can be said to be one of the best 3 positions in this ti competition, and also the best Chinese player, but to be honest, aster pays too little attention to him. In today’s game, liquid came out of the breakout round. Many times, zai is the breakthrough in the team. Don’t the team know its own shortcomings? The zai plays normally, and Liquid’s combat effectiveness is not weak. On the other hand, aster, choosing a hero like Underlord for xxs is to tie the player himself.

In this ti, the monet at position 1 and the ori at position 2 should not pull too much. As a partner of xxs, bobok is actually the upper limit of 4, but to be honest, the Chinese team generally cannot give too many resources to the 4th position tactically and cannot give him some heroes who have room to play in bp.

In this year’s ti, the shortcoming of aster is undoubtedly 12, the performance floating range is too large, and it is extremely unstable.

monet is even more traditional than ame. The version of C that only exerts power in the later stage is difficult to play, and the previous aster was criticized for only brushing in the later stage. As for ori, when it’s hard, it’s very hard, but when it’s soft, it’s scary. He and the rejecter are almost the best local mid laners, and this position is exactly what cdota lacks the most.

As a liquid that has been out of the breakout competition, it has always been evolving. Aster itself has not made any breakthroughs and progress has reached the upper limit. It is difficult to cross liauid. How can you challenge secret and tundra, the only one in this year’s ti.

As a spectator, the finals can be free from any positional burden, and I think the remaining three teams can contribute wonderful games. The toilet brother of the last ti, eager to prove his fist in t again, and tundra as the spirit wings of the European region, come on!

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